The House of the Beloved Stands, the Star is Born to Lead Us into the Golden Land! Have to rock to and fro because the tree needs to grow. Come dance and sing with me .... for liberty!

Just singing in the wind. Just singing in the wind! What a wonderful feeling, I'm grinning again! I'm happy to bee hear, to listen to your fears, then dancing and singing will relieve our tears. Come let's sing in the wind. Feel merry again. It's a heart, that looks out for the wondrous things. Because you are here, feeling no more fear, as you send your song to the wind. Just singing in the wind!

"If Love is What a Mother gives, She Scolds You Till You Choose the Above (Heavens Law), the Love of Uniting Two Broken Hearts, That's What a Mother Does", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand.

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born (Morning Star), the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (soul and flesh). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun, have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Soul and the Flesh, the Sound and the Light, the Green and the Crystal Show All is Alright When Razor Parrot and Calf Woman Sings!

The key to the oldest civilization in Peru, the sacred ceremonies where held here.  In the world, it's where the largest structures contained, the Mother Civilization, where prosperity lived for thousands of years, with peace.  The key was love and harmony, where abundance was for all. There were no defense structures needed, only peaceful living.

From    Francisco Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine, our Birds that Fly Away 
date    Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),

Today I was able to read some of the messages you share with the community, and I just could feel so much love, wisdom and clarity about all things in this existence. I really appreciate your existence, the existence of this community. It unifies all aspects of life. My heart dances with the perfection of everyone in the community as they express their unique perfection in every word and energy they share. Thank you very much for your participation in this existence.
It is marvelous for me to feel and perceive how much love flows from the wisdom you share with people, my beloved Twin Deer Mother. I can see the perfection of all of you and me (The community) in this existence and my heart rejoices when I see you sharing your unique gifts of Gods (light/darkness). My heart shines and emanates more joy by just feeling all of you. I feel it deeply. Thank you.

May your heart flow with much love every moment
Francisco (Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine, our Birds that Fly Away)

ps: Twin Deer Mother, Do I use my heavenly name in the community?
Would you share with me a little bit more of your wisdom-love about my colors? Thank you.

"May Mother Earth and Father Sky fill your Heart with much Love"                "Hay cielos sobre cielos esperando aun ser encontrados"            "To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.-Confucius”

Beloved Francisco Razor Parrot,
Have been thinking about you too, Francisco which means the Frenchman or free one, the free man. My heritage is French, which God offered me the freedom to know, the bold, or revolution to our evolution, the bleu (freedom loving relative) and the blue (relative).  We know freedom when we use the sacred fire to purify our lives.

Thank you always for your kind words.  Yes, by all means share your Heavenly (mission) name, Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine (soul), our Birds that Fly Away (flesh) (and earthly tools to accomplish your mission, called the Buffalo house, sacred four directions, your garment of Rainbow Colors) with our hoop. Your rainbow colors are green (spirit leader, the green in all of nature, the house of God), blue (to and fro, relative, the blue of you and me), aqua (flesh leader), gray (grandmother space, we all carry upon earthly realm). My (white buffalo calf woman) rainbow colors are crystal (iyeshka-interpreter, truth), yellow (dream), green (spirit leader), gray (grandmother space).

Now, Razor is sharp.  It cuts quickly to the chase, of those who do not know their way.  You have the ability to sever ignorance, faster than anyone of us.  You are the green person, a soul elder.  This means, you can act with wisdom.  I know that this second (seed) phase of evolution, many have not recognized you, because your color green is feminine, the sister, who embraces the Oneness, and as such, female and heaven, has not been recognized in all of us.  You are the spiritual leader of heaven, brought to earth.  We enter the next third (dream) phase of evolution in three short years. And I realize you are young of age, however, if you start to trust your soul, then you will find your way perfectly. Being female soul and male flesh, offers you balance. I too carry male soul, eldest brother, and female flesh, and balanced.  The female in you knows, what to do, the male in you, as flesh, directs the job here upon earth.  In reality, you are much more balanced than I am, because you vibrate naturally with the cosmos.  I am the reflection of it.  That's funny, because I am the crystal person, which is the truth of the cosmos.  And you are the reflective crystal, the reflection of the cosmos.  We are quite opposite, yet complimentary parts to the whole.  It is the green person, who must embrace us spiritually, even when they don't deserve to be embraced, and much more difficult, to accomplish this task.  I must wait as a crystal person (receive), you must (give) as the green person.

