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Just singing in the wind. Just singing in the wind! What a wonderful feeling, I'm grinning again! I'm happy to bee hear, to listen to your fears, then dancing and singing will relieve our tears. Come let's sing in the wind. Feel merry again. It's a heart, that looks out for the wondrous things. Because you are here, feeling no more fear, as you send your song to the wind. Just singing in the wind!

"If Love is What a Mother gives, She Scolds You Till You Choose the Above (Heavens Law), the Love of Uniting Two Broken Hearts, That's What a Mother Does", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand.

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born (Morning Star), the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (soul and flesh). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun, have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Have Peaceful Relations with Relatives of the Rainbow!

Relatives at the Circle, Hoops and Beloved Brother Stephen
There are many more chakras or gogi (nervous system plexus)

Inline response sa: for Stephen Anderson and cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman.
Aho and over the rainbow we flow!

sa: Stephen Anderson 9:53pm Aug 22
To White Buffalo CalfWoman;
I bow to you and all our rainbow relations, past, present and yet to come.
Many blessings and greetings from the Tiwi islands.

cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman 4:24am Aug 26
Beloved Brother Stephen, I bow and send blessings from California. I am the crystal child. And you are what color? Don't forget to ask for your four directions in rainbow colors Brother, to learn about your GREATNESS and POWER.

 sa: Hear my prayer
Forgive my rudeness in neglecting to address the circle, also in giving my name to which I have some inquiry.

cw: Listening, but not sure what your prayer is (asking), thus I will listen with my heart. Always forgiven, but still want you to share your heart at the circle as well. You have an inquiry to a name meaning? Send it along at the circle and we can look into it's interpretation and meaning. All names (birth, nicknames, given names, etc.) support the great name, that is written on your book of life.

sa: I have the privelage to work with Australia's first nations peoples in the spirit of reconciliation aware this is an ongoing process and not simply a point of arrival. A recent first visit to the US with a senior Indigenous female artist (elder), culminated in a visit to a Pow Wow in Taos where she was heartily received to perform in the seven sisters dance.

cw: To me, Australia's First Nations are the black/blue mother nation, like those of Africa. Much different than the Native Americans, who are red twin child nation. This means you as a white man, father nation is assisting the mother nation, the black/blue indigenous tribes of the Island Australia. Mother teaches us to walk with our hearts. Father (white hoop) is learning to return to the great circle to mother and children (blue, red, yellow hoops). You were in Taos! Yes, I hear she was received to a seven sisters dance. With other tribes? Or a performance for that tribe (a sharing). You know Taos New Mexico is one of the holy poles, the ordained Blue Lake People. This is the Name, Twin Deer Mother, and a story of two deer mothers who journey on the great circle. This is the name they call me (Twin Deer Mother), thus they are the "WALKERS (Blue Lake People, with Her Holiness Looks Back, Chief)". Look, the Mother Nation (Australia's First Nation) is the "teacher of the walking" of the heart. Ah, how sweet. You see, Mom is teaching one of her Kids about the dance (Seven Sisters, a dance about a realm, a place)!

sa: I have the responsibility to talk to artists stories on their behalf and feel somewhat anxious when doing so. As a white man I have addressed and to continue to address the concept of binary opposition regarding the 'black and white' thing.

cw: Talking with our Sister Climbing Star recently, Holiness David Running Eagle peeped out, "the meek shall inherit the earth", because she was saying she was shy. He said, she was okay, he was shy too."  Your feeling anxious is the wind. It is not blessed enough and it's a constant struggle to attain spiritual cleanliness, especially with the black and red peoples. There is much hatred and unforgiveness. This second orange phase of evolution we depart soon, means the Mother (tears of blue) and the Seed (fire's red) where not known or shown, because it lied inside us, like a seed planted, but not yet grown. We are entering and preparing for the third yellow phase of evolution, where the rooted soul is exposed. All is revealed. This means the blue and the red hoop peoples will reign, because they represent the heavenly darkness, that only need purify to shine within, a light from within. These will bow and expose their hearts, validate and share blessings and all their knowledge at the great circle, including those unseen (soon to be seen for many, now more and more aware, we intersect light, as the twin suns migrate closer together, sow does our soul and flesh, unite together, beginning to harmonize with each other. it's the only way to survive, with an increasing need for spiritual development, the law is love. We fight for the sacred blessing and the sacred bow, then the rain and tears from above, flow down to below where the crystalline stone trail leads, to the to and fro, where the river shows (zig zag pattern).

cw: You said, "the concept of binary opposition regarding the 'black and white' thing." I say, "the concept is unity regarding the black and white thing."

cw: Without realizing, you and others around you are stuck on the red road, wheels turning but going nowhere. This is binary opposition. There is no opposition in unity and using intelligence does not equate to happiness on the red road. You receive all that is needed to be heard on the blue road. But when we continually repeat the lesson, this is all the red road opposition or polarity, where the law of love hits you right in the face, meaning lessons and more lessons. This repeating is opposition, because someone doesn't want to bow down to love's calling, then we remain separated, when our hearts so very much want to be together, to dream together.

cw: So, how to handle this? You start on the blue road. Think of it this way. If you walk around in a circle, you are on the red road, you think and react. If you beam out like a song, in all directions, a wave is sent out from your heart. This is the blue road where stillness and reflection, allows and receives. You have to receive what comes at you, through validation or story telling. Just repeat what is said and that's it. You become the echo and this is the wave you want to ride. Their words "Voice of God" have a place, regardless of the emotional context. Learning to validate pain and suffering means you have to start practicing now with little things. After awhile, you learn to validate as a matter of fact even in the heart of an emotional battle. Love hears, receives, this is the law of love. This is the blue road. One must start here to follow the law of love, bow and receive one another on the great circle of the heart and it's beat.

sa: Rather than be drawn into this dualistic debate I represent in essence the spectrum of the creators infinite potential that is embodied in both real and symbolic terms.....The Rainbow.

cw: It is good you have guided them towards opening up to all fields/spaces. You have to realize it's a collision and we must learn to deal with collision of heaven (heart) with earth (mind). Talking and reaching towards the Rainbow is a constant yearning even for those who don't understand, but seek to understand. Thus the seekers journey and those who are stuck on the red road, lessons and more lessons, find a singular point of view, rather than unifying it with others. There are more power in numbers for sure, however we must choose who stands near you, will they offer you spiritual strength and compassion, through the sacred bow. To understand the Rainbow Clan, one must understand the rainbow colors, their gifts and their powers. The rainbow is a bow, a promise, the arc of the covenant. You want to understand the rainbow family, then you must ask for your four sacred rainbow colors from me. Then start learning about all the rainbow colors and paying attention, because you will after awhile, recognize behavior of our relatives. And understanding our relatives helps us to get along. We are four colors, blue/black (Mother Nation), red (Twin Child Nation), yellow (Child Nation) and white (Father Nation). There is what we call the north and south poles, golden (northern penisula) and brown (southern island). They are where all is folding the streaming through nine directions. What contains are the four walls of colors, we call the buffalo robe. This tells us what color we are, how we have our perspective and duty in the Oneness of God's Unity, at the great circle. But the way, the rainbow is sometime seen with two rainbows (seen and often unseen reflection), think of this as a reflection or folding of light. Two rainbows equals a circle. This unity is the glory we all seek.

cw: Once you follow the law (1st. bow on the blue road and received through validation, the echo), you can tell them what you think (2nd. red road). If there are still stuck in opposition: The fight is on to unite broken hearts, stand your ground on this principle, the law is love, the sacred bow at the great circle. The rainbow brings to us the promise of the ark (sailing free, understanding liberty) of the covenant.

