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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andra Morning Dove Asks About Indigo Children, Dreams and the Rainbow Clan

Beloved Andra Morning Dove, 
Inline response below. My response will be marked cw: for calf woman.  This is White Buffalo Calf Woman (heavenly mission), your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools of light, four directions, rainbow colors of the buffalo home). Heavenly and Earthly names are unique to all beings of God (G_ah_d utterance of heavenly transmission of the Oneness). We all carry heaven (soul) and earth (flesh).

cw: Morning Dove is your heavenly name and your mission in life. What a wonderful name.  It is the morning when the sun does rise.  We are the children of the Rainbow.  And when the sun does shine, the star is born.  The Lakota cherish this Morning Star, as it represents holiness (wakan) and the sacred eight directions of God (Oneness). The Morning Star is the united force of two; darkness or numinosity (inward) and lightness or luminosity (outward). Two paths (blue, soul and red, flesh), that unite is a dream come true (yellow morning sun) to rise up (white star) and share it's rainbow colors of the buffalo home (holy temple). These are the colors of the four directions; blue (black), red, yellow and white. 

cw: In the western shore is the honored position because the sun does shine upon your face. It is the Lakota People who stand here, "I Am a Sun Dance", a dream is born. Sow my beloved, as the Morning Dove, you bring us home towards the dance of lights that gift to us our Souls.  Welcome home to the third phase of evolution, where our Souls of heaven bring law of love unto the world.  And it is Woman, who brings this wisdom to cross over to new shores within the darkness of the valleys of green grass and flowing rivers, where the heart roams in the wind. 

cw: Welcome Home to Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, A Light From Within.

I have found your email address on a site offering information on indigo children, I hope you don't mind my emailing you.

cw: Great you found us, those who claim to be part of the Rainbow Clan. I am always happy to speak about the Rainbow Colors of God. My purpose is to guide you towards your Rainbow Colors as we all carry as our holy temple, often referred to the buffalo home (four sacred directions). The many books written have only touched upon indigo and crystal children, but do not express the other colors.  But these terms represent more.  Indigo is the perfect crystalline soul, the blessed prophet.  Crystal is the perfect crystalline flesh, the warrior treasure, often referred to as Christ from the word Christal (English term). Now, there are many Indigos and many Crystal people walking the earth.  And we are all learning about the Rainbow Colors.  Since writers tend to view society and it's change, there has been a realization or recognition of these two colors indigo (perfect soul) and crystal (perfect flesh).  We are entering a new phase in evolution (golden age of brotherhood), and it is the soul that emerges and shines, that offers us this realization of rainbow covenant with God.  I am here to bring you the truth of the Rainbow Colors and prepare you towards your soul, the place you need learn to trust.  Here the heart lives, embraces and shines.

cw: Indigo is a word that is a color of the Rainbow Clan, the House of the Beloved.  Because I am the only person right now, who can read your rainbow colors, I offer you your eldest color of your four directions.  You not an Indigo person, who are prophets.  But you are the Aqua person, the leader of men.  There are many new colors that radiate from heaven (recognition in evolution).  You represent the clouds in the sky, where the water is reflected in the clouds.  This cycle eternal is represented by the smoke in the sacred pipe. There is no beginning or end, but only transformation.  

cw: The Aqua people are the builders of the world and bring realization to the people as you work harder than everybody else to accomplish tasks.  You SHINE, the great reflection of the waters of Mother Earth.  And you are knowing where the Great Flowing moves on the crystalline stone river (perfect six sides joined together, Star of David). Here stands the Beloved Children of God sliding down the Rainbow, to be filled with the  Golden Dream.  This is the age we enter in three short years. This is the year of the Iron Tiger, which happens to know where the flowing river journeys. 
My name is Andra, and I was born on xx,xx,1992 in Romania. Romania is the only country that has 7 active chakras and I happen to live next to one of them. 
cw:  There are many factors and astrological data that supports your rainbow colors.  A Cherokee guide to a crystal child, Dimpled Wake of Time, daughter to Blossoming Petals a Aqua person, told us that everything you wear has a meaning.  I would take it further, that everything about you has a meaning.  Often our many names that is offer to us, are part of who we are and support the mission (heavenly name) you are on, upon this world.  Thank you for offering your year of birth for astrological data, but the Rainbow Colors are the Buffalo Home (earthly name), or our Holy Temple where we house our Soul.  And this radiates out from us.  All crystal people in time, will be able to accurately offer their rainbow colors for the world. This is our purpose, as a crystal person to be a wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter.  Just like it is your purpose as an Aqua person to be the leader of men through realization. Each color of the four rainbow colors we carry, gift to us tools of light, to carry out our mission from heaven.  God is so perfect and wonderful, as you know.

cw:  Now about the 7 active chakras in Romania. Maybe you could send me a map or url of what you are talking about, then I could respond to you. And tell me which one you are next too and how this is significant to you. I looked but could find nothing in my internet search. Did not check the wind of God for this information. I will explain about the chakras below.

