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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Perspective of Evolution Between Shining Dove and White Buffalo Calf Woman

cw: Inline response from White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 8:53 AM (new lunar year's eve of the Tiger Year), Shining Dove wrote:

My Dearest Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),

Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  I have been busy, my energies spent elsewhere to heal wounds of the living and the dying.   

cw: Beloved Shining Dove,
That's what the blue does, goes out to meet the need of the clan (to and fro), and with Rainbow overlay (red robe, the law of love), bring the service to their Motherly needs. Again, you don't ask for blessings or any help from your relatives.  You are acting like you are alone in the world, and therefore you are.  Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open.
My favorite Gospel is the Bagavad Gita.  Krishna and Arjuna both reach an incredible understanding, even though we believe God knows all, he experiences everything through the flesh.  Living in linear time, in the fallen state, God does allow Arjuna to see the future, through those he is doing battle with, those who lack the necessary five senses to 'live' and 'see' on the physical plane of this waking state we call Reality.  Krishna appears as the destroyer of time, which destroys all things. 

cw: I can understand your point of view, however it isn't truth.  Krishna is a crystal person, who seas truth of the soul.  Arguna is the indigo person, who sees truth of the flesh.  The fallen state of prayer, alleviates all the pain.  And the fallen state of heaven allows us to migrate to the kingdom of paradise, where Angels sing. Time is linear to Arguna, as an Indigo person, as he lives on the realm of light (earth-flesh).  Time is only motion, the to and fro, the soul's action, as he consumes all time and knowledge (heaven-soul). Arjuna is an Indigo, the Great Prophet.  Krishna is the crystal person, the Great Peace. Truth is the the darkness of heaven.  And waking state you refer to as Reality is reflection of heaven, the light of earth.  Krishna does not destroy, but says, allow. Evolution destroys time, as we spiral in space, the wheels do turn in Grandmother Space, the palace of our Dreams.
While Oppenheimer stood upon the sandy landscape of Alamogordo NM he held the Bagavad Gita in his hands. 
cw: Only knowing the world of lights, the flesh, and not understanding the soul at all.  Krishna was also a man, with a soul of a man, which made him very manly.  Men or light is on a mission.  This mission lived in the world of earth or light in the second phase of evolution.  White Buffalo Calf Woman, myself, the dream of the world is a woman, the united flesh and soul.  Crystal people in the second phase of evolution were men, to stay on the mission and on track.  This is what the Bagavad Gita does, pretty much denies the soul, because there is a total loss (death).  We claim on the flesh. It was the only way, because heaven and earth was separated.  And this separation, kept us from seaing (vision of the heart) the real truth, and no matter how much denial of the flesh you take, you cannot know heaven, without the flesh, the holy temple of the soul.

cw:  Men like Oppenheimer had a mission and thus denial of the flesh gave them strength to escape the world of lights (through use of spiritual books, clung to their chests), to hide in the world of their darkness (their heaven, those who hide from themselves), into the souls (darkness, impure of those not blessed or even those who are blessed.  Heavenly virtues of sacredness as of revelation that talks about the great cleansing, the law of love had not yet entered and was not of this time), the heavenly inwards of the heart. What they clung to is the virtues of their flesh, as evolution was in it's second phase, where the realm of light, was our world.  They sought refuge, from their selves (within), but had to follow the world of earthly behaviors.  This was the time of learning (creation and destruction, the second phase of evolution vs. destruction and creation, the third phase of evolution we enter soon).

The Scientists, there were 90 of them, came to this point in place and time to release the light within the atom.  They feared they would begin a cataclysm that could destroy the whole earth.  They came to test a nuclear warhead. 

cw: Look 90, the nine sacred directions and zero, the flowing. Again, light of the atom.  This reminds me of the Mayans, who studied the heavens, by looking at the light of the stars.  They completely missed the heavens, the dark space, that held the light, the sacred embrace, that hid spirits, who looked for a retreat. Again, fear, is not a heavenly virtue, but a act of light, who do not understand heavenly ways as we peer into heaven through a reflecting pool.  Light, light and more light, the second phase of evolution, guides their ways.
And if you understand prophecy, In the book of revelation, these men fearful of their actions held harps of God in their hands and sang the song of Moses (sure destruction) and the song of God (Bagavad Gita) 