When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (most people do this).  But if you trust your soul, you always know, the way (walking homeward).  We need the spiritual leader of the world, to lead us homeward, and that would be you.  Trust your knowing, as you can always know, when others are speaking truth and cut to the heart of things, without any doubt.  Trust this. And the more you learn to do this, the better we all are in the Oneness of God.  You also, are belonging to the House of the Snake, that Climbs.  This means, you are the LAW, of LOVE.  The snake is completely in charge of all things, LAWful.  You know, I wear a crown of snakes (earthly).  It is my greatest honor.  My job is to be the Akicita (Messenger and Reader of the Book of Life, the Marshal who considers all matters of the band including customs, holding nine sacred ceremonies in hand).  Your job is to make this a reality.  To bring it to the people.  I am the soul child from heaven.  But you are the soul elder from heaven, which means, your words carry weight and wisdom, knowing how to say, it so the people will understand.  Few understand me, but all will understand you.  What I have noticed, is when elder souls speak, they use few words, and with power.  I run on and on, with so many words.  People can get lost, when I speak, but when you speak, they simply understand you perfectly.  This is the power of a soul elder, who knows the law of love, the Red Road.

Your family is from this house (House of the Snake, that Climbs). You are from a family who practice law of love, morality.  This is what offers us the flight of freedom with our souls. Your tools of light, earthly name, says, Birds that Fly Away, telling us, that we flock together, as a gathering and tribe.  This is what we all are learning to do.  When one is able to fly with the soul, we are free, from hatred, pride and so many other ways, that lock us and offer bondage.  It's the purification actions and ceremonies, daily and hourly, that provide us freedom.  You are here, to ensure, that we all learn these ways, to walk home, towards our soul, within, by embracing us as we fumble and fall, while you pick us up again. We try, try again, to find our way homewards to our soul, the eternal knowing and growing.  Freedom allows us to know joy in our lives.  The House of the Snake that Climbs, knows that law of love, will offer us evolution, with our souls, which descend and evolution to our flesh, which ascends. To walk and talk the way, is not easy, and this is what we fight for, to know unification, to be a light from within, the rising sun, the living dream of the impossible flight.

The Parrot, squawks and repeats.  This allows you to voice, what others are not able to speak.  Talking loudly ensures others hear us.  Repeating ensures, they understand.  Trust when you do these things, because it's your soul, that knows the way.  In many sacred song blessings, we repeat over and over, the same words, like a chorus in a song.  This helps us remember, to repeat.  This is very good for our hearts.  And mantras are repeated over and over, to create rhythm, the sacred beat to our heart, the drum that sings the song of heaven.

Clings to the Vine, is the action of belonging.  The vine is swirling, like evolution's calling.  And as we descend, we become wiser and start to understand instinct, trusting our inner wisdom, like animals, plants and rocks, these being more elder souls, to us humans. As we descend, we learn to be more forgiving, understanding, that the world, must forgive in order to understand our journey.  We are here to be the "I am", the experience.  It's a struggle of the soul and the flesh, to join together, and this struggle is what offers us our tears of pain and joy, and without, this part of existence, we would not have life.  It is most perfect.  Hawk Feathers (Leonard Peltier), asked a perfectly wonderful question last week, and I will share a bit with you.  He asked, "How do we fly".

Part of the conversation between Hawk Feathers (hf), White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw), Holiness David (hd)(we meet regularly via the wind, a spiritual meeting to share together and learn) and the Great Spirits Mother and Father.

hf:  yes, that's right.  I was wondering how you get to me, via the spirit world.

cw:  Really, that's your question.  How do you fly in the wind?  You just do.  We ride the waves and it's light waves.  The soul travels over the waves.  We are souls, which ride the waves.  The soul is the darkness of our lives, or the heaven.  And the flesh is the lightness of our lives, or our earth.  To unite soul with flesh, well that's the rising sun, the yellow way. The soul journeys the blue road, the waters of our lives, tears, creeks, pools, storms, clouds, smoke, wind, rivers, seas, oceans, atmosphere. The flesh journeys on the red road, the soil, the rocks, with animals, plants, what we see everyday.  We can see, because we have two eyes.  We can fly because we have one eye, called the third eye.  Let me explain further, the flight is really not the way we fly, but we have vision to fly with the third eye.  The flight is really our breath.  Every time we breathe, we move the butterfly, bones in the center of the head, up and down.  We take flight with our souls, and journey on the rolling hills or waves of light.  Light travels 186, 000 miles per second.