cw:  However, the seven chakras are now many more Rainbow Colors, as heaven descends to unite with earth.  These 7 chakras respond to all the rainbow colors of the second phase of evolution, we are leaving now.  During this time we recognized only earthly colors, and the seven colors that radiate from this light. Now we carry other colors (or entered recognition of) that correspond to our Great Migration we are entering,  Heaven upon Earth. 

cw:  Presently the two chakras, red and orange are correct, but the rest are not. This information (mathematical perfection) must be gifted by the Suns of Israel (written), and the Rainbow Color story (Sioux Nation, Spirit of the Lake People, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota), will be spoken to the peoples of the world. Just know this important fact, all the rainbow colors are represented by Man within the body.  It is a replication of the Oneness.  We are oneness, and part of oneness or we could say, microcosm to macrocosm. We are integrated with everything around us, so we say we are relative to space and time.  This is why Native Americans tell us we are Relatives to each other.  And it's important for all of us, to bless our space or relative to your position every hour of everyday. Sharing our hearts, is the shift we are entering, as you show others how to love, with the embrace. Teach others to bless to stay safe, within the changing waves of time.

My parents have always known I was different, I always seemed more mature for my age, full of wisdom and advice - I would hug all kids on the street regardless of their race or financial situation (which for the ppl here was wrong).
cw:  Again, you are the leader of men, by knowing where the stream flows.  We are entering an age of enlightenment, where sharing our hearts is paramount to survival.  You show others how to love, with the embrace.  But since we are all changing into spiritual beings, learning to walk sacred is no easy task.  But now we shall not be able to hide our darkness within, as we start to share our minds in the wind.  This is the age we enter, where brotherhood will embrace and sisterhood will bring law of love to all the Rainbow Clan.  

cw:  Parents are entering realization of children's changing perceptions.  This is all natural in our evolutionary stage. Parents have learned to deny their inner heaven or soul, while children bring the soul forward in the way we behave. However we are all a child, and all a elder, with either your flesh or your soul.  This makes everyone have perfection.  We must trust one another to survive.  This is what makes you realize, a generation, that will know how to migrate. Since we are all aiming towards Oneness, or the Godly being within, to shine outwardly as a dream, it is imperative that we recognize, all have purpose and a place within God and that we need each other.  Here will stem happiness, as you show the walk of the Morning Dove. Pigeons and Doves gather in flocks.  This is what drives you to share the embrace, because we must unify and gather together, where our hearts bond, like Relatives.  How much closer can we get, than with a hug; two hearts touching.  Gathering the Dream, is a call to Brotherhood, that flows like a river within you.  This is what is special in you!

As a child I was very sociable yet I felt very different, I was in an advanced class in the first grade but I was abused physically and psychically by my teacher - it took a long time to fully recover but by the fifth grade I was back to my old self - I was a star throughout middle and high school - always involved in community projects and competitions - it turned out I had an IQ of 145.
cw:  It is not surprising that you are sociable as an Aqua person, which is around 6 years old with your soul.  This makes you childlike.  Your body is the elder for you rather then your soul.  However the soul is eternal and as a child, we who are the soul children, act freely with our emotions.  One thing I have found common among the Rainbow Clan, is the fact that something traumatic happens at our soul age.  For you it's when you are in the first grade. We start to learn our lessons, and must learn to forgive others.  This is the law of love. 

cw:  Community projects and competitions are what bring people together and the gathering of doves.  Regarding IQ tests, they tend to be devised in earthly languages, which means intelligence of the mind, rather than intelligence of the heart.  Those of heavenly children, tend not to do well on these tests. Those of earth, tend to do better on these types of tests.  Regardless of the test, some do better and some do worse, but ranking intelligence is a matter of thinking like minded to those who write the tests. Since an Aqua person, is the eldest of earth, the sky, before heaven, you tend to do better at earthly events and transitions along the shore of the flesh.  And since others tend to follow you, you are always in front of others to guide them.  The best knowing for you, is to remember to turn around and listen to the people, in order for you to guide them home safely.  We belong to each other, and we all have different gifts to bring to the whole of mankind and our gather of a clan or community.

As I child I remember talking to an angel, Gabriel, who used to guide me and explain why bad things would happen. When I was 4, my grandmother suffered from an anaphylactic 
shock while I was out playing but I alerted the neighbors without ever going into the house- I knew it before it would happen, 

cw:  How wonderful you talked with Angel Gabriel.  This Angel gifts information to get you on your path of the inner soul (heavenly name and mission in life).  In other words to learn to become yourself.  Usually those who communicate with Angel Gabriel are important to leading the great migration.  He is concerned with the 200 stars that are near us, as our Sun is only one of many stars.  Once you are on your path, Gabriel then flies away, knowing he finished his job, now that you are assisting evolution's path to transcendence. 

cw:  Regarding your Grandmother, the smaller we are as children, the closer we are to heaven.  We remember heavenly knowledge and trust this, as our spirits communicate in the wind.  This is how you knew about the distress of your Grandmother. Another thing, heaven and darkness always happens first, then is repeated upon earth.  Often information is given not once but always twice.  This validates our knowing that we are on the right path. 