cw: The book of revelation speaks of the cleansing of heavenly virtues.  The waters that go to and fro.  They held no harps, sang no songs, they instead held fear in their hearts, the action of the light, ignorance with a plight, shame in what they do, not love, for what they do.  Moses did not destroy, he was a messenger of destruction of the impure heart.  The destruction was heavenly virtue of cleansing.  These men has no heavenly virtues to cleanse the impure hearts.  They had fear of what they might do.  They held no delight, in righteousness.  Again, their is no song in the Bagavad Gita, except what man calls music.  When we sing the heavenly ways, we do not practice over and over.  We speak it as if we are talking to one another.  Bhagavad Gita repeats over and over.  The heavenly songs are once, like the many sacred song blessings you listen to, if you do. This is heavenly music, the song of man's souls.  Each person, who sings, is the teacher.  Bhagavad Gita (crystal person) is not the teacher.  Arguna (indigo) is the great teacher.  Yet, we think that Bhagavad Gita is the great teacher, as he only speaks the hearts of others, and not his own, as the interpreter of all others souls, like I do, the Crystal (christ) person. WE are messengers of others, not unto our selves.  It is Arguna, the Indigo, who speaks the stories of truth and righteousness.  Thou shalt not kill they brother and thy elders.  The crystal person, just tends to understand time, as it is a reflection of heaven, nothing more, and as such, beckons Arjuna to live his time already written (real time of heaven, not the reflection of heaven or the lights of earth, already the past), as the eternal soul from heaven.
Krishna tells Arjuna, Fight or stay your hand, it does not matter, to me, these men are already dead.  And so we see from one book how prophecy was fulfilled in another. 

cw: Prophecy is heavenly virtues of law of love.  It is not earthly lights of the flesh, where heaven is separated with earth.  Prophecy (revelation of heavenly virtues) has not taken place yet, until we move to the third phase of evolution 2013 (folding of light and darkness).  Yet this is the records of light (Bhagavad Gita), not heavenly (darkness or embrace).  When I put together the Mayan hieroglyphs, I had to rewrite the whole calender, to include the darkness, that was not written about.  This changed everything, heaven and earth had arrived, united (belonging to the suns of Israel, when they come to get it, the mathematical perfection as they shall teach the truth of heavenly virtues).  And these calculations (Bhagavad Gita) also, used the reflections (brightness, like a shooting star, has a course, it must stay on) of the light, to stay on mission and on course to the times of evolution, the separation of man's flesh (Earth) to his soul (Heaven).

cw: What I sea from your point of view, is the blue person, from the inside the heart, there is a reflection of the lights.  Like water, that refracts lights and is blinding to see the truth, but must rely on pure faith.  It is faith that must conquer doubt, as elders of the soul, light skips off the top of the waters, where the darkness is never reached by the light at all.  There is separation, between light (earth) and darkness (heaven).  This is why you speak of these things from a purely lighted way.  Yet your soul understands, that we need forgive and have faith in all we do.  There seems validation for you, because evolution of the second rolling hills, resonates with your perspective. You are the heart of the people, and from their point of view, it is the lights, which blind them to the truth, as it skips off the top of the waters, leaving the darkness below, untouched, yet having faith.  To have faith is the greatest reward of an Elder.  I just hope that I will have faith, when I become the blue soul person.  To trust God, the unseen, rather than depend on intellectual prowess, is very difficult, because intelligence comes from the light.  Wisdom comes from the darkness, the soul, that flows, the heavenly virtues of faith and loyalty to one's clan. 

cw: This I can see, Krishna (crystal person -what is, the path already laid out) was the reflection the actions of Arguna's faith (heavenly virtue, but he-Krishna did not write this saga of faith, the Bhagavad Gita, nor was it a heavenly song, but soul elders, who were separated from darkness, their souls, and living in the light of their flesh).  Just as you are teaching me, that faith is a heavenly virtue.  Arjuna (indigo person -what is right or wrong) was teaching him (Krishna) of the heavenly virtues of honor and integrity, as the Great Teacher.

cw: You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching.  I am the interpreter, you are the teacher.  Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.

cw:  You are the teacher here, not in your intelligence (untruth), but in your unseen soul (truth), that I am reading. The knowledge (wisdom) you are not yet ready to claim, your heavenly virtues, faith! And when heaven and earth folds, there shall be destruction, by heavenly virtues of love, the law of purification (revelations), the sacred walking talking (wakan tankan sacred spiritual beings), certainly not fear (Bhagavad Gita helps to overcomes fear), but true love, like a Mother who scolds (Moses brings law of heaven), to teach her children and her husband to follow their hearts, instead of their minds or intelligence.  Be kind, not right.  Act devout, not oppose, but allowing of others to feel.  Be loyal, a relative, who has faith, that WE are ONENESS and we belong to each other, as SERVANTS to each other, regardless of who is right or wrong, but who feels and needs love, the unity of broken hearts. 