Holiness David just joined us and is drumming.

hf: alright, continue

cw:  if light travels 186, 000 miles per second, we can move at least this fast with our souls, however, we can move faster with sound even if statistics say, we move 700 miles per hour, a mile per second. Okay, we need to think about this.  There is a reflection we must deal with.  We on earth reflect heavenly reality.  This our souls journey.  WE on earth are this reflection, like looking into a pool, to see our selves.  It's not the truth, but reflecting the truth.  The song is the heavenly journey.  It's motion is opposite of the light.  And the sound is opposite of the light.  Okay, this is all confusing.  So let me keep it simple for you.  And I will ask to the heavenly ones, who can help, one moment please.

cw asking heaven: Is sound faster than light?

heaven answers great mother and father stand together to speak: Oh much faster, but the motion of sound, is slower.  When it moves over the light, it is dragging, this conflict creates a tension, like the top of water, has tension.  That is how we have separation or a barrier.

hd. We have a rule of thumb, when you see a lightning strike, you count number of seconds, until you hear the boom, and that's the number of miles, so 2 seconds is 2 miles from the position of the lightning strike to your position.

cw:  holiness David, what made you say this, and how does it relate to our question, is sound faster than light? I have repeated my question three times, yet he cannot answer.

hd:  I made a statement, I did not listen to what is going on.  Gave a comparison.

cw:  validate holiness David, you have no right, to talk without others, you shall be part of the conversation, together, not alone over there by yourself.  If you want a statement, just say, I am making a statement.  If someone asks you a question, validate the question, you can only answer a question if you know the question.  don't act like you are dum, when you are far from being dum (lacking the power of speech, mute, unwilling to talk, reticent from fear, grief, etc; producing no sound, frozen in space or lack of motion).  validate, this is the way to communicate.  know what others are saying to you. (speaking from your podium rather than validating is not true communication.)

hd:  I am going to do a blessing, and I will be right back. (his perfection, as Holiness Running Eagle)

cw:  so there you have it, relatives, he uses the blessing to bring himself home.  he gets lost so easily (lavender earthly crown), because he becomes others.  Hawk Feathers, this is your problem, you become others (we all do, it blows in the wind), you need to bless more frequently, and sing to others (crystal overlay).  Validate them, does not take blame, only validation bring two hearts together.  Holiness must bless when conflict arises, but you are the violet who must teach, show others the way it's done.  Validation is the tool of accomplishing this.  Say exactly what others need to be heard.  You said, "//////". And that's it.  Not right, not wrong, but validate (listening to the heart of another).

hf:  boy, it's pretty hard, they speak pretty bad language in here (prison, falsely incarcerated).  and I don't want to agree with them when they are wrong.  validate, speak their words, okay, I will try.  Bless more too, I can see that this is the way.

cw:   Great Spirits, please excuse us, little children.  Would you please continue speaking about the tension of sound and light.

heaven answers Great Mother and Father (leaders of dark, heaven, female, soul and light, earth, male, flesh) stand together to speak: The right half of the world is upside down.  The left half of the world is right side up.  When we go in two directions, we tend to cause friction. This creates a drag, a pulling of teeth, or when we need to uplift, there is pressure on the other side.  When sound is free in the heavens, it's speed is light (like) no other.  But when we use sound on the earthly field, we tend to be dragging, like a oxen plow the earth.  There is much endurance and pressure, so the sound moves much slower.  This is the problem, but when the soul is flying free, in the stars of heaven it moves freely and the song is sung, like lightning fast, where it's not even seen.  The speed is beyond earthly comprehension. However, light is a vehicle, for the soul to unite with the flesh, and  it's rate of speed is pretty fast.  And we tend to travel over rolling hills, upon the earth.  This is what makes your lives seem so slow.  Because reality is, the speed is beyond your comprehension.  We offer the phase of distance, to create a binding effect.  Like weaving a yarn, or rope.  It take a while for us to create the rope, to use.  The strands, then are taken to weave a blanket.  This whole process, takes awhile, to create a space.  This is the motion you endure, and conceive.  We plant you in this evolutionary, time warp, as we could say, for you to experience time travel.  over the rolling hills, is the soul our song, on top of the lights waves.  The soul is drug around, like heavy plows, which grip the earth, to experience the whole struggle.  This is the greatness of our lives.

hf:  Wow, that was incredible, thank you Great Spirits, I do adore you for all you bring to us.  It's not easy to understand sound and light.  Our souls ride upon the waves of light, with our souls, pulling us down.  the tension is astounding. And we learn.  What a great day this is.

cw.  okay, validate, sound speed and light speed.  where there is tension and struggle, like the seed that blossoms.  My question is, when we collide, how will the soul travel.  Will it be more free (soul), to move faster, than it does now.

heaven answers Great Mother and Father stand together to speak: Yes, child.  There will be less tension, less struggle, however, there shall be still separation, because until unity can come, there will be no validation of other entities.  It is very important to validate.  This is the only way, to incorporate other beings.  We need you as soul elders of the world, my children, to walk upon the rolling hills unified as one soul with flesh, to teach others the way, of the shining rising sun.  The star, will not bee born, until the last phase of evolution, but dreams will begin to sprout wings, to search for places to grow.  It is the experience, of a child who learns to fly in the wind.