  • A: Demand they do blessings, fire and water, forgiveness blessings. note: ask for an elder to gift a prayer for everyone. you can gift a prayer for everyone, anytime you feel the need, trust your heart.
  • B: Demand they do constant prayers. 
  • C: Demand we are fighting to be together, not fighting to be apart. 
  • D: We come towards the circle and the only thing anyone can ask of anyone else is the sacred blessing. Ask/demand this, "I bless the sacred nine streams". 
  • E: If they won't, you will. Then you begin and bless, "I bless the sacred nine streams". And make sure you use fire, smudge, sun, star, but must have a true fire containing all rainbow colors. Many spiritual beings will flee and so will many physical beings. Who is left standing are those willing to be blessed, bow to the sacred cleansing, like taking a bath with water and burn our growing fields. We purify now with fire and water spiritually, to cleanse our buffalo robe (holy temple) and our spaces (nine streams), this is where the winds, the smoke and the breath of life is the sacred dew/cling two. A fierce warrior will take them down to the ground, until purification takes place, but this takes some warrior training to understand the ability of the power of love. You will find, women are better at this type of love, because they do the to and fro or swanker/swagger or watch her walk, those hips move to and fro. This also happens in her (soul) mind, moving from the right to left and back again in the hemispheres of her brain, thus moving from blue and red road, creating dreams (yellow road) to come true for the whole family. 
  • F: 1-9, this is math proof of the rainbow clan. The rainbow clan is based on this perfection. There are nine streams. And when you bless nine streams, you cover the entire spaces or flowings. I use one image for my profile which is a blue circle with a red inner circle, then yellow strands connecting the two. There are nine streams shown in that image. A Great Spirit Father Walking Soul said, "nine streams and four directions". So I have added this, to include the walls that unite us all, the sacred four directions in rainbow colors, our buffalo robe or holy temple, which houses our soul. 9 (magenta, the rainbow bridge) and 4 (green, the spiritual valley) equals 13 (golden, brotherhood). If you at least bless the nine streaming, all is blessed in your space. 

sa: Having crossed the conceptual line my fear is gently dissolved by a long forgotten child of beauty, that is love.

cw: I would say the conceptual line for you is a dreaming. You help them to dream the dream, to look for love in the world today. Yes, this helps them. It's their own participation of blessing, which will help them find that lost forgotten child of beauty, the soul within that receives love from others.

sa: A hawk visited upon my return from work yesterday, indeed now is a time of quickening in my spiritual development.

cw: Hawks are the Mother of the Eagle (an eagle is a hawk species). the Eagle is holy. The Hawk is heavenly. Heaven is dark space, but only known, when purified, cleansed infront of our eyes. This is why Grandfather Standing By Me, felt better after hearing the sacred song blessing "Wash Me Clean With My Tears" She said, "Greetings White Buffalo Calf Woman, This is a wonderful song that I feel was directed right into my heart! Thank you - LOVE and Dreams Grandfather (Helen) Standing By Me ♥". The Hawk is heavenly, just like Grandfathers, the white star child. They bring the humble bow to the world, including all spiritual beings, simply meaning cosmic dust, the illumination of rays. All things seen and unseen, not matter how big or small, all have four sacred rainbow colors as a buffalo robe. What is unseen, often heavenly, woman, twin child, south, the valley, the crystalline stone river is feared, because it's dark. The Hawk is mostly speaking about the most unseen, Grandmother the gray child, the most honored, because she always embraces all including the cosmic dust. To sea (with many eyes, like Grandmother does), to envision, one must cleanse their buffalo robes with purification. By the way, all seen things carry a gray color, in order to be weaved into dreamspace and to radiate or reflect light. Light is born in the dark, however it's the weaving in and out of light and dark, that gray appears. This story is of the spider with many lenses or eyes, like our recent wasp image of their crystalline eyes. But often our lenses are not clean, we must cleanse with purification techniques (prayers, blessings, spirit dance). Blessings cleanse the wind, our hearts and will then heal the garden of paradise, Mother Earth. The four walls, the four directions are busy traffic areas, we share, like a freeway. This unseen place, the valley (green) holds the reality or dream space together. The hawk is much like this, often unseen, yet bringing to us heavenly knowledge. We await, as you said, a quickening in spiritual development. Realize my Brother, this same quickening is upon us all. We are going through this together and many are lost or exclaiming, but often don't understand their dreams. This is why we must share at the circle, for each carry a piece of the puzzle to the whole dreaming we share together, not one over the other so many are quick to return towards on the red road of intelligence. It's not who is right or wrong, but about who is going to share, all is rare (a gift, a jewel, a present).

sa:  Aware that it is ones actions that define ones character, I have had difficulty in taking a spiritual name. I have received names in an adoption process from my indigenous families. This is my connection to mother earth and grandfather sky.

cw: Actually, this concept "Aware that it is ones actions that define ones character" is very much the way descriptive names are given. Without realizing, they (name gifter) are often describing your rainbow colors. The great name, which is written on your book of life, can only be given by a crystal child. It's a simple song. However I feel it's an honor to receive and those who share and gift through warrior training, will be gifted their names. However at times, if someone really needs a name, I will gift part of their great name and at sometimes, it just pops out at me. But for the most part, the Great Name includes your Mission (first, blue road) your Tools of Light to accomplish that mission (second, red road) and if you are lucky (third, yellow road), your Dream. The Great Name gifts your mission, your ability (descriptive name) and your dream. Many First Nation peoples try or attempt to give the second name. I have seen the name describe their buffalo robe, but without the mission name, it's hard to understand self in all the confusion. The GREAT NAME, tells us our course, we know and feel towards. All other names, including nick names, support the great name. So my beloved, why don't you share all the names you have been gifted and we can interpret them together and understand more about you. And what about your christian name, "Stephen Anderson". These too will support the great name.

sa: My Eurocentric geneology Russian, French Canadian, Irish, Scottish (truly of the rainbow) has been difficult to integrate given the foundation of colonization and the ongoing state of lateral violence existent for the colonized.

cw: It's interesting that Australia talk about violence as lateral. This means it moves outwardly. What we need to dew or cling to, is move inwardly. All this collision often takes us to aloneness, but if shared we could collide together. If you really want to drive the force of love into spaces, one must cleanse and purify it. There is not enough blessings and prayers going on daily. I tell warriors at least 8-12 times a day. It's not easy, to get the world to also bless this way, but this is the wave, the only wave we can ride to freedom. Expose and know, otherwise explode and divide. We best collide with open eyes. Validate all the chide. 