cw: The soul elder (the blue person) teaches the soul child (the crystal person), by reading (sacred interpreter) the darkness of heavenly virtues of faith and loyalty. You are the book, and I am reading the book of life (the darkness of heaven, the sacred embrace, the wisdom of an elder (you the teacher), to forgive and allow.

cw: Heaven hasn't arrives yet, and many do not claim their souls.  Elders (heavenly soul elders, those who are darkness, red through violet) trust your soul, it knows wisdom, beyond the ages. 

cw: "When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven, with a Soul).  Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within).  If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

cw: Remember, we are from heaven, and only on one journey of many (descending).  Trust the eternal soul, for we grow and grow, to know the way to our souls, the divine is not blind, but the eyes can be so.  Sow plant the seeds, and trust yourself, that you know the way, if you remember to pray, love will show you the way. Start embracing your self's worth, as Greatness that you are.

cw: Heavenly children (soul children), stop being such disobedient little children (brats), thinking you know it all (body elders). (I'm Twin Deer Mother scolding you, because I love you, choose the law of love.) You know nothing of love and endurance, you are the ones going to school, start respecting your elders (soul elders red through violet). Learn about forgiveness and faith!  Care enough to fight for love...

Because indeed these men stood upon a glassy sea (they called the aftermath of the nuclear test,  of what happened to the sand Trinity, because it became a glassy sea,  and held harps of god in their hands, each of them took a book of scriptures, in fact all of the scriptures were presented there on that day. 

cw: Look you call it a glassy sea, the reflection of the blinding light. The sun, that hits the deep dark blue waters.  Trinity, is the triangle, which offers the ability to refract light again, to create the illusion of reflection, our world of lights, already the past. Again Harps they may had held did not hold heavenly songs, of pureness and love, the law of purification, but held the impure world of the unseen, which was called hell.  Why do you think Black and Red peoples, women and heavenly children, where not recognized, in the second phase of evolution, because Heaven had not arrived yet.  Now as we step into the next phase of evolution, we enter the folding of heaven's purification, the destruction due to real righteousness and law of love.  Scolding the children, to put them on the right track, the heart's virtues.

cw: Scriptures were all written by soul elders, who did not recognize the soul of heaven yet.  They did not trust, but had no faith in love, but mistrusted themselves, and called it fear.  Fear is not of heaven.  Heavenly laws dictate, that the law of love, is caring enough for others hearts, and where their flesh, shall be conceived, in other words, being servants to others, rather than costing lives from neglect.  The intelligence of the light, without faith in self our heavenly souls, punishes those who are the humble children.  Faith had no part.  Heaven has no part in fear.  But evolution played all the parts, and those who chose, love and humbleness, they shall bow like the rainbow, and concede like little lambs of the heart.  Heaven has yet to arrive with it's heavenly virtues of faith and trust, rather than fear and absolution of their justification.
Those who believe their only existence is here, were rudely awakened with that cosmic bang.  To truly evolve as a true human, we all must eat of the tree of life, the sword of Elysium has indeed cut us into three brained creatures, with each split our true existence became unknown to us, in fact we exist in the everday waking state, the dream state, and the static yellow state of consciousness we call death. 

cw:  Three brained creatures are red (flesh-lightness-earth), blue (soul-darkness-heaven) and yellow (united red and blue, rising sun, the yellow way, wisdom), the phase of evolution we are entering soon.  WE called it the trinity (waking state, the dream state, and the static yellow state of consciousness we call death), because it's the reflection of light, like the moon off the sun.  This causes the world of lights, where there is no darkness of heaven. Only earthly notions of intelligence is known in this statement.

cw: The third phase of evolution, when we shall know the glory of the rising sun, inside, "a light from within", when heaven and earth fold together.  There is the fourth side, the white (heaven-fourth phase of evolution-the star) is the darkness of real heaven (embrace of the lights of the stars in heaven), where truth shall be part of all life (it will be lopsided then too, however, it's evolution, the song eternal).  And back to the sacred four directions of the ages, like we have four sacred colors, that guide us, our tools of light, the holy temple that houses our soul, the darkness inside, where the light is born, real dreams (bee), the impossible dream of our souls, we shall be free.
It is when we bring the three together that we can truly see in all nine directions.  This is so, this is truth.  The battle has always been to remember the whole.  We try to sum up all the parts to make the whole, but the sum total of all the parts reveals the cracks and seams.  This is what needs to be mended.

