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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Parents Shut Down When Children Have Special Needs! Why and How to Resolve Issues Between Parents and Children!

Jim Rushing River and Relatives,

Question asked by Jim Rushing River:

Why do parents emotionally shut down after finding out a child has special needs ?
Building an emotional wall to keep everyone out, including the spouse ?

Answer by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother: 
Fear, and since they cannot forgive, then there is only thing left to do, shut down or attack!  Only the embrace, or binding of heaven's soul, with earth's flesh will resolve this issue.

What is the most interesting part of this is parents are from the last phase of evolution (flesh and light), and children are from the next phase of evolution (soul and dark), and this is why elders are with young ones, children, to resolve problems. Until they (parents) learn to forgive, the force of heaven (problem gift of child) and heaven (problem emotional wall of parent) is not used proficiently, and shutdown happens.  Parents are not used to using their souls, as the last phase of evolution (which will end 2013), as the second phase, doesn't use our souls, our heaven, and only light, or flesh exists in their world.  They, parents, lack seeking skills, that children have
(using soul of heaven by seeking to resolve), but this is not helpful within a family structure, when an emotional wall (using soul of heaven, not seeking and no resolution) is not penetrated with love who seeks with wisdom, the unification of soul and flesh. Heaven (soul of heaven, the negative magnetism or negative ion) and Heaven (soul of heaven, the negative magnetism or negative ion) repel with a powerful force. Bad with Bad, equals really BAD.  And forgiveness and love, will be the only tool to resolve this problem, by bringing the flesh of earth, into the picture to resolve the problem, with answers.

Heaven and children, know how to forgive, but as soon as they lose this part of themselves, the soul, they turn only to the flesh or light body, to resolve all their problems. Parents don't learn to become seekers, to know they have a soul,
to resolve problems, for they simply loose this ability.  They have learned to turn only to their flesh bodies and have turned off their souls, and lack the very thing, they need, their souls to resolve problems and to become seekers. That's why we are here in the first place, to learn, and to journey over rolling hills, waves of time.  We've come along ways babies of evolution, but we have much more to learn.

Over Christmas day, I felt finally at the end of the day, all the crystal people.  Each of them are perfect flesh bodies, and this is what makes them so great.  They know everything, before opening a book.  They know, how to move the body proficiently before anyone teaches them.  And recently wrote a letter regarding kungfu, which means complete proficiency over time, which often takes 20 years.  But have you noticed lately that a child can learn to read, with perfection in less than a year, a whole new language.  Crystal people are like this their whole lifetimes, and this makes many people fear them.  This makes them very special, and gifted, however the down side, is they are always outcasts, from their own families and neighbors, the door way into heaven, the soul world.  When they are children, it's a treasure, but when they grow up, society doesn't want them to be children anymore, and remove their heavenly part of themselves, the souls.  And this just doesn't happen in Christal people. Every single Christal person is an outcast (I asked the Oneness).  Now Jesus is a Christ (an outcast, and most Christians, would not be very likely to tolerate him if he was standing in front of them), and Christmas is about Many (mas) Christs.  Actually one in 15 people are Christal people in the light realm of the flesh world, and each are outcasts, and blamed for what is wrong with the world (like special children), the lesson (karma) or treasure of the world, used by God to help every one forgive, just like children are used, especially since they are gifted in perfection, the binding of heaven and earth.  Because when you forgive a Christal person, you are released from your pain and suffering, or lack of forgiveness.  This is the treasure of what children with special needs do for you.  Offer you the soul realm of heaven, the power to propel you forwards to be a seeker, to your questions, to learn and become wiser, to journey with our souls.

Special needs are simply special needs.  And it takes time to understand this.  And when we don't take the time to understand or attain knowledge (seeker), then we have an blockage to resolve with someone, in our past.  We have not forgiven others.

When children with special needs come forwards to make themselves known, and children have a habit of this.  We must react to their heaven, all the bad stuff, with our flesh, all the good stuff, then we all feel better.  But if we act with their heaven all the bad stuff, with our souls, more bad stuff,  then we tend to repel each other.  This is why we have heaven and earth, negative and positive, good and bad.  These are what makes the world go round. 