cw: Here you say, "Russian, French Canadian, Irish, Scottish, truly rainbow". But what I see is a white man, the father nation, who must learn to come back to the great circle. I can see you are truly making an attempt at this, meaning returning to the rainbow (four hoops, blue, red, yellow, white). This is the very role of the Father Nation in this day in age need to dew, cling to, as we slumber into the third rolling hill in time, the yellow phase of evolution, when our soul greet our flesh and we are swept into elation of love, joy and laughter, because tears are what make us heavenly relatives on the tree. Thank you for dewing your part and helping this happen for those near you. Think globally, act locally, eh.

sa: It seems I am a servant to the truth of what is and therefore find comfort through relationship with my Rainbow Warrior family. Walking the red road toward unity we truly live in interesting times.

cw: There are many groups out there, people claiming to be Rainbow Warriors, but they don't have the foggiest notion of the "Buffalo Robe", the sacred four directions in rainbow colors. A true warrior knows one law, LOVE. Anyone going around saying or filling us up with laws or articles of rules, doesn't know the LAW, the sacred bow. A spiritual warrior bows is meek and only fierce for love's sake, to unite not oppose. Those claiming to be Rainbow Warriors, use intelligence to define their way, because they don't know the blue road way, heavenly virtues from the heart that sings. And walking on the red road is not unity, but most of the time separation and division. The red road is the law of love, where lessons and more lessons pile up on our souls. Most don't even understand the red road or it's meaning. You can tell them this now. The red road is where the law of love is known. If you don't bow to love you get to repeat, so forgive. Starting out on the red road is a default mechanism (tears of pain and sorrow, even violence). We start out on the blue road (tears of joy, dancing, blessings, singing) we become story tellers, validators, those with heavenly virtues of spiritual warriorship. I am the only person in the world in these times, who can confirm and validate rainbow colors (four sacred directions). But soon, all the crystal children will gift this to the world, approxiamately one out of fifteen people. All of us will know our relatives, our roles and our mission, for it's a dawning of mankind, where prophecy has us dreaming for a better world. And all you learn from our circle with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, you can share with other circles. We will join the hoops together, yes, when we start on the blue road and cross the red road, then unity will be harmony, the tune of the birds in the trees, so sweet complete.

sa: I pray for clarity and gentleness in the process of working and walking with others collaboratively toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

cw: Brother Stephen, start by asking for your four rainbow colors (buffalo robe) to understand self. Share your names to get an interpretation (supporting great name, work towards getting on the hoops with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy). Ask for a Sacred Song Blessing to hear your heart's song. Start to learn about the Rainbow Clan, literally by understanding each rainbow color, virtues and needs. Ask questions often. Realize, that it's not always gentle, that love is hard work and we must fight to maintain it's footing and hold over us (the law of love). Walking towards, this is what Taos means. And this is the hardest thing to do for most to walk towards any conflict. Learning to validate each other, helps guide us to overcome our fears. As we open up, we learn that the great circle will say to us, "relatives of the rainbow clan, really do love me".  These are the meek who shall inherit the world, the doves who seek peaceful relations and fight for it's right to have peaceful relations, through the law of love.

sa: I bow; ready, willing and able in the service of love.
Stephen Anderson

cw: Aho my Brother Stephen Anderson (crown of brotherhood-mankind), I bow and bless the sacred nine streams and four directions. your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder christal/pearl/diamond child (buffalo robe: crystal, yellow, green, gray),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon. 
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child. 
(2014, solar and lunar calender align, January 1, a cycle of renewal) 

 "When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

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Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Past, Present, Future our Evolution with Relatives

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Group Address:
Image 1: Rolling Hills Collide
Zev MoonDawg Atomz said, "It was she who opened my eyes all, three, seeing the future present and past.... June 25 at 4:19pm

Lakshmi Lo said, "In Honor of Our Warriors, past, present and future: I say to Them and Their Descendents: Namaste, Beloveds. Peace, Blessings, Love, Light Be With You Always. And So Be It. May 28 at 2:12pm

on this page

Relatives on the Circle, Wanted to share the meaning of what these two statements say about our evolutionary period. There are four rolling hills in time. I will add an image to share, however, we are right in the middle. WE are at the end of the orange rolling hill in time or the second evolutionary period. WE enter the third phase of time soon. Now, each period helps us to achieve knowledge or awareness. We are moving up side of a wave.

Third phase we move down side of the sine wave. We will be entering the galactical equator, meaning our position will shift in the galaxy. What we think as up is North will change perspective to South. Many Indigo children our great prophets predicted this many many years ago. Now all grown up, these children are disillusioned by humanity's inability to see the perfection (true vision of the dark space, only indigo color has this power, one note for them, if you can't see it clearly move over to the right or left, like peering around a building).

Now back to our subject at hand. Even though, we change perspective does not actually mean our poles will literally shift, it will be our perspective of outer space (actually inner space, reflecting back at us) that will change, south will be up and north will be down, when we clear the galactical equator. When we move to the down side, into the valley, the crystalline stone river flows, this needs spiritual development, we will twin our selves, our soul and flesh will echo self, united together. As we become sacred beings, we cultivate a new period in time, the third yellow rolling hill. Yet, it's all about even ahead of this on the fourth hill, heavenly bliss. Fourth phase, what is earthly power, will shift to heavenly power. Many will not be aligned with self again, as we are today.

Now to perspective again, once on the red road, existing, creating fire, chemicals did preside in the first phase, the red rolling hill, to the second orange rolling hill in time, all seem hidden inside, all darkness was evil not controlled, thus man had to cultivate awareness and faith. He walked until he could learn to be a renegade, to be at the top of the hill, to plant his prayer cloth, to fly freedom four our lives. This was a physical endevour, the strong survive.

We are learning now, to go to the other side, where all the darkness is heavenly. And to navigate, to have power, one must learn to collide successfully, because heavenly the south pole, woman (heavenly heart) will reign the world. She will put order to all chaos uncontrolled. Her power unseen will beam from within, for she represents all the souls.
Image 2: Evolution
1. First phase of time, red rolling hill in time. Create world, make red road appear.
2. Second phase of time, orange rolling hill in time. Let the seed grow in the darkness unknown. This period of time we depart soon. A Light From Within is born soon, ready to explode and grow. So many are having visions and dreams, awaking.
3. Third phase of time, the yellow rolling hill in time. Dreaming about our lives, all becomes the brotherhood run, man is learning to bee KIND (mankind).
4. Fourth phase of time, the green rolling hill in time. Spiritual fitness turns, must look for the physical again. No water, no tears, no fruition.

We stand on the pinnacle of time, between all the four rolling hills. We stand at the top of the hill physically. We learn to share at the circle spiritually, developing warriorship skills, throne (ring) to brotherhood. WE are between in time, looking back, standing hear/here and looking forwards in time. This is the greatest time ever to bee, part of this great dream. Waking up to the knowledge of the seeds struggle to be born. and now we are awakening to born within, a shining soul that is bright, our hearts delight, true love on the blue road of heavenly virtues, brotherhood dawns at our feet.