cw: When we bring the three together we have refraction of light, the world of dreams or our earth realm.  This is not truth. You vibrate completely with this realm, because of who you are.  How does one know the world so well if one doesn't vibrate with them.  They simply don't.  But you, you are the heart of the world as the Blue person, as well as Lakota.  We stand up, and we are at the center of this world.  Our bodies or our flesh, provides us the tools of light, to allow the soul of the winds to blow through.  Here we are joined in the wind, as the crystalline river of our worlds, the united heaven and earth.  

cw: Nine directions, do not give us the ability to have knowledge of this oneness, and only Crystal people have this ability, to be everywhere at once.  The rest of the world, has a reference as part of the nine directions.  And together we are the nine directions.  And together we are Oneness.  And together we are God. Truth only comes from the Crystal person, regardless of where we are in evolution.  Someday, when I evolve to be a Blue person, I will remember this, but I hope that a Crystal person, will hold my hand, and remind me of what is my purpose.

cw: Each of us have a purpose in the nine directions.  Truth is where we begin and end, when we stand before the council of elders in the heaven, where there is no judgment, but you stand there and view your own life, and hoping you don't judge yourself too harshly.  Truth is when others allow you to be who you are.  Truth is when we all get along with different points of view.  Truth is when we have four directions to glow, to flow and know.

cw: You said, "The battle has always been to remember the whole.  We try to sum up all the parts to make the whole, but the sum total of all the parts reveals the cracks and seams.  This is what needs to be mended."  WE never remember the whole.  WE together are the whole, by allowing others to come home into that whole.  There is no need to mend, except broken hearts, with the daily blessings.  The place we ask and receive.  The place we knock and the door opens.  The place our words, are what we do. The only battle is to fight for love, to unite two broken hearts.

cw: Remember you are the heart of the world, your job is to feel for the children, to offer them solace, to serve their needs, when they hurt.  Every experience you have and everything around you teaches you this lesson.  You are the Blue person.  Tell me my love, when are you going to realize and take your place.  Your power is to bee this heart.  To feel.  The experience to feel, is what you are to do each and every day.  To feel what your heart knows, and to bring it to the world, your heart.  TEACH OTHERS TO FEEL, TO ASK, TO RECEIVE. TO KNOW HOW TO FEEL AGAIN. It is the purification process that allows others to forgive themselves and others, the obstacles to feel again.  Feeling is the fundamental reason to our lives.  This is your POWER.  This is your GIFT, not intelligence.  FEELINGS, have wisdom, not intelligence, but humility to ask and receive, to bow like the RAINBOW.

Carl Jung absolutely understood this but refused to go beyond the 'watchers'  they absolutely terrified him.  Instead of seeing them as discarnates who choose to block the view of heaven, he seen them as angels, or finally he came to see them as et's.  He believed they were from a different sphere of existence, and chose to believe they came from somewhere else in the universe.  When in fact they are discarnates who have chosen to draw out this superficial existence so that they can get thier 'turn.' 

cw:  Watchers, angels, et's are what all the second phase of evolution, and yes, a different sphere of existence.  And Yes, separated from Earth, through the veil of forgetfulness. "Discarnates (Having no material body or form) who block the view of heaven", my love, we all have a purpose. Even spiritual beings have material bodies.  Just because we don't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist, we all know this to be true.  Light and dark is blocked because we don't see well in the darkness, when the lights are out.  And when the light is out, we see better.  To have vision of the soul, we sea, vision with our hearts, which will ultimately lead us to have use our our third eye, between the other two eyes.  But we can see, with our skin.  We can see with our ears.  We can see, with our tongue.  And so many other ways too. Separation is not the function of discarnates, which isn't really a valid term, but part of evolution (unseen physical entities). The second phase of evolution is separated, due to larger amounts of space.  And now that space is folding, it is when Heaven and Earth, our Soul and our Flesh, will now unite again.

cw:  There is no "superficial existence".  WE all belong to the oneness of God.  And yes, we all get to have our turn, as we evolve, with love.  No other key will allow us this personal evolutionary stage or steps into existence.  There are beings, who can change forms, but when they die, the get to start all over again, where they started.  No one can cheat this.  No one. We get our turn when we get our turn.  And love is the only way, to evolve.  You are the blue person, and you must of used love, and lots of it, to get where you are.  And I am always amazed how spiritual elders are able to be who they are, especially after the last phase of evolution.  But I can see, now, that evolution is an eternal circle, and goes on and on.  And time, where it's a rolling rock, down the road we travel, and only our hearts do know.  My sister, trust your heart, not your mind.  This is your power and your Greatness.  You feel the world, and know what the world feels.  Tell us what the world feels, by what you feel.  Share your hearts story, then you teach us, what we need to grow, to evolve.  Regardless of where we are in evolution we descend accordingly to our lessons, and this is the the only way to get a body, through the action of love, the law.