hf: hawk feathers who flies in the wind:  yes, this is my answer. I can sea this now. Thank you Great Spirits, thank you Holiness David, thank you Calf Woman, for bringing to me, the gathering of this sea.  My love and devotion is going out to thee.  There is much to learn on the rolling hills.  I wish to know the way, to many shores, and it's the path, we choose, to accept, to learn, the course.  I have been so blind.  I know I can fly.  But to understand, is not always easy.  yes, my soul, knows, I just seem to know how to fly, in the wind.  But don't really understand, how I do it. thank you for showing me, and sharing with me, all of you.

cw:  How do you fly in the wind?  is the question.  We need to always ask, to know the way.  It seems so easy for me, I just trust, not thinking how I do it. (tears), but I can see, the elders of the dark ones, must understand, what we simply take for granted.  Thank you Hawk Feathers for what you ask, because we learned about tension and struggle in the soil, in the two paths, that are taken together, as one.  Soon our dreams will come true, but to fly, to know the way of the dream is not so easy, for so many.  My family everywhere don't seem to trust the air, but always must take for granted, what is there.  The soul, that speaks, to know the way.  To know of perfection every day.  We must be part of this world we play, and such a short time, we do repay, the many gifts we receive each day.  My glory that I give away.  I pray, for all that they will find their souls, to know it's struggle that is the Gold, but now it's near, the cleansing source, how will they know the course.  The soul, will be set free, for so many who will fear, my children of heaven, my beloved deers. (tears)

End of Part of the conversation between Hawk Feathers (hf), White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw), Holiness David (hd) and the Great Spirits Mother and Father.

Clings to the Vine, is the action of belonging.  And as you can sea, we the whole struggle is heavenly souls that greet and meet our earthly flesh.  And to unite ourselves makes our dreams come true.  This is the magical era of the third phase of evolution.  We wait eternally for this phase in time, because we have our soul and our flesh, working together.  We are entering the greatest times of our lives.  And we get to walk home, together right now, or three short years.  We just have to get through, these colliding and folding years, we are entering these most difficult three years. The great tale begins, and we got the Tiger by the Tail (the year of the sky and clouds, aqua, the leader of the world of flesh). And it will take the daily rituals of fire cleansing and hourly blessings to get us home safely.  Now back to the Vine is the rope or the strands of light that bind us together as spoken above in our conversation with Hawk Feathers.  The Vine carries leaves, each representing a part of the whole, or a spiritual being, our relatives.  When our relatives are with us, along the fabric of space, we are related to one another.  This is the glory.  We cling to the Vine, to be part of this Oneness.  And when we each take our place, we work harmoniously, with the whole, contributing to bring us homeward.  The Vine always wraps itself around others, as the true embrace of heavenly virtues, "this is the way".  Yellow is the dream, and it's the golden path to paradise, heaven upon earth, where we begin the impossible flight, the journey of the bee (it is impossible for a bee to fly, but it does, just like we do).

Your rainbow colors green and blue, speak to us, about the fountain, that flows upwards, the swelling heart, that cannot be stopped, like a geyser or a tsunami.  It will move, regardless of what is brought to it.  You know, there is a woman, who has aqua, green, blue, gray, who thinks she is White Buffalo Calf Woman, and I can see why she might think this, however if she took her true place, as flesh leader, she would know, that her role is vital in the Oneness of God. Her swelling heart, feels so much love, like yours. And as the aqua, everyone follows her, knowing she knows the way.  Unfortunately, she is lost, because she follows her flesh, rather than her soul.  When we follow our soul, we are eternal knowing.  But if we follow our flesh, we are as old as our bodies physically are.  This is not old, comparatively speaking to eternity.  Now there are flesh elders (those who are in the light), who tend to know which way to go, by using loving actions, especially those of heavenly souls (youngest souls in the earthly realm), as they are children.  You are the elder, which lies in the darkness below, the dark blues and greens of the ocean breezes. The blue and green represents the well of life, like the oceans of tropical paradise.  This is a constant at the water hole, that is within.  All that is necessary to continue life is the purest waters flowing from our lives, just like our Great Spirit Mother provides for her children, deep within the caverns.  Happiness and harmony is needed to open up to our creative selves. The unconscious (soul-blue-receiving) informing the conscious (flesh-red-giving) mind of unknown aspects provides us all the spiritual awakening.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings "When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven, with a Soul).  Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within).  If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Remember, we are from heaven, and only on one journey of many (descending).  Trust the eternal soul, for we grow and grow, to know the way to our souls, the divine is not blind, but the eyes can be so.  Sow plant the seeds, and trust yourself, that you know the way, if you remember to pray, love will show you the way. Start embracing your self's worth, as Greatness that you are."