In the three is brotherhood on our knees, we walk towards each other in the humble bow. There are three rivers, blue, red, yellow in the world, and all colors come to share. You know today, I had to write about White Buffalo Calf Woman Fraud. I haven't written to her yet, but I will share with her as well. But I thought, I should look at her colors. You see, her colors were grand, she simply did not understand her vision of me, and thought it could be she. Because, her rainbow colors are blue, yellow, magenta (red robe) (we all share the fourth unseen gray, but for our purposes to shine the three rivers, the three). Her "buffalo hide" or four directions in rainbow colors are the three rivers, blue, yellow, red-robe (magenta-rainbow bridge). And these three colors, make up all the colors of the rainbow seen and unseen. That's it's folks, only three colors make up our entire universe.

Blue is our heavenly soul, where sound waves flow.
Red is the earthly flesh, where the light waves flow.
Yellow is the dreamer (walking talking, wakan tankan, great spirit) grows.

Yellow is created or known, only when the blue road soul crosses the red road flesh.
When we cultivate our heavenly soul to have spiritual strength, we prepare for this fitness. When we cultivate for our earthly flesh to have physical strength, we prepare for this fitness. When we twin, run together soul and flesh, echo each other reflect to self to each other. WE are dreaming together with others. We realize we are not alone. We are ONENESS.

Here we stand. Hear we stand. To BEE (dream impossible dreams for the queen, heavenly steams, sacred clouds, walk abouts) the greatest dream, before, present (great gift with a bow) and after. To be able to vision this space in time, we must only learn to bind, with all our brothers and sisters out there, for heavenly is about to get aware. Let all our souls reside, to make amends prescribe, the healing walking we dew, when we cling to me and you. Let the circle be where the dreamer walks towards, to get the counsel he needs to share in everything. Then we will become the wise in knowing all that is prescribed, all will care about me, I will have no enemies.

your devoted servant, Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother, elder crystal child (crystal, yellow, green, gray, my buffalo hide, my four directions, in rainbow colors, just like everyone has, even molecules of dust, we shed. Beaming love and light of the rainbow, in order we can collide with the dark, may your inner light spark and purify the warrior who is learning to be fit, heavenly will keep her nest purified. Love is the law, we walk tall (be proud).

Addendum Images Included on this Post:

image: Evolution (image 2)

Image 2: Evolution 

Relatives, Zev MoonDawg Atomz said, "It was she who opened my eyes all, three, seeing the future present and past.... June 25 at 4:19pm. This post is within the week, refer to link. Aho and over the Rainbow we flow! White Buffalo Calf Woman on the glow... ps. We are at the western shore. Start from the east move down, counterclockwise, our ascending has arrived, at the western shore. The Great Chief of the Sioux (Spirit of the Lake People), Holiness Ascended Man (Arvol Looking Horse, stands upon the mountain) sits in honor in the west, where the open door is the east. The sun peers in and touch the ground. This place is the most honored, because we ascend to be birthed into paradise, our earthly realm aware of the rainbow colors journey together. The fire begins or births from the east, we arise from the darkness, now hoop blue/black (e to s, red rolling hill in time) and hoop red (s to w, orange rolling hill in time), have emerged from the darkness to find the light, our heavenly light within. Now, our souls are descending, clockwise. This is time, the great journey of our souls. Both directions we join to meet together on the western shore. We rise up, we fall down. We spin all around, we confound, with literally every action we place, because it's a Dream for Heaven's sake. Yes, and it's half way between, the greatest you ever dreamed. it's time to be aware, heaven is always near, now our souls are peaking out, to live in slumber of life, to lie down next to our hearts. This image describes all of time. We enter the third rolling hill in time, very very soon. We are in spiritual preparation. This is why many elders around the world are saying if you see the blue star (twin sun) in the sky, then it will be too late. Now is the time to be spiritual, learning the skills of a trained warrior. You are walking and talking with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, who know our relatives by their rainbow colors, often understanding our relatives before they even dew or cling too. WE are related to the fields around us all. Blessings to all the doves, who fight for freedom in peaceful means, because LOVE is the power of all that defeats the heathen who won't fall. Our warriors down, need our LOVE. White Buffalo Calf Woman wears the shawl (prayer cloth).

image: Rolling Hills Collide (image 1)
Image 1: Rolling Hills Collide 

Pte San Win Wbcw 
Relatives, Lakshmi Lo said, "In Honor of Our Warriors, past, present and future: I say to Them and Their Descendents: Namaste, Beloveds. Peace, Blessings, Love, Light Be With You Always. And So Be It. May 28 at 2:12pm" This post is within the week, refer to link. Aho and over the Rainbow we flow! White Buffalo Calf Woman on the glow... ps. Now if you look at the orange rolling hill image to your left, you find our stars are far from each other. This means we cannot find, see or recognize (sea/envision) our twin star. All stars are birthed to become twin solar spiraling galaxies. What is grand is small. We are a replication of our evolutionary period, or where we sit among the stars. Alright now, both going round and round, not knowing each others sound. Doesn't that sound just like man, spinning his wheels, not going to happiness in his heart, always walking away, not understanding the waves (sound, vocals, argumentation, conflict, opposition). The image on the right represents the yellow rolling hill in time, the third phase of evolution we are preparing for now. We are recognizing our souls. WE are learning to sea or envision dreams, awaken. We will know how to step together. Not too close, not too far, but just right thus far, the middle the place we conceive, because it's wonderful to know our destiny. We are people, each a child, of the solid rainbow running wild. And we catch up when we shift our waves, to turn towards each other, what do you say? Love and blessings, all the way. White Buffalo Calf Woman going to praise/pray!

"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Validation, Echo, Sonar and the Blue Road

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan (everyone),

Validation is echoing (story teller), the skill of the sonar heart! Stop, look, listen, pay attention. Then repeat the subject, understand what others are saying also. It's not about man solving the problems, it's about man solving woman's problems. He must understand her. Men protect Women physically on the red road. Women protect Men spiritually on the blue road. The only way we can validate or "stop, look, listen, pay attention" in order to validate, we must receive vital information. Communication depends on this exchange.

Man worked, separated from his household, woman and children. Many afluent households natuarlly separated men with their women and children. Even in the hospital room, man stood outside in another room, while woman and child were fighting in another room for child birth. Men have great strength and would be received well by the Mother and child to be there, present. The great GIFT. His physical strength in doing (remember she is weaker in physical strength), or being together in the same room, would change to interconnectedness, exchanging vital information. Women's fortitude in spiritual guidance would keep the family unity and gift it's vital strength, for times of tears.