cw:  To know the heavenly journey is to be prepared for it.  This is the very purpose of study.  The suns of Israel, are to teach others to study for devotion, to know of faith.  Because if we don't know the right way to go, by using our hearts, then we shall not enter into the heavenly realm of peace and tranquility, rather into self torture and shame. This is not love, when we use study to be intelligent. It is love, when we use study to guide us to love, the right path, the path to our hearts of faith and devotion to our relatives upon this earth, and inside our heaven, where all spirits roam.  WE are Oneness, inside and out.  None can escape this reality.  WE can only be part of it, either with our own duties of our purpose (happiness) or going against our purpose (unhappiness).

cw: Your colors are blue, yellow, rainbow and gray.  This tells me, that your tools of light, are to bring the heart, dream, and birth suffering to us all in our dreams while awake.  This is no easy task.  You dream the heart.  You feel the heart.  You vibrate the heart (feelings of the flesh).  And you are to bring us these tools, to succeed.  These stories for us to succeed.  I want you to be happy, not with intelligence or study, but with devotion and bliss.  You ultimately always give to others, suffer for others, now share these stories of your own life, as lessons, to show us the way.  Remember when you told the Chinese Woman, about her misbehavior of the cruel treatment of the wolf.  You vibrated with the hurt, the pain of others, as this was the wolf.  She felt shame, and ran away.  But if she bowed to her own humility, you'd of shown her, the story, to unite broken hearts.  She was hurt by others, and she was unable to forgive and she struck out at one lower in her stature, the body child, this case the wolf.  But as you are only part of a community, it did not solve the problem, because only you caring did not solve the conflict.  It would take the complete community or Oneness to do all the parts, to resolve our differences.  Uniting broken hearts is not an easy matter, and this is the only thing we fight for.  Your power is to teach us, that a heart is broken, and needs mending.  It's our part, to solve the rest.  We need each other, if we bow down like the rainbow, learning faith, devotion and humility.  We are servants to each other.  We dream of brotherhood, and now it's time, to evolve to a closer existence with heaven upon earth.
Having plunged myself into all readily available information and disinformation, and through my own personal experiences, the legions of Lucifer are there to block the view of the limit we call death, this is the realm of existence that has been cut off from us, on purpose.  Therefore like Gerdjieff, we must understand why we are in fact three brained creatures.  He, himself traveled to what is Modern day Kurdistan, (does not exist but should), to live with the Yetzidi, who believe that this reality is an illusion, and that the dream state is the true state of existence.  What he found was that by living your reality in the dream state, you easily transcend the physical body to traverse the bardo state, or the state we call death.

cw: Who can understand this? ARE you talking to people?  Please use your heart.  You are using so much intelligence, that who can understand this.  You have so much knowledge or wisdom, but you continue to use intelligence, way beyond anyone's understanding. Your greatest power is your heart.  Your greatest power is your feelings and knowing what others feel. I remind you, that intelligence is the bridge to the other realm of heaven, but not of heaven.  Wisdom comes from the heart.  Yours is the knowledge of the heart, when you start to trust this true eternal knowledge.
Grab hold of your seat and look for reality, because it's not where you are looking says, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star. 

cw:  Lucifer is the one who contains hell. He is the very one who suffers the most of either heaven and earth.  He is no way, blocking anyone from their reality.  Death is real, when it comes to the body, yet eternal in our children.  Death is not real, when we talk about the soul.  We cannot talk as if it's the same reality.  Reality is both soul and flesh, the united walking talking.  We are united, when we learn to be united, and not until.  We seek, with intelligence, to learn about wisdom.  Some get to wisdom sooner, because those around them carry wisdom.  But those who have intelligence all around them, must seek for wisdom.  That is why right now, we have so many seekers.  WE are merging with Heaven our Souls. 

cw: You said,
"Realm of existence that has been cut off from us, on purpose", yes our heaven has been cut off from us, only because we have a veil of forgetfulness.  Again, this is also the case of lots more space among heaven and earth.  And we are folding right now, and we are learning from each other.  Not to think they are more than us, to think they need us, to serve them.  WE have been praying long enough, and asking them (spiritual entities we call Angels) to help us, and now it's time we start helping them (heavenly beings).

