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Monday, February 8, 2010

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets Cynthia Bright Eyes Vision From Fear to Magical Dreams in Our Evolutionary Changes!

Cynthia Bright Eyes Shows the World, A Dream Is Born In All This Fear! White Buffalo Calf Woman Comes to Show the World How Glorious a Birth Can Feel.  Dream My Children I will Endure, Because You Are the Magic That Appears!

Cy: Cynthia Bright Eyes (violet, green, blue, gray)
Sent: Sat, Apr 26, 2008

Hi, White Buffalo Calf Woman,
I have another vision I experienced back about 2 months ago that has me rather disturbed and I would appreciate whatever you can tell me about it.

cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother (crystal, yellow, green, gray)
Reply: Sun, Jan 6, 2010

Hello Beloved Cynthia Bright Eyes,
Good to connect with you again after several years.  Happy to share hearts again recently. I feel your vision really explains the evolutionary transition, like the birth of a child.  And all the suffering and pain a Mother must endure to bring new life into the world, like our Mother Earth moving from the second phase of evolution, earth to the third phase, heaven and earth, we call the dawning.

Cy:  I remember it starting out like I was walking through a fog or mist or something.

cw: Space is often shown like this, however I have seen this in the sky, when entering from above heavenly to below earthly, in one of our spirit medicine journeys.  This is like the sky and clouds allowing for the refraction of lights and a great embrace.  Also a great place of healing like when the clouds of water droplets could heal you and embrace you. 

Cy:  I could hear sounds like explosions but the sounds were kind of muffled, and then the mist cleared.

cw:  Wow, bursting implosions, like rain. This occurs from the inside out.  And like tears of sadness and fright, you feel a cleansing when you are done crying for our hearts or after a rain does for the air bringing sunshine. Grandmother Dives From the Sky called this; vibration of the tones, where heavenly languages begin.

Cy:  I could see ruins that were still smoking everywhere around me, like bombed out ruins.  

cw:  In this second phase of evolution we create and then destroy.  In the third phase of evolution we destroy, then create.  This offers a clean slate, like a fresh pallette to a painting.  Ruins represent age.  We are evolutionary beings tranforming from one age (earthly flesh, walkin) to a new age (heavenly virtues upon earthly rolling hills, talkin walkin or wakan tankan or holy beings).  Smoke unites the two worlds together.  This is why the pipe is so sacred for Native Americans because like clouds in the sky, the wind, offers us the unification of two worlds. Right now in time, we are a people who are like bombed out ruins, a flesh without a soul. Smoke arouses communication, like rings of smoke (rings on a tree, rings used for marrige, rings of the eternal circle of life).

Cy:  Then I heard a blood curdling scream to my right and ran over to see what it was.

cw:  Sound is heavenly which rides upon the waves of light, earthly (where the green grass grows).  To the right is where sound cries out to be born, where the sun rises, like when a new born child is born.  Mother endues pain and suffering, to offer a new birth, the dream of the unity. We always are eager to witness a new life emerge.

Cy:  I saw a child, a little girl of about 9 years old, sitting among the rubble.

cw:  A child emerges from the unity, where pain and suffering commenced previously. In the world there are nine numbers (zero is not a number) as there are nine directions. We arise from the ashes, like the phoenix bird, which is blessed from the fire's light.

For Your Fire, Pipe, Blessing Ceremony: The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.  

Cy:  I continued to approach her cautiously. She let out another scream then went silent.

cw:  Again she, a female represents our soul and heavenly law, the law of love.  Do we not as women scream and then to silence? Yes, this is our nature, when something is wrong or pain is known.  Silence is the embrace.  It allows us to reflect upon our souls and to offer us guidance.  As the moon journeys across the cycles of light and dark, reproducing our reflection of the birthing process, it reminds us of the to and fro between the realms of heaven and earth.  This zig zag movement is the embrace of stars by the snake, the very law of love, that we all abide by.