Today, we have many men, all corners of the world, who separate from their families everyday. They don't have time to teach their children anything they know. They don't have time to share stories of ages past. And these traits, all to provide and give the household, a place to live, eat and physical safety. But we all know there is more to having happiness. Men have been kept apart, not understanding their spiritual roles, because the greatest teachers are his wife and children. As men are learning to flock back into the household, there are many collisions, because the basic skills of validation, the echo of a story, the interconnectiveness of the family unit does not exist. And men on the whole are learning to interconnect with the feminine soul, as well as with women and their children.

They, Men want to teach their children, be part of their lives. No longer are we sending our children out to be educated, but many are being home schooled. Our society is based on earthly values, the light of men to reach the top of the pinnacle, the wave, the mountain because it's about reaching the top in physical fittness. Here, at the top, we must learn to move downwards, into the valley, where all others live, including women and children. This returning, teaches our men spiritual values and prepares them for spiritual fitness on the blue road of heavenly virtues. But first.....

We validate, "Stop, look, listen, pay attention. Then repeat the subject, understand what others are saying also. It's not about man solving the problems, it's about man solving woman's problems. He must understand her. Men protect Women physically on the red road. Women protect Men spiritually on the blue road. The only way we can validate or "stop, look, listen, pay attention" in order to validate, we must receive vital information. Communication depends on this exchange."

Words have many meanings, if we decide what a word means, we fail to understand it's true meaning. Words used in heavenly songs, often portray a loving heart, meanings are often pure of heart, the innocent lambs of God's Oneness. However in our daily lives we misunderstand persons, because others don't understand their point of view. Also, the other party is not willing to hear or validate what is being said. If we continue to use words we understand, how we mean them to be, no clear communication is being exchanged. Others do not have the same point of view as you.

This is why we are part of the Rainbow Clan, our Rainbow Colors are like robes (clothed, holy cloth), what we often refer to "Buffalo Robes" (clothes) and with some persons, "Red Robes". This pertains to their rainbow colors that they wear outside and we align with. We don't see them with our eyes, however more and more we are becoming aware of these rainbow colors around people, sometimes referred to as auras by others, but these are the rainbow colors starting to appear in our range of knowledge gathered.

You know how we judge someone by the clothes they wear? 

"So when somebody goes in a nice store you always use your judgement on their clothes, but when you see this same guy on the side of the street with ragged clothes, you have a different option or the judgement on him as the guy in the store", says Central Heart of Shining our Sacred Horn, the golden child.

Well this is the same with Rainbow Colors, you don't even know it, but we tend to align with those who wear our same clothes in rainbow colors. And we align with the Rainbow. This is why we call it the Arc of the Covenant, because it's a promise to all the children of the rainbow, meaning, all of us are part of this description, since we all wear "Rainbow Colors". 

If we are judging people on the outside, by what they wear (clothes) and we align with those who wear similar colors to us in the rainbow (agree with us, standing in perspective), then we don't get to know everyone (disagree with us, varying in perspective). Because we tend to only make judgement from your point of view, rather than learning, receiving and hearing someone (blue road, heavenly echo traits, sonar, story telling, validation, repeat, exchanging vital information) who has a different point of view.  Our rainbow colors on the other spectrum of the field (wave frequencies) could be lost if we do not receive vital information to form conclusions of the whole.

Oneness is a conceptual structure in our dreams we share. Oneness is the whole of many parts. We as humans are Oneness, yet even a spec of dust is Oneness and we as humans are part of something greater, a Oneness. Each of these are examples of Oneness, because an entire universe swells, shifts, moves and shares with the rest of the universes or fields around it. This is called relativity, which simply means, what is near affects your tears. We are all Relatives to each other, because we are in proximity to each other. We share Earth, the third rock from the Sun, where dreams come true. 

Understanding oneness means we do not depend on the few, but depend on the many, the whole of us together.  Whether it be our single cluster of relatives (tribe) or the many tribes, together we form the Rainbow Clan, the house of winds that we all share. Understanding this, means understanding the principle of Oneness. Each is an accumulation of parts, to create a whole. We are Whole, collective of parts. We are part of the Whole collective of parts. Oneness means together, in many parts. We are divine sparks of light, we are the Rainbow People around the world. But not are we limited to people, but to all life seen and unseen. And through the resurrection or rebirthing process, do we find our way. Each new life born either physically or spiritually, we are rainbow colors. And understanding the rainbow colors, it's relative state, as a Relative, we change our perception of Unity and Brotherhood. Simply in understanding, Oneness, we are reborn, to excepting (receiving) from those who differ from us, because we are like children wanting to learn once more.

Children lead our new dawning (rebirth within our souls, awaken state to Oneness), the next phase of evolution (third rolling hill in time), when our sun passes through the galactical equator. But for now, learning that we need each other and to fight for each other is long awaiting prophecy. This time of brotherhood we dream about and strive to bring forwards. We are linked via the world wide web we call the internet, yet we get daily attacks (spam, virus, etc) because receiving or validating each other has not been initiated in their conduct or moral character. Validation is what someone who is eager to learn does, open to other ideas and wants to invite opinions, because together, we will forge forwards. All business structures are successful with these methods, except people are forced to work together, often for monetary values. Now in our new dawning, daily exchange will be simplified, because we will be able to understand ONENESS, the parts of a whole working together. This will change us into understanding we are beings of light, all part of the Rainbow Clan and dewing or clinging to our point of view, helps others to understand the whole of the Oneness.

Each child of the Rainbow starts to understand, how vary/very important for us to share information, in order that the rest of us can conceptualize ONENESS together. Our dreams, our knowledge shared, makes the world a better place. But it all starts with the sonar of our hearts. We start to forgive if we cannot hear, we must forgive. This is our greatest battles today on earth. We learn from society our clan our neighbors and global changes. Echoing back or using the sonar of our hearts, then we stop, look, listen and pay attention. We are present, the gift we give to each other, in our daily lives. This is the course of a child. This is heavenly virtues of story telling. This is the way to pave golden roads, where we are safe once more. This is where and when we understand we belong together, we are part of each other and we need each other in order to survive the next phase of our journey together over the rolling hills in time.

When we look at artwork, we form opinions. Think of words like this, over time, many languages have changed the way of ancient writing to present day. Again, realize that words started out as images and now they are still images, but the drawing has changed. WE have to help ourselves to knowledge first by understanding that aligning with others on the rainbow colors only helps us forge closer bonds to those who agree with us. But if we align with those who disagree with us (Stop, look, listen, pay attention, repeating)  give us knowledge from another perspective, we find a true blue, or a relative who longs to know you. 

Glory Ring
Hoops with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy: Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE (bow), then when two hearts is united (blue road), we share with intelligence (red road). However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts (stay on blue road, echo), then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of everyone. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance and brotherhood)!

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame (looking through the window pane, dreaming about heaven on earth), the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul's sound on the blue road), where songs sing down below (flesh's light on the red road), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

Validate and echo the blue road of heaven for your brothers and sisters, a new dawning is coming! The Rainbow has kept her promise, that we would all live together (knowing and understanding each other through the rainbow clan). Heavenly virtues live upon our hearts, when we have learned to validate or "stop, look, listen, pay attention" we are able to receive communication (to hear the sound on the blue road) for vital exchange of information (echo, repeat or validate). These are the virtues of the heavenly true blue on the red roadValidation is echoing (becoming the story teller), the skill of the sonar heart! 