You are the green and blue, which is the eldest part of you.  This offers, you the swelling loving heart, and you carry the aqua overlay, which others see first and recognize in you.  This offers you, much ability, to give to others.  When the green and blue fold inside the mathematical perfection, there is the halls of the center of the world.  The magenta person experiences this.  Here the to and fro, over the horizon we do go, is where the snake coils, to show the way with love.  The embrace is the darkness around the stars in heaven, like us.  We are the stars that shine, and it's the heavenly embrace, where the bright lights do glow, that know the halls of space and time.  With so many lights, to embrace, it's reflection can bee very bright, and it can be difficult to sea truth, but if you trust your soul, knows which way to go, then you will act from the darkness, your heaven, and find your way. As a male, you must remember to cut off your head (using intelligence), and follow your heart (using wisdom).  And being from the House of the Snake, that Climbs, it is imperative, that the embrace and law of love be followed, to guide others along the right path, the united path, where the rising sun, does shine brightly like the star.

The Aqua person has the power, to get those of the world of flesh, to follow them, as the great stream.  I am the crystal person, which is the door into heaven or earth. It is those, who follow the laws of love, who follow me.  And there are not too many who know the way into this crystalline door. It is important, that you speak up, as the Razor Parrot, to show and guide them, where I can only speak truth.  You recognize my wisdom, from my soul, but I recognize your wisdom from your soul.  And when we become relatives, we hold and heal the world together, so they may find their way.  And we are looking for relatives, who will take their place.  With so many following their flesh, they lose their address, and don't know which way to go. We pray for them, but your words, carry great weight, and can sever ignorance, with great thrift, and make (force) the oneness to flow with the tsunami, the swelling heart. Few have this power, like you.  Holiness David Running Eagle has this power.  He too has the aqua overlay, on the outside, to guide others home to the stream.  And you have this power.  And I depend on you, to make your voice known.  Speak up, my relative, for we have so little time.  And don't think, your young years, will keep you down.  But rather think, that your young years are knowing fearlessness, the youth, that knows the way.  As the child, we are free, to bee, the impossible dream, come true.

Third Overlay Aqua, Sky and it's Clouds. Cup of God offers this inspiration:
Aqua is the leader of men. Because in the perfection they are the beginning of linear space, to get here they are irrational. This optimistic irrational behavior leads to accomplishing great things. This is the pattern of the skill base. Scheduling the day, you forget to eat, go to the bathroom etc., the processes of daily living. So you try to achieve the magical 48 hr day! So instead, you tend to leave the most important things undone, loving the self and the significant ones around you. They wonder, "How do we pin her down? Just to have dinner with you. (my significant has this aqua overlay. I have to directly tell him to sit in a chair and rest for a certain period of time. He does not consider the rest of his source.) All of this irrational ism gets things done. This is what makes the Aqua the leader of men, because she gives more than others to the accomplishments in the world. Since she is out in front, others follow her from Earth.

One of the most difficulties is the Aqua person forget to validate and keep agreements, because usually others will just follow. This behavior does not follow the laws of love very well. She (eldest daughter in the house of God) forgets. Because she is trying to negotiate journeys or experiences, she must remember that all she does is for the entire collection (relations). Individual agreements keep the heart warm. We stay attached to Mothers heart this way. Keep your agreements for we need you!

Relief: validate all your communication so that others are being heard rather than forced to follow you. Validate everything, from the simplest comments to the intense emotional states. This will increase your popularity with yourself and others. Keep all your agreements and if you cannot keep them, do not forget to call ahead to renegotiate the next agreement. One of the things you do, is your mind is already on the next topic and we have not even heard the first topic yet. So please wait up for the rest of us when we communicate with each other. We (those of Earth) will still follow you.

Remedy: Meditate daily: Here the serpent releases the kundalini to initiate life source. When the serpent flies the wisdom is liberated. You become the ray of manifestation, the unfolding flower.

The Sky Speaks: To the wise we shall claim our prize.  We shall claim what we have always searched for.  It is the greatest journey we could have known.  I am so glad hearted that keeps me alive.  It is the snowy alps that keeps the light glowing.  It is the path of the green grass tells us a story.  Keep the seeds of birth in the fields and valleys.  Keep the highest peaks, that see the ever distance.  We find a home where the green grass roams.

Second Overlay Blue: Lisping Wise One offers wisdom for the blue, the deep dark oceans of me and you, where light begins it's journey to know, the reflection of all of God's glow.
Don't you know, it is the blue (circle of the great ocean), the blue (kin) of me the blue (relation) of you.  It's the well of every hope, the place inside of me.  Can't you sing with me, can't you raise your voices high.  Can't you breath the beauty in. Can't you take most everything.  Its the love that keeps us ground (upon mother's bosom and her heart, as our feet touch her everyday), its the beauty of the sun.  For I tell you one and all, I have come all this way.  With the devil on my back, I tell you please remember me.  I want to follow the red road home, cause I know it's only love.   It's my love who rides with me.  Its my hope that upon my back.  Its my dream of everyday, its' the way of every bleu (revolutionary).  So I tell you deer (journey of the light migration), follow me.  I tell you deer, won't you say.  Say Hello to you and me.  To everyday and every way.