Cy:  She just sat there still, then shivered and commenced to bang her head on a piece of concrete wall that was still left standing close to where she sat.

cw:  You know I brought a child back from another country.  The child left the only family it knew to be with a new family.  Here there was no control over the situation from the child.  The only thing left in this inner torture was to inflict outer pain also.  And all I could offer was the embrace, the law of love.  Shivering happens to generate heat, a type of inner fire and cleansing.  A fire pops and crackles, which tends to be very violent.  This is the cleansing process. Light represents the flesh, the waves of light we call the Rainbow Colors.  The song of our soul journeys (we gain wisdom) across the waves frequencies, we call intelligence, the concrete (solid, density, weight, grounded) wall standing left. 

Cy:  This was where I noticed there was a lot of blood everywhere where the child sat.

cw:  Blood is new life, a vehicle for a soul to be impregnated. A child, a dream is born.

Cy:  I knew she had been mortally wounded with all the blood everywhere. When I go up closer I saw what it was that held her where she sat.

cw:  To be born again, we must die in the flesh.  Again and again people are dying, only to have their hearts beat again.  In our evolutionary changes, we are learning the confines of our flesh does not mean death, but rebirth of our souls offering a new way of living.  The blue road, heavens numinous flowing crosses the red road, earths luminous flowing, to rise up to a new sun, the yellow path, the golden path of the united soul and flesh.  The walkin talkin or wakan tankan, the holy spiritual being.  Blood is life, the red road, the law of love.

Cy:  There was a large wooden beam that had fallen across her legs pinning her there.

cw:  Wood is the law of love that binds the tree of life, like the clouds unite Mother Earth and Father Sky or smoke unites the winds to the rolling hills.  Each example shows how unity is the law of love, the red road, the purification of fire and the rebirth of our blood. A beam is usually with four sides. The banks of the river carry waters flowing (three dark heavenly realms) and light is the sky of earth (one light earthly realm) reflection.  Also, the sacred four directions and ages of time in evolution, often called the four legs of the buffalo. One more thing, it is the Green person (we carry this overlay in your rainbow colors) who is the true spiritual leader, because green is where the fourth color rises to embrace the oneness of God, where the green grass grows. Green is the reflective crystal, the vision into the darkness of Oneness, offering the embrace to all spiritually.

Now if law of love (wood) and the four directions (beam) have fallen (descending from heaven, through prayer, the sacred rainbow bends and bows with humility) across (journey, the dream) her legs (where we stand up for the law of love), then she (heavenly virtues of the to and fro) must stay, and never depart from the ones who need her.  Only when one departs with love upon their hearts, is when one is free. Leaving in anger has broken the law.  This is what we fight for, the unification of two broken hearts.  We fight for love. Demand the hug, mend the heart, offer the embrace, through suffering, screaming and pain, the the law of love carried through (true freedom of unified hearts, wherever one may go).

Cy:  All I could do was close my eyes and pray for the child then when I came to I was lying in bed next to Paula. I wrapped my arm around her and wept.

cw:  I recently had a vision where I was crying and woke up.  Holiness David was near me, he put his arms around me.  You too had someone to embrace, where the law of love, was the unification of suffering hearts. And after our tears fed the waters of eternal flowing of knowing (soul), the blue of you and me (you have blue overlay), the relative who sets us free, we feel better, where the circle of life continues onwards.

Cy:  The memory of that vision is still with me quite vivid in my thoughts, my heart bleeds for this child like she had been my own.

cw:  To feel is the greatest expression of the heart, the world of reflection (heavens numinous flowing river between the bright luminous stars), where love is known.  Now heaven, our souls, are coming home to us, our eternal life, from one light to the next as we journey forever.

Cy:  If you would prefer to share over the phone please send me an email and let me know. I just thought that this particular vision would be better told in writing so none or any of the parts of it be missing.
Love, Cynthia

cw: You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching.  I am the interpreter, you are the teacher.  Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors

Come let's dance and have some cheer, a new child that was bound with fear, has found joy to find her way, the child was born, the sky is gray (grandmother space where dreams are alive).  We have found a brand new way, to overcome and shed our ways.  We are going home again, triumph has longed to overcome fear!  Blessed bee (impossible flight of our dreams) the day that comes, when the dream finds us to long, where paradise shows us the way, from sorrow to a brand new day!

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Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

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