"Love leaps from me when I validate your story".

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

ps. The Blue Road, heavenly virtues of echoing, is the concentric heart of wave frequencies that rings all around us. These waves are the bell of freedom. Let it ring throughout the land, brotherhood let us demand, for love will fill our hearts, when we care enough to impart!

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"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blue Rings Sound in the Wind

Relatives of the Rainbow,
Recognize this fact about a sound burst, it's waves go all around. The way you drop a rock into water, the waves move in a glory, meaning the ring is 360 degrees.

Sing in a circle to bring thine heart to where we wander through the arc. The rainbow does tell us a story true, bow down to the lesson, then treasure find you.

Impacts are wind created and sound vibrations (blue rings). This image shows how trees lay down in a directional placement, in ring shapes from the center.

Tell me a story how I had to bow to you, to show you my heart is true blue. Then I will remember that I did love you sow deep, my heart knows the merry gold (blue eternal ring that seeps).

In this image of St. Helen in Oregon, USA. You find that trees are laid out flat around the valleys and hills, but a wave on land, like a tidal wave in the ocean. These are blue rings.

We are learning to prepare for the blue rings of sound and water, the blue road of heavenly. By learning to allow a wave to flow through you, rather than thinking it can flow around you, one learns to travel safely in the time of the great migration upon us all.

This next image sent by Grandmother Upon the Hill (Dana). The blue (pink overlay) ring in the center is complete (360). Then red rings (two) attaches to the blue ring.

This is a time of pass over, however we pass over (arc) through the hearts of each other, through our rainbow colors. There is an arc, however the blue rings flow inside of you, rather than outside of you. It's like thinking the water flows inside the color doles. Like your blood that courses through your body, the blue road of winds, water and sound can flow on the inside of you.

Learning to allow and receive as well as have faith in one's greatness comes through understanding of the blue road. Below is an image of both blue and red rings. Each blue ring holds 12 red rings, just like the rainbow clan. We journey with our souls on the blue road. We flow on the red road, to act out our lessons, until real love is known, in order to flow through with the soul. Red rings move round and round, really moving no where. Light looks like it's moving, but ultimately moves back to where it started from. From dust to dust, the red road offers us musk (hard work and efforts in learning, labored).

On the blue road, the journey is heavenly, understanding lessons can be rolled over through the sacred arc, bowing. Learning to bow means one offers love and embraces others by being able to receive. The operative word, receive (the blue road).

A comet impact is only one way to see glory rings (360), on the blue road. Sound can have much devastation. Be sure to practice your forgiveness blessings, along with fire and water everyday, to ensure you can received the blue rings of the universe.

The red road is where paradise lives and where are dreams are enacted. The blue road ensures we journey through time, as we learn and experience life (growing up, personal evolution as well as worldly evolution, over four rolling hills in time). The red road carries us through time, with lessons. We learn when we are able to arc.

Blue hoops are always with an arc, for it's a 360 degrees or a circle, also called a glory. Look at this sonic boom!

FA/18 Compression Wave
As this FA/18 Super Hornet nears the sound barrier a huge compression wave forms as the moisture is forced from the air (a Prandtl-Glauert Singularity). Taken at Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego. The rainbow is created by the condensation of water vapor droplets . This condensation is only created by a drop in local pressure. Condensation caused by the Prandtl-Glauert singularity can be seen in steady level flight usually at low altitude under humid conditions. by Gary Johnson

This whole article is a teaching about the blue road, the hoops of the universe, part of dreamspaces four directions. Blue rings, are heavenly breeze, the Sacred Song Blessings and all the world of changing tides. Each of us feel it. FEELING is part of the blue road, to hear the sounds around us. To become like sonar, to hear with your heart. Sing and vibrate your pipes. Use your voice and share your song.

We bow to our beloved relatives on the hoops. We bless the sacred nine directions, up, down, in, out, all around, left, right, forwards, backwards.
We bless water and fire, that they may shine together where heaven greets earth.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

On the road hear we flow to know solid, where the making of creation is leaking tears. I hold in my hands the soul that creates this shaking, the beloved tears roll. And all my love that blesses this world, come to share with the river of love. And you will find that is true, my heart leans on the blue, because you are there, next to me. I must lean on you, for this day. I will show my heart sow we can pave, the road ahead in time, to bring our hearts to bind, together once more, that's the love we share.  Can you feel the heart within my pane. I look out my world without shame, because I know I did grow, to learn of each rolling stone, to be near the treasures, that was you, my deep dark blue. Heaven come near me, I will hold your hands. Heaven come near me, I will understand. There is a rolling wave to flow, on top of where heaven knows, the place within me shines to say, God is Glory all the way. Come be faithful let us sing, to the blue ring.

Eternal my soul I dew marry. I bring my heart to this daze that I feel. I will twin my soul, to show the river of gold, where the blue comes to save my wretched soul. Yet, now, all those tears beget me, that shines a place that is wet near, the river of life, we had to kiss twice, the blue and the red come to me, let the fire feel the breeze. I bless the heart of heaven in me. I bless the heart of heaven in thee. And where we walk to the talking of the blue, where heavenly relatives live you. You are soul, the keeper of time. You are star, so bright, you only need chime. Let the winds blow through your heart and find that you know the arc. Bow with the breeze, love all your enemies, then you can find your waves, into the heavenly paved. Let us rejoice in love this day. Let us know about perfect graceful ways. Let us be gracious in all we do, to save the love with you. And let our hearts find the way, to bring in love that saves our daze, the dream we hold to lift our hands, to help us know the glory and the demands. We are hear to shine for you. We are near to carry you through. Let us be one place to share near, the heart that lives without fear. Come hold my hand. 

The making of what is shaking, the hands of time that lean on the winds. Come take a hold of your hands to gift love that demands, that we know wise, to let others preside. Come share our hearts in the real world, where the blue of the soul appears. Let rings in your heart shine forever. We are part of what we know near. Come show the laughter and sunshine. Come shine for you and for me. We are brothers and sisters who long to feel, the love that grows in our heels. Come and share our hearts together. Let us kneel and shine our praise. For heaven knows why, for all things collide to shine for the true, the heart of me and you. Come share this wave, all around we share the daze. 

The dream phase!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums

wolf warrior holds the rings
Relatives of the Rainbow,
In this article shared below, the title contains the words psychopathy and sixth extinction. Psycho has to do with our minds and the word pathy is about disease and illness. Our world is looking for answers, yet find themselves changing as beings, as many souls start to awaken. Managing our awakening means we must find the blue road of heavenly virtues. All is being revealed in the "books of life".  WE are sharing our relativity, the rings that go all around, the eternal blue, the deep blue seas of me and you. We bow and bless to protect this nest. The sixth extinction really is based on the management of your blessings, because it's through your daily purification processes, will your heart remain free sailing in the wind of others. WE are each a crystalline stone (four colors or directions), rolling down the crystalline stone river (rainbow clan).