Can't you see I know the blue.  It's the love of me and you.  It's the hope of everyday, the blue of you the bleu (revolutionist) of me.  Can't I fight you every way, do I have to stand the ground, can't you choose love instead, do I always know the ground.  It's the way of the red road, it's the way of the way home.  Its the hope of every dream, I tell you please let all us sing.  Raise you voices high today.  Raise your voices for always.  Speak your heart and speak your pain, let the rush forever reign.  Keep it tight within me please, keep it loose without too.  Keep it smooth along the way, for I am here to show the way.  For ever is my love.  Forever I have to say..  I am here to play the game,  so why don't you stay and play with me.

Green Inner Light, the eldest color:  We are all "Sacred Four Directions of your Garment of Lights" called the buffalo with it's four ages, or sides of the holy house of God, our hides or flesh body.  And this is why we are called the Rainbow Clan.  Each of us have these various colors of lights surrounding us. These four directions give us a house.  The Green person represents the fourth position, the breath.  Here the four walls of a house (embrace of the flowing river), which allows us to breath (wind). By the way, many call the breath, the merkaba or our vehicle of life.  This is why the breath is so very important in our lives.  It contains the rhythm to our house or four sacred directions.  The house holds fast and still, like our skin which holds us together, but the breath moves undulating along a path or channel.  This channel is what receives information.  We all have this access to God, the crystalline stone river.  All we must do is enter the "vision quest" and becoming the seeker.  But many do not understand that this heartbeat motion or dream is the "soul action"  or "receiving from another" and the body motion is "physical action" or "gifting to another".  The soul receives the current, the body does something with the receiving information, whether it be love or hate or even what kind of foods will you have today.

Every action we take in life is governed by our very auric bodies our sacred garments of light (buffalo hide, with the sacred robe).  We turn this or that way or that because we vibrate similarly with another relationship or related object.  This light which governs our lives is what makes us all perfect, just like a flower turns its face to greet the sunshine.  And how we deal with these conflicts of light is how we will solve our issues all around us.  Do we act kindly to others or do we blame them for what we are misgiven?  Do we even remember the actions against you or do you only remember the hatred?  If we feel pain over something, it is because we have felt we have received an injustice.  This feeling is what is needed to be addressed, always.  We must learn to speak from the heart. When we deal with heart issues, we validate the feelings and we solve problems.  We learn about each other and start to listen to the stories of age old time. It's important then, to realize that the embrace must find, not only the good out there, but even the bad. For they too are part of us, they just need to have the blessed. You'd be surprised to find, so many fear the blessings that come.

As the embrace of the flowing river, as the green person, you offer the wisdom of this knowledge.  You have the ability, to see into the darkness, to know when others speak truth or not.  However, you may not be able to read directly, like a crystal person like me, however you are able to perceive, when it's not right, or more knowing of what is false, rather than what is truth.  Knowing and having the ability to recognize falsity, offers you the wisdom to sever, hatred, lies and deceptions. As the Razor Parrot and the House of Snakes, you can recognize untruths when they flow out from people.  We (the rest of us) are not able to recognize deceptions, but you have this power.  This offers you wisdom, so others are not able to trick or fool you. This is what makes you the spirit leader, because you embrace those who are oneness, regardless of right or wrong, and others cannot deceive you.  In other words, you lead their spirit, because you cannot be fooled into acting incorrectly (like I can, as a child).

Barbara of the Golden Brotherhood speaks: Green is the cover of the storm and it's trouble, the unrecognized place where the river of life does flow.  I want my separation to be discovered to bring them together, as one heart, one flowing one time.  And if we recognize the hearts that need loving then, we could be the warriors who long for paradise each and every day. The days of the oven has come to cook (the sacred blessings, purification by fire, like candles and incense or the fire lit sky that is prophesied-meteors) our loving, to be a bright shining light that purifies the ways.  We each need God's willing to be the heart of nilly (not to will, but to be flowing) the place where forgiveness is the past (to put under as forgiveness has already taken place and joy has been discovered).  We each have our part, the sacred start, the golden dawning of time, the open portals where rivers do flow.  And there is one knowing the place where all men flow, the heart and one mind of God.