cw: Disinformation (false information intended to deceive or mislead) is called advertising.  And every business today uses it.  And that is why we are looking towards the Great Give-A-Way, because when all does this, the tribute will be HONOR, deserved respect for doing more for the society or community. Competition will be who can do and give (serve) more for others, and brotherhood, will be known.

cw:  Gerdjieff believing we are
"three brained creatures", is because we refract light, and thus we have earth, the world of dreams.  When he traveled to live with Yetzidi (the Yetzidi of Norther Iran still worship Fire and Snakes to this Day.  Much the same is found in Ancient Sumer, Egypt, Classical Greece), he concluded that fire was the reality of dreams again our earth (illusion of lights or rainbow colors).  But when entering the fire, the purification, we are able to transcend to heavenly realms, the true state of existence (soul, heavenly, dark), as you said.  Dreams are played out in our illusions, and we need our illusions (flesh, earthly, light), to dream.  The whole of next phase of evolution is about bringing true reality (heavenly soul) to the illusion (dream of flesh) to be united, to dream our reality and not deny our heavenly soul as spiritual beings, walkin talkin (wakan tankan), the great spirits we all are.  (Not to confuse with the Great Spirit Mother or Great Spirit Father or Great Spirit Uncle, who are in their own rights, the Great Spirits we all follow and obey in the Oneness of God. 

cw:  This action of going back and forth, is what the snakes represents, the law of love, the curved path between the heavenly soul and the earthly flesh. You said, "Yetzidi believe that this reality is an illusion, and that the dream state is the true state of existence.  What he (Gerdjieff) found was that by living your reality (soul, heavenly) in the dream state (flesh, earthly), you easily transcend the physical body to traverse the bardo state, or the state we call death".  This is the natural order of heaven and earth.  Not death, but eternal life.  I know you understand this, but your words of intelligence, completely throws people off the path of unification.  Speak from your heart my love (tell your own story, not other people's stories) and we would learn much more from you.  Death is only the end of the dream.  Light always goes out, because it glows until there is more fuel added.  No matter how much fuel you add, a new fire begins with new fuel.  All fire has an end, and we call it death.  The fire's light goes out, even a shooting star.  Our sun in the sky, eventually dies.  Our flesh ends, then a new dreams begins, when we get new bodies, to be born again.   But if we look beyond this death, we are eternal in our children, who carry the torch of rebirth in them as the fuel that is added to the fire, to make it an eternal flame, therefore there is no death in the physical world.  This is what Krishna was speaking about. 

cw:  Most of the time, I speak from the heavenly realm, and many certainly don't understand the heavenly songs or this type of communication, but I translate all I have to say, so others may define the words, to their understanding.  You too need do this, with your information. Use the heart and speak plainly, for you, more than others can feel the peoples hearts.  I may become them completely as a crystal person, but you can feel them completely and be separate from them, to show them the way.  And this is what makes you a Soul Elder (blue person), to the Child from heaven, like myself (crystal person).  We each need to communicate to others in ways, they may understand us, and this way, we are able to serve them.  WE are all servants, and you from the House of Levi, are where blossoms of almonds bloom over night.  But you know what I hear stories and stories of how it's the House of Levi, who rush over others, because they forgot to pray, forgot to forgive, forgot to use the fire, to alleviate their suffering, and rather have forged ahead with their intelligence (getting to the temple in scholarly pursuits), forgetting their hearts, that leads the way, where eternal gifts are the heavenly treasures of the soul reside.  

cw:  We who suffer, must remember that this is the law of love, where the gifts are the highest, to keep and hold knowledge, for generations to search wisdom (the journey of the soul and it's evolution to descend, to humility and forgiveness, through suffering for others we call love).  Knowledge is the bridge to get to the realm of reality, heaven, where there is not beginning or ending.

And so you will find many cultures who understand that this existence is incomplete.  It portrays the incomplete image, because the whole of consciousness is severed, by that sword.  And those who live by the sword, to destroy memory and potential, must die by that sword.  In the physical we only represent a third of the whole image, that is why the prophets prophecied and said "when you split in half you kill a third."

cw: The sword is a reflection of heaven, just like Jews misunderstand suffering (law of love) and knowledge (bridge to reality of heavenly soul). This reflection is looking at script from below the waves of water.  You simply can't read it clearly.  The swords purpose is to sever ignorance.  
cw: Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play! 
cw:  When a prophet says, "when you split in half, you kill a third", means that we are whole, when the two parts of us, the inside (soul-heart-darks) and the outside (flesh-skin-lights) are bound together.  This offers us to be the refraction of light, the third (rising sun, within or some say born again).  When we cut the two apart, we cannot be the spiritual being of illumination, and we cease to really exist. WE often find all cultures incomplete, because we bring only part of God to the whole.  It is when all parts are known and united, we become whole again.  This is evolution coming upon us right now, the time of prophecy, where brotherhood and abundance for all will be known.  We will allow others to share their knowledge upon their hearts knowing, the soul, of wisdom rather than only our intelligence of the flesh.  WE shall be united within, to shine as illuminated beings without.