Awaken to the heart of the people, to your brother your sister, your neighbor. Care till they walk away from you. Stand your ground on love. Validate all sound echoed. It's love that rules the air. Take a breath and beam your heart with waves that flow all around.

your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman bowing with you, to show we are true.
love blossoming the view, elder crystal child,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:21 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother wrote:


This is only part of the article and there are many comments as well, however I included the details about comet impact upon our world.

The waves move in rings, this is the blue road. Learning to navigate the blue road, means allowing the waves of the red road to flow through you. This is not easy to do.

Being prepared for comet impacts is preparing for the winds to cleanse the world. Wind is the blue, part of the deep dark blue of heavenly. Only heavenly preparation can get you through these trying times.
How to weave to and fro is the great learning on the yellow road. Warriors in training look for collisions.
Pass over means one who can pass through the global events occurring to day, this year 2012 and survive. Change is upon this world. Evolution sings her song.

You know the trees laid this way also happened at Mt. St. Helen in Oregon, USA. After the blast, the trees laid exactly the same. A blast, moves in circles from the center to the edges. This is the blue rings. Preparing to move in the blue rings is a learning. This is the mighty winds that come to blow in the future. You cannot run from it, you can only stand in it. Learning how to stand inside the raging waves, only occurs with those who have practiced spiritual motion on the blue road. WE pray you learn to pray. WE pray you learn about the blue road of heaven's reign. WE pray that we save as many relatives that we can, for that day, many comets show their face.

Aho and over the rainbow, your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Tunguska, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Mon, 30 Jun 2008 04:33 CDT

How the Tunguska object may have appeared.
One hundred and three years ago today, on the night of 30 June and 1 July, one of the most extraordinary events in modern history occurred.
The first reports of a strange glow in the sky came from across Europe. Shortly after midnight on 1 July 1908, Londoners were intrigued to see a pink phosphorescent night sky over the capital. People who had retired awoke confused as the strange pink glow shone into their bedrooms. The same ruddy luminescence was reported over Belgium. The skies over Germany were curiously said to be bright green, while the heavens over Scotland were of an incredible intense whiteness which tricked the wildlife into believing it was dawn. Birdsong started and cocks crowed - at two o'clock in the morning. The skies over Moscow were so bright, photographs were taken of the streets without using a magnesium flash. A captain on a ship on the River Volga said he could see vessels on the river two miles away by the uncanny astral light. One golf game in England almost went on until four in the morning under the nocturnal glow, and in the following week The Times of London was inundated with letters from readers from all over the United Kingdom to report the curious 'false dawn'. A woman in Huntingdon wrote that she had been able to read a book in her bedroom solely by the peculiar rosy light. There were hundreds of letters from people reporting identical lighting conditions that went on for weeks... (Tom Slemen)
None of the people witnessing this strange phenomenon had any idea that, in the central Siberian plateau, just after 7:15 a.m. local time, the planet had been hit by a cometary impactor that exploded - as most such impactors do - in the atmosphere just above the Earth's surface.

There was, of course, a great deal of comment about the strange, glowing sky in newspapers and scientific journals at the time. A theory was proposed that icy particles had somehow formed high in the atmosphere and were reflecting sunlight. Another theory suggested that a strange auroral disturbance was involved. The Danish astronomer Kohl pointed out that several very large meteors had recently been observed over Denmark and he suggested that comet dust in the high atmosphere might account for the phenomenon. He was getting close, but in general, there was no agreement as to what had happened.

An Irkutsk newspaper dated 2 July reported that, in a village more than 200 miles from the Tunguska river, peasants had seen a fireball brighter than the sun approach the ground, followed by a huge cloud of black smoke, a forked tongue of flame and a loud crash as if from gunfire.
All the villagers ran into the street in panic. The old women wept and everyone thought the end of the world was approaching.
Nearly 400 miles south-west of the explosion, at 7:17 a.m. on 30 June, a train driver on the Trans-Siberian express had to stop his train for fear of derailment due to the tremors and commotion. In towns 300 to 400 miles away, hurricane-like gusts rattled doors, windows and crockery. This was followed within minutes by shock waves which knocked down horses and hurled people working on boats into the river.

Over 550 miles to the south of the explosion, a seismograph in the city of Irkutsk near Lake Baikal, close to the Mongolian border, registered strong earth tremors.

Local Siberian newspapers carried stories of a fireball in the sky, and a fearful explosion, but by the autumn of 1908 these stories had died out, and they went unnoticed in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the West. The region was arguably one of the most inaccessible places on Earth, in the center of Siberia.

The closest observers of the explosion were reindeer herders asleep in their tents in several camps about 30 km from the site. They were blown into the air and knocked unconscious; one man blown into a tree later died of his injuries.
Early in the morning when everyone was asleep in the tent, it was blown up in the air along with its occupants. Some lost consciousness. When they regained consciousness, they heard a great deal of noise and saw the forest burning around them, much of it devastated.

The ground shook and incredibly prolonged roaring was heard. Everything round about was shrouded in smoke and fog from burning, falling trees. Eventually the noise died away and the wind dropped, but the forest went on burning. Many reindeer rushed away and were lost. []
Thousands of reindeer, in the general area around ground zero, were killed. Many campsites and storage huts belonging to the herders that dotted the area were destroyed.

Rumors of an extraordinary event persisted, transmitted back by geologists and other researchers working in the area. These stories attracted the attention of a meteorite researcher, Leonard Kulik. But, it was not until 1927 that he could finally lead an expedition to the site of the 1908 explosion.
Kulik got off the Trans-Siberian railway at the Taishet station and on horse-drawn sledges they set off on an arduous three-day odyssey through 350 miles of ice and snow until he and his men reached the village of Kezhma, situated on the River Angara. At the village Kulik and his party of researchers replenished their supplies of food, then struggled on for a three-day journey across wild and unchartered areas of Siberia until they reached the log-cabin village of Vanavara on 25 March.

Kulik then tried to make headway through the untamed Siberian forests, or taiga as the Russians call it, but was forced to turn back after heavy snowdrifts almost froze the horses to death. For three days Kulik was forced to remain in the snow-bound village of Vanavara, but during this period he interviewed many of the Evenki hunters who had witnessed the Siberian fireball's arrival on this planet.

The tales of the sky being ripped open by a falling sun and of a great thunder shaking the ground made Kulik even more eager to penetrate the taiga to find his holy grail.