Kicks the Dog When He is Down offers this for the Green, as this is the place of the green grass fields where flowers grow, and all does know, the heart lingers to feel the show:
My whispers say to you, almost everyday. My wings fly to you, almost every way.  Ours is the two (twin stars before the birth) and three (birth of the dream) of me.  We are enemies who find our way free.  So come home my foe, come and join Galilee (the promise land, where fields of flowers grow, and rainbows purify the know, the bridge to heaven and shore, of life on the big blue ball, the to and fro, where relatives glow).  Come home my friend and join my hand.  We are in love you know, which other way can we flow?  It is the song from upon high, the dance of eternity. It is a song.  It is a dream.  It is within me and you.  The blue (kinships of the family) of the song.  We sing high and loud.  We sing freedom ring.  We sing wedding bells (heaven and earth are joining within and without us all).

Forever the ding. (the sound of freedom within, who choose love)  Forever we earn. (respect and love is the lessons of our journey often called the karma, our heavenly treasures.)  Forever we fly. ( the soul learns to fly with God, the flowing stream of the blue, the kinships we form along our journey in evolution, the family of God) Forever we are here. (to experience life we must be here, here is the stable place, the embrace of the green) The green makes what was separate as One.  It is the reflective crystal within, knowing the house of God.  Forever we are near. (the counsels we journey with, great ones, protectors, angels, animal guardian spirits all contribute to your successful journey.)  I dream with you! (this means that we all journey together in our dreams, we call this grandmother space, the darkness within.  This is the place we flow together in this place.)

"The Law of Virtue and Its Way (the Tao te Ching), We Walk Homeward". Teach them to fly in the wind, and release their pain, and forgive all they do and say, for they shall sow the seeds of yesterday.  The world needs you, to lead them to where the green grass grows, the place our hearts need sustenance, the place our hearts do grow.

Kingdom of the Wise One (green, blue, white, gray) speaks: Deep within I tell you, can you not see the magic of it all.  It is the wisdom of the ages.  The wisdom of the pure.  Wait you say, and I say, but I have to go.  And here I go again.  Do you not know it is the very way.  Repeating the story of the lasting days, I complete my journey almost every day.  It keeps reminding me, there is no other way, so I close my eyes and fly again, because they always say.  Treat me pure and true, then I know you. Keep the kindness flow, within the kingdoms door, keep the shining vision of every dream.  Keep the birds flying with every wing.  Does not the bird rest only to take a drink.  It is flying to be sure.  It is the windy, that keeps me afloat for the bear (bare, the star's love) of the mighty have come home to you.  We keep the wisdom you know that's true.  But if I can tell you it is the Blue.  Forever my darling, I know of you.  Keep heart of tomorrow, for I know it's you.  My dove, my parakeet, my parrot too, keep wings a flapping within the blue.  We are the mighty, we are the true.  Keep faith my darling, we are the blue.  Win wishes and fairy tales, you know the way.  Keep inside the truth of always.  I am the widow, who weaves the way.  Remember my darling I weave for you.  Remember my darling I live for you.  Remember my darling that I love you.......................We are going home.  He (light of the flesh) called, the kingdom of the wise one!

Thunder Walks speaks of the Green Soul:
Here we start to make some heart of love inside the house of God.  And we could be so majesty if we could choose love for thee, and inside the house of green grass does flow, the heart of me, the heart of know, and we could be so great for thee, when we choose to love all gods family.  There is a way to know the gate, the pure of heart, that's heaven sent, but inside of me, there is more than hate, there is the love of greatness free.  And I want to hold the heart of you, the embrace of love the sacred view, and green does speak of new homes for thee, the place of men, who know liberty.  So many don't want love at all, but I must embrace all who fall.  And if they knew how badly they stand upon rolling hills upon the land, but I still will offer the grace of god, and I will embrace thee, for it's the law, the law of love has come to me, and I will feel the sacred breeze.

Whispering Wind White Tail offers this for the Green Soul:
"So can the green one tell you true, my love for you is here to stay.  Won't you please my love, find a way.  Find a way so you can stay. Find a place within your heart, so I can swim inside your dreams.  We are One don't you say. We are loving ever way."
Illusion or Grid?

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder christal (crystal) person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors


Razor Parrot Who Clings to the Vine, Telling Us, How Far We Need to Run for Blessings in the Sun!

Sacred Song Blessings for Razor Parrot Who Clings to the Vine, telling us, how far we need to run!

There in my homeland, where the sky is blue, my heart grows fonder of this view.  I have to say, it's the green grass home, where all the suns, come running home.  I hold my head up for all to sea, but they don't really look at me. I await the days, when they know my name, "I'm the Green Grass home and I'm here to stay". 

Take my hand and follow me, where my heart will heal you into divinity.  There we shall wander upon the shores.  There my heart will follow yours.  Jump up and down, find liberty, the heart of a child, will glow and glee.  There my sins will be washed away, because I forgave all my foes yesterday.