cw:  In your words, many think of the sword as violent brutal bloodshed, and this is when it's the world of earth the images of light.  But in the world of heaven, the image of darkness, the sword is used to sever ignorance.  The battle is to fight for broken hearts, to unite.  Just as battles were used to bring two separated kingdoms together, heaven unites the kingdom of two hearts, when ignorance is severed (intelligence) and unity comes to deliver brotherhood (wisdom).  Many a wars have been fought to bring camaraderie, and brotherhood, for the better of mankind.  It is now we are coming to teach, the many lessons we have learned to migrate into a new world of evolution, when heaven collides with earth, and we must embrace our karmic lessons to survive a new way.  It shall be the fittest who survive.  And the new tools shall be spiritual fitness verses physical fitness. Those who continue to use the old ways, of destruction will have to learn a new way of destruction, to fight against ignorance, rather than power. For true power comes from within our souls.  And our children are trying to teach this to us right now, with their many new skills of the new age.  WE are from God, and evolution teaches us to learn to be God, "I am", the very image of perfection, when we trust our souls and not our flesh.

cw:  "When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!
cw:  Our souls memory and potential is our gift of faith, this I agree with your inner knowledge.  This is what we do, sever ignorance with the sword.
So as three brained creatures we have created limits.  The only true existence is the waking state, to the physical brain.  The dream state is some fantasy alterego trip, we take nightly, giving as much time to sleep as we do being awake.And we completely cut ourselves off from the limit of death.  That has been completely removed from us and a roadblock put in place so that we can not easily see the continuity or to see in all 9 directions. The truth is to make all one.  A singular task undertaken by the self realized.  The self does indeed realize it exists simultaneously in all of these realms, or dimensions, or states.

cw:  You said, "So as three brained creatures we have created limits", and from the stand point of illumination, as earthly beings, as refraction of light only, and not inner illumination of united soul and flesh, yes, I agree that we as humans consider true existence limited to the waking state. Dreaming at night is for resting (rejuvenation), the embrace of light (darkness) and for reflection (creation, working out difficulties of the day).  I can see, that you think we cut ourselves off, but reality is, we bind ourselves to the heavenly existence, when we sleep and not the other way around. Regardless if we are aware or not in our night dreaming state, we simply don't have vision of nine directions.  WE are participants of the oneness, and thus, we have our own perspective of the whole.  Nine directions is the whole.  We bless the whole, because these are our relatives, our family of the whole of God (g_ah_d or g_d), but regardless of who we are heavenly or earthly beings, we exists simultaneously in the four realms, our four directions of the rainbow colors.  These are our tools of light, heavenly unseen bodies or seen earthly bodies, we all carry a body, which houses a soul and is eternal. Where we are in our evolutionary process, is where we are (fact) verses other realms, dimensions or states.  And those of earth are soul elders, and the eldest souls of man are Native Americans.  (And it is the Suns of Israel who are the eldest flesh of man.) This is why we need take care of the world, our elders and our continuation or eternal lives.  

cw:  We transform over time we call evolution, through the four sacred directions, and our souls guide us, and move us along this path, to descend with our souls and ascend with our flesh.  This is the perfection, regardless where we are, we are older and younger, to guide us perfectly along the journey. WE are Oneness, each and every organism either heavenly or earthly.  WE are part of a greater Oneness either heavenly or earthly.  We migrate towards the mitigation (harmonize) of thought as One, to adhere towards evolutionary processes.  The singular task always is to "self realize", and this creates evolution for our souls, our world (heaven and earth) and our relatives as a whole group of upper heaven, heaven, earth and lower heaven (the Oneness of God).  These are part of other more greater collectives, and the micro and the macro continue to flower, in the whole of evolutionary blossoming, of the nine directions.  We play a small part of this process as humans.  We are mere ants on a hill.  And the ant teaches always, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It is inner darkness where truth lies, however, it is only part of the whole.  It is only when we work together, like our body parts work together, do we know, our own existence. The only person, or being who can closely experience 9 directions as once, is the crystal person, however, we must also, travel along the rolling hills, and are just as much as the rest in the evolutionary process of transformation. A crystal person can extend and feel the universe, however a crystal person, must look into the darkness and travel to the place to really have inner vision.  In other words, to visit your dreams, I must follow your heart.  A crystal person is as much part of the whole as any other rainbow colors.  We simply don't exist in all realms at the same time.  We live in four dimensions called the four sacred directions, our flesh (bodies either heavenly or earthly) and yes, we coexist simultaneously in two states of being, soul and flesh.  The mathematical perfection proves all this.  And I await the Suns of Israel to come to receive this treasure to teach to the world, when they are ready to put shame and hate away.  There are pure-hearted ones out there, I have walked past them.  They will find me.  And evolution will come, when the truth of science is God, the existence of all life, whether heavenly or earthly.