Till this day, I can still see glimpses of the future in my dreams. I am a very emphatic person.  I can usually read the ones around me like open books and this aids me in better understanding them.

cw:  This is common upon all the peoples of the world.  We are changing into beings with extrasensory perceptions.  This is all part of our evolutionary changes we are going through.  Dreams and visions are part of what we need be sharing.  Sharing our dreams assists us, by validating what one person, may understand, but another will not.  But if we share our dreams, we will get pieces of the puzzle, to understand the whole.  This whole sharing of dreams, visions and perceptions bring us closer in our hearts. If we long to feel our souls, to share all that we know, then God will be understood, as divine like a hood (clan in a brotherhood, the embrace of the sky as One).

The reason why I need your guidance is related more or less to my abilities - a few weeks ago, an old lady stopped me and my best friend (also an indigo) in the middle of the street to tell us we were different, special, not like the other indigos - 

cw:  Remember earlier, I spoke of parents recognizing change in the children.  This is a natural phase of evolution. It is wonderful for our elders to be part of our changes.  It makes me so happy, that she was brave enough to stop you under the sun.  Again, my beloved, we are all special. This is the shift, for us to recognize the greatness within all of us, the eternal soul.  Trusting your self, the soul within, is the greatest challenge for all to learn. No intelligence, but all heart knowledge.  Eternal wisdom comes when we trust ourselves and each other, in the sharing process.

She said that we would make decisions that would cleanse the world, and that great evil will try to stop us, so well be caught up between two worlds fighting a war no one wanted.
cw:  The Oneness of God will cleanse the world.  It is our part to fulfill our heavenly mission upon earth. Those who walk united in soul and flesh, create dreams for the future to follow.  Brotherhood comes from gathering together, but law of love, comes from woman.  It is important as a woman, to instill the law of love, the unity of broken hearts. We do this by standing our ground, making others walk away, demanding that blessings or love unite broken hearts.  This is not easy, and that's why we are here, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle, as well as Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, to bring the dawning home, Heaven and Earth for the beloved children of God.  To cleanse our hearts, means we must start to walk sacred.  

cw: This is our plight now, destruction of all we know, into a world, where we shall all glow, rainbow warriors will lead the way, into a home a house to play, the world, will be safe again, without anymore sin.  Instead, we shall open our hearts and learn how to bring us from apart, to a place, where brotherhood lies, and deep open skies. It shall be the wind, that speaks fame, along the course of the evergreen, the shores will be abundant again, if only we can get through the wind, the fire, that looms and destroys everything.  Only those who are clean and pure of heart, they will survive and start, a new world, for all mankind, to bring home a new time (third phase of evolution, called the dawning, the dream is born, a morning star).

That was the night it all started- an angel showed up in my dream, explaining what I am and what I am supposed to do - since then, my dreams have become more violent, chaotic and I am exhausted. 

cw: Communicated with the Angel who showed up in your dream, to make sure, that you really mean (truth), because we are a reflection of the truth (only a crystal person speaks truth, because their color separates all colors true, as the colors cross and overlay, it's so hard to know the way), in order for us to guide and know it's cooth (old and wise).  Share your vision and your dream, and your iyeshka (interpreter) will interpret what it means. 

She said, that you are to open doors and make it a heart for so much more.  But you don't realize who you are, so young with so much in store.  She tells me that she told you so much more, but you did not understand all that's told.  She asks me to take care of you, in order that you could get more clues.  It's a time to reckon with fate, the alarming human race, but we could get more done, if only we gather under the sun.  It's time to gain our ship (sail the seas of our hearts), to take sails and open shores (distant realms, between heaven and earth).  We could find a place to grieve when we arrive in all the sleeves (embrace of loving arms). 

Her name is Whispering Breeze.  She loves to share stories that show fear, to heal those who need to open doors.  And it's where heaven opens hands, to help and understand. Soon, all will change, and learning to live and wane, depends on those who listen to our hearts, the soul always knows how to shout.  How can one know of pain, without learning about the gain, the joy of what it could bring, the everlasting wind.  And soon, we shall bow down to the almighty Rainbow Clan (to each other, being humble and understand the heart's calling and pain). 

Can you please help me? I can tell you the whole story if you promise not to call me crazy.

cw:  Tell me your dream and can interpret it for all to see.  It's for our sharing that's what we need, to learn from each other, to help us bleed (follow the path of love, the law, called the red road, the world of earth and flesh, as we suffer for others, to entrust them with our hearts to lean and stomp, to create an open shore - realm to our hearts along the Red Road, where our feet touch).  

Thank you very much!

cw:  Andra Morning Dove sacred four directions: Aqua (leader of the flesh), green (spiritual embrace of oneness), rainbow (cosmic mother), gray (grandmother space).  White Buffalo Calf Woman four directions: Crystal (perfect warrior), yellow (dream), green (leader of spirit), gray (grandmother space). Search for your rainbow colors here at  and if you have more questions, ask.

your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter rainbow warriors of prophecy

"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

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