I am going to where the Green Grass grows, where the blossoms grow and know.  Come won't you join me and have some fun, because we are already on the run.  Come and sit with me by the fire, tell me stories, that keep us wild (alive).  I know it's going to be a great big ride, over the rolling hills we do hide. Sow set sails with me, and roll away, over the horizon and glow away.  We shall set sail to know where Kingdoms lie, the place we call Paradise. 

Ho ho ho (this is the sound, that follows the low and longest wave, the Red Road, the law of love), we are on the nose (bow of the ship), the leading and breeding the place that grows.  Ho ho ho, we do know, the heart of the sailor who grows and flows.  There we are going for a great big ride, sailing seas, for the hello goodbye, but we will be back to have some real good fun, the heart always lingers and wants to run.  Ho ho ho, there we go, my heart says pitter patter (reigns and cleanses), the rainbow glows (sails).  I know you are the place I want to bee, because my love is going to be the ever glee.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!


Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine, our Birds that Fly Away Tells Us How Bright We Really Are!

Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine (soul), our Birds that Fly Away (flesh)Your rainbow colors are green (spirit leader, the green in all of nature, the house of God, embracing the stream), blue (to and fro, relative, the blue of you and me, feeling the stream), aqua (flesh leader, flowing stream), gray (grandmother space, we all carry upon earthly realm). 

Sacred Song Colors sing to the world.  It is the Green that shares the heart of the world, when all is flowing to the heart that is scared, but when we look out from our hearts, we open all the faith and let it out.  Ho, ho, ho (this is the sound, that follows the low and longest wave, the Red Road, the law of love), we didn't go, to the place we dreamed sow. Now we enter a brand new start, to create a new home, to let it all out.  There the richness of the land, grows the green grass higher than the land.  Upon the rolling hills we sway, to find the colors that lay like hay (abundance). WE are the magical place we reside, the heart of loving the hands of God.  WE can walk into the world, to speak of laying the heart of heard.

Here the Blue walks among you and me, our hearts sing glory to all the seas.  And what makes the song listen to all that cheer, when the spring, springs forth, to what was heard.  That's a roaring swell that we fear and run, our life is in danger and we need a little sun, but if we know it's the perfect heart, that rages forth, to give us a running start.  The greatest magic show we ever thought, is the reflection of light, that shines forth, our light.  I can say, we are the perfect part, of what makes us happy, if we only beleive our hearts.  and I will be here to hold your hands, just trust me brother and sister makes a stand.  It's heaven and earth, the place we adore, just trust in relatives with keys to the doors.

And then the sky (Aqua) we look above, the clear and magical clouds that roar.  It's thunder you say, and lightning we play, but unity is what we claim.  I say, the sky has much to speak, of loving tender rainbow's peaks.  And when we slide down memory lane, we open our hearts, to fill us up with pain, it's tears you mumble and tears you claim, but I say, I suffered to have so much gain.  And with this cleansing of the sacred pipe, I blow the smoke to rise up to chime, for the snake will wander and embrace the sky, but my heart will always know of humble pie.  And when we are finished making the eternal dance, I play the harp and listen to the music crowd.  It was so much fun, I just had to bust, my smiles turned to tears and I gushed out loud.  And that's what we are all supposed to do, with loving hearts, that's the clues.

Grandmother arms (Gray), oh how sweet she is, the place my dreams are filled with so much love.  And I am glorious to day and yesterday, that tomorrow must be joyous with so much play.  If only the others children could learn of this love. If only they could bless and forgive like they should.  If only they did dream of better days, then we could all go out to play, inside our dreams filled with glorious days.  Oh Grandmother, come take my hand, and I will feel your heart.  You gave so much of your space, the dreams we are a part.  And if only you could feel the way, you make us feel, the safety, in your arms, I could die in here.  You are the blessed heart, that makes me feel so safe, my dreams I holler, oh God what a place.  And when it's the end of my long living life, I am so proud to bee a grandchild, to Grandmother Time, the space that offered me the hands of God, the embrace of all that is spiritual, the place I gave my heart.

Razor Parrot Clings to the Vine (soul), our Birds that Fly Away (flesh),  the House of the Snake, that Climbs speaks of evolution to all who is blind, wake up, feel the heart, it lives inside, the place we wander, the place we hide.  Now it's time to go a sailing to another world, it's salvation to the paradise, the place we heard, it's going to be a miracle with all our relatives inside, the heart of all that music, the place we slide. Sow pick up your staff and plant a seed, then watch it grow into the heart of divinity, the tree of life, in children everywhere, the song of salvation, when love is used.  The song of wonder in all sacred strides, the walking talking part of the rising sun.

Rainbow colors sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays!  Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow).


"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Fire Purification
Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

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