When the weather gradually improved, Kulik set out for the Tunguska Valley. When he finally reached the site of the mysterious explosion, he was almost speechless. From a ridge overlooking the scene, Kulik took out his notebook and scribbled down his first impressions of the damage wreaked by the cosmic vandal. Kulik wrote:
From our observation point no sign of forest can be seen, for everything has been devastated and burned, and around the edge of the dead area, the young, twenty-year-old forest growth has moved forward furiously, seeking sunshine and life. One has an uncanny feeling when one sees twenty to thirty-inch [thick] giant trees snapped across like twigs, and their tops hurled many yards away.
Aftermath of the Tunguska explosion
There were three further expeditions to the site of the Tunguska explosion, all of them headed by Kulik. In 1941, Hitler attacked Russia. The 58-year-old Leonid Kulik volunteered to defend Moscow, but was wounded by the Nazis. He was captured by German troops and thrown in a prison camp where he died from his wounds. [Tom Slemen]
The energy of the explosion has been calculated from the extent of the flattened forest and from the small pressure waves which arrived at the speed of sound and were recorded on barographs around the world including stations between Cambridge, 50 miles north of London, and Petersfield, 55 miles south. Interestingly, it took the meteorologists in England twenty years to make the connection between their records and the devastation in Tunguska. The wave trains were unlike any others which had been recorded up until that time but nowadays we know that they do resemble those obtained from a hydrogen bomb explosion. It seems that the impact had an energy of 30 to 40 megatons, the combined force of a few dozen ordinary hydrogen bombs.

According to John Baxter and Thomas Atkins, in their book The Fire Came By, the explosion resulted in an enormous "pillar of fire" and the blinding column was visible for hundreds of miles. The series of thunderous claps that followed could be heard for 500 miles or more.

The noise of the explosion deafened those close to the blast. Following that, a searingly hot thermal current from the fire in the sky raced across the forests. Tall conifers were scorched and ignited and the fires burned for days. Residents of Vanavara, a small trading post about forty miles distant, felt the fierce draft of heat. Some individuals there were flung into the air as the shock wave arrived; pieces of sod were gouged up, ceilings collapsed, and windows were shattered.

© Unknown
Aftermath of the Tunguska explosion
As it happens, the date of fall, 30 June, corresponds to the passage of the Earth through the maximum of the Beta Taurid stream. From this and its trajectory, it appears that the Tunguska object was part of the Taurid complex. Probably the Earth passed through a swarm within the stream.

The scientific investigation undertaken by Kullik in 1927 revealed that near the center of the blast many of the trees were still standing upright, even though denuded of limbs and leaves. Further from ground zero the trees were blown down and seared, forming concentric circles with the bases of the trees all pointing in the direction of the center of the blast. All of this evidence pointed to the fact that the blast almost certainly occurred in mid air.

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This diagram shows the directions of the blast
The occurrence, this century, of an impact with the energy of a really big hydrogen bomb does give one pause. Had the incident occurred today, it would probably trigger World War Three. Just a few hours earlier or later and the impact could have been over a major city or urban area. But that didn't happen. As noted, it was twenty years before anyone really had an inkling of what DID happen. That was partly due to the fact that the Russians in 1908 were somewhat occupied with politics. The previous year, 1907, Czar Nicholas had found himself faced with revolutionaries being elected in large numbers to the newly created parliament - the Duma. The eventual revolution began in 1918. One might even say that the Tunguska event was a harbinger of things to come. And maybe in more ways than anybody thinks.

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This diagram shows the area of damage in Tunguska as compared to the size of Washington D.C.
Eighty-six years later, in July of 1994, there was another harbinger: the fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy struck Jupiter:

If they were able to brush Tunguska off as a fluke, scientists were not so easily able to put aside the spectacle of a whole string of comets hitting another planet in our solar system, one after the other, as the planet spun in space. In the same year, a book entitled Hazards due to Comets and Asteroids was published in reaction to this, then impending, event. The book is a collection of papers which I have referenced before in this series. One of the papers in that book says:
Our understanding of the history of Earth and its inhabitants is undergoing a radical change. The gradual processes of geologic change and evolution, it is now clear, are punctuated by natural catastrophes on a colossal scale - catastrophes resulting from collisions of large asteroids and comets with Earth. It is, to use the popular term, a "paradigm shift."

This "new catastrophism," is not unlike the revolutions brought about by the heliocentric solar system of Copernicus, or Darwinian evolution, or the big bang. In retrospect, such revolutionary ideas always seem obvious. On reading the Origin of Species, Thomas Huxley remarked simply: "Why didn't I think of that." Now, looking at the Moon, we find ourselves wondering why it took so long to ask whether the process that cratered its surface is still going on. (Robert L. Park of The American Physical Society, Lori B. Garver of the National Space Society and Terry Dawson, a staffer for the House Committee on Science, Technology, and Space working for the Committee's then Chairman, Rep. George Brown )
Let me repeat that most important remark:
Our understanding of the history of Earth and its inhabitants is undergoing a radical change. The gradual processes of geologic change and evolution, it is now clear, are punctuated by natural catastrophes on a colossal scale ...
That may be the understatement of the millennium.

It has been suggested by a number of researchers that the current "climate change" issues are actually due to the earth moving through cosmic dust clouds and that all the hoopla about global warming is simply a cover-up of this fact. Astrophysicist Victor Clube suggests that it is a cometary cosmic dust cloud, left over from the break-up of a giant comet that, for a long period of the Earth's history, threatened and bombarded our planet with unspeakably horrible, civilization destroying fragments, i.e. the progenitor of the Taurid stream, including the Tunguska comet. Clube also argues that these events were the basis for the formulation of humanity's ideas about the cosmos, god and religion and even astrology. Over time, as the giant comet spent most of its mass in its Titanic fury, dying away to occasional less than civilization destroying bombardments, our conceptions of gods changed; the reality was tossed out the window in favor of fairy tales for both science and religion, not to mention astrology. He writes:
Three thousand years ago, in accordance with age-old practice, the kings of Babylon were still employing astronomer-priests to give warnings of cosmic visitations. A thousand years ago, the emperors of China were still relying on similar skills, while in Europe the Pope saw messages in the sky and urged Holy War. But this latter was an aberration; for the last two and a half thousand years have seen the decline and fall of the sky gods, and the growing presumption that the cosmos is stable and regular. The shift of paradigm has been unconscious, convenient, insidious and thorough. Probably, the rediscovery of a lost tradition of celestial catastrophe could not have been made through analysis of ancient texts alone; a key had to be provided, and it has been, by the paraphernalia of modern science. It is a salutary lesson both on the capacity of human reasoning to get it wrong for long periods of time, and on the essential unity of knowledge.

It would be naïve to think, however, that one merely has to point to deep-seated cracks in the structure of modern knowledge to have scholars setting to and constructing a better framework within which mankind might plan his future. There is considerable intellectual capital invested in the status quo, enough to ensure that those with an interest in preserving it, the 'enlightened' and the 'established', will continue to present the cosmos to us in a suitably non-violent form. The history of ideas reveals that some will even go further and act as a kind of thought police, whipping potential deviants into line. For them, temporal power takes precedence over the fate of the species. (Clube, The Cosmic Winter)
This problem of the "status quo" and "thought police" is not a minor issue. In this series of articles that were kicked off by Mike Baillie's book New Light on the Black Death, we have repeatedly come face to face with the obvious fact that those in positions of power and authority lie to the masses of humanity as a rule rather than an exception.

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