In order for a soul to be with another soul, we need to be seekers, to enter the flesh world, to seek an answer, to learn with powerful force to propel you towards a new door. To find wisdom and to resolve equations in our lives. But when a parent, uses their souls, where forgiveness is not known, they get repelled inwards, and shut down inside the darkness, where they forget their flesh world and don't become seekers anymore.  This is when a fire ceremony of forgiveness is needed.  Write who you need to forgive on paper (tree pulp, the law of love, that binds heaven and earth, the tree of life), then burn it up.  Forgiveness is of the soul, or dark realm.  Fire is of the flesh, or light realm.  And wha la, magic.  We bind the heaven and earth together again, and then we can learn to resolve our problems.

Everything bad is from heaven, because we don't realize the simple statement, "When one door closes, another door opens".  Bad is darkness.  Good is lightness.  Bad is negative ion.  Good is positive ion.  In magnetism, we need north and south to bind together.  If you try to use the north and the north to get close, it repels, with energy another direction, and you just can't put them together.  This is the same thing that happens with people, when you put someones soul with another soul, they repel each other, a force that creates power to open a new door. In ionic charges, the positive ions attach to you and you feel restless, and often don't feel good, and in order for you to feel better, you need to get negative ions.  Haven't you noticed all the ionic wind with air cleaners these days?  This is for the sole (soul) purpose to bind with your positive ions (that make you restless) on your (flesh) body, to make you feel better, with negative ions (restful) for a place to bind together, a unity within and without. Water does the same thing, when you feel restless, we go to the ocean or a lake which contains negative ions, and we bind our flesh or light body (positive ions or charge) with our soul or dark body (negative ions or relax). Water is our soul, or heaven.  Fire is our flesh or earth.  When fire and water come together, this is binding, the smoke or steam, and it is holy and it's sacredness.  But two heavens, well this repels, each other into bad news.  Only the seeker who binds, can resolve problems.

You know I have many lavender people who must use a drum to resolve their problems, because they are the master drummers (binding souls, with fire cleansing).  But the case is this.  They become others in the soul world, with their flesh, which translates into hate and violence.  And this isn't nice for the immediate family.  They need to resolve this purification of others (holiness), by hitting the drum 20 minutes a day, and practice holiness, or blessings of space to be loving again.  Now this doesn't seem easy, because the family have to care enough, and love them enough, to push that drum into their faces, rather than letting them dump all over you. However in the world of flesh, the soul, somehow knows who they are, and we never question their behaviors, instead, people just walk away from them, not recognizing their gifts. Many lavender and lavender overlays, wear the crown of earth, the KING of EARTH, the flesh world of lights.  And we just don't question them, no matter how badly they act.  Remember one King, I think it was King George, his physicians, gave him mercury, because they thought it was such a miraculous medicine, and it turned out to be a poison.  He became mad, and quite insane, but no one ever questioned his behavior, because he was the KING. We must love them enough and forgive them in order to resolve the problem, like children with special needs. I simply lose so many people here, because others don't care enough (lacking skills of heaven) or the person
(lacking skills of heaven), just doesn't claim their souls, or heaven within, to resolve the problem without in the world of flesh, our Earthly ways.

Our children with special needs, for all of us are children of God, who each have special needs.  We need the world of flesh and lights (rainbow colors) and the world of soul and darkness (our voice and song) to bind together.  Heaven and earth (Santa Claus, the one who gives gifts) is coming to town, the Christal person (the Crown of Heaven).  This is evolution, but we need to learn or seek answers of the soul, with questions of the flesh, to resolve our problems.  Parents just don't understand this, until they can forgive their past, including their own parents, before they can move on.  To be a seeker, means you forgive others.  When Heaven clashes with you, you use heaven to propel you to seek, with light, to find answers, to resolve problems.  This is called the Law of Love, the Red Road, as Native Americans call this, because it's the world of lights, the flesh who becomes the seekers, the traveler over rolling hills in time. 

Resolution: This is when a fire ceremony of forgiveness is needed.  Write who you need to forgive on paper (tree pulp, the law of love, that binds heaven and earth, the tree of life), then burn it up.  Forgiveness is for the tears, water of the soul, or dark realm.  Fire is of the flesh, or light realm, the embrace or the hug.  And wha la, magic.  We bind the heaven and earth together again, and then we can learn to resolve our problems. Don't forget, you will be amazed how a hug, will resolve problems!  Embrace the soul (negative), with flesh (positive), bind together heaven and earth.

Your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Elder Crystal Person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 6:39 AM, Jim Rushing River wrote:
Why do parents emotionally shut down after finding out a child has special needs ?
Building an emotional wall to keep everyone out, including the spouse ?
Blessings, Peace and Laughter for you and your family
Jim Rushing River, Golden Person
Moderator for
[whitebuffalocalfwoman:314] muse - why do people shut down

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