You can not tell people how to live, how to behave, what to believe, you might be able to suggest where to turn their attention, but that isn't easy either.  It's only when you understand how the law truly operates beyond the physical into the spirit that you bring yourself there.  The proof is always in the personal experience.  There is the field and it's know er.  Test your angels.  Someone gives you advice battle against it with all of your might, if it is the truth, it will stand up to your incomplete thought.  The incomplete thought or the incomplete image is why we make death a continual acquaintance, this is not evolution, this is devolution, because we continually return here to a past based conditional reality, always, always subject to judgment, ergo the sword. 

cw:  First let me say this to you (Shining Dove), you lie on the horizon, where you are eldest soul (Native American) and eldest flesh (Sun of Israel).  When you speak as if we all are from the horizon, not going over and to and fro, then we are at a stand still.  Like watching the sunset or sunrise, as if they were the same time.  But the reality is, we go back and forth, and this is why you are the Blue person, and a woman, which allows you the ability to go to and fro, to travel from one existence to another. But when you refrain from motion as the SUN travels, you lose sight of the journey.  Claiming others as self, is not knowing self.  And telling others to be your perspective is not allowing them to have their point of view.

cw:  Devolution is another word for apprenticeship or delegate out duties. This is a part of what the world of flesh does, as light streams forth down upon the earth, to renew life.  This continues life and it is part of evolution and it's continuance. Death offer us a path to regrow, to make a circle of life, to start a new, like a seed, that is planted grows to be grass, then the grass brings forth seeds, and replants again, to continue the cycle of life. Every day, Mothers tell their children how to act, how to behave, how to believe and live.  And this is why we go to school and get an education for, just to learn how to act, behave and believe, our journey of life.  This is the very glory we emerge, as the experience.  This is the completeness of all Oneness.  There is only one law, and it's called LOVE.  The Native people call it the Red Road, because it's the color Red, which has the greatest power to teach and the greatest power to perform violence.  It is Love that unites broken hearts, and it is Love which binds worlds together.  And it's Love which all of existence craves for.  This knowing and grabbing hold of love is only sought by traveling the curved road, like the snake leads us along, to and fro, from heaven back to earth, back to heaven and so forth, to unite two parts as one, the rising sun on a journey, where life is the green grass that is eternal and renewal is our continuation assurance. Yes, this is our personal experience.  This is the field and it's knower as you called it.  But to test angels, this is not faith.  To test each other, this is not faith.  To trust, this is the basis of real love, where relatives forgive, embrace and expect other to adhere to one law, and it's called LOVE.  

cw: I feel you are confusing doubt with truth.  When in doubt check it out.  Truth shall be truth regardless if one checks it out or not.  What we individually need to learn is our own evolution's calling.  WE are merely playing our parts, as Shakespeare said, "We are actors on the stage".WE experience, and this is the journey, the place we feel, struggle and love.  I saw a Turkish wrestling match.  All the men of the clan were participating in this "Oil Wrestling or called Grass Wrestling".   And I discovered the most meaningful spiritual fulfillment from it.  The boys who represent the sun, our fire.  Oiled their bodies so they glistened.  They prayed to the earth, while blessings in eternal circles (waving their arms up and downward in cyclic circles) to observe that we come from heaven return to earth and make the same path again and again.  All the while, there were musicians playing the drum (heartbeat) and the flute (evolution's call, the song).  The whole performance was done on the grass, where the life of our journeys played out. My heart swelled, watching them struggle and perform perfect feats of grand spirit of the flesh, while the souls was a participant of this great battle of the unity.  It was the fight to unity, the law of love.  It was the fight for love.  It was love.  We fight for only one reason in this world and that is to unify broken hearts.  And when one part of us is restless, it is the other parts, which struggle to bring it back into unity again.  This is the law of love.  We fight to unify our world, our beings, our relatives.  WE need each other.  Because we are part of a Grander Whole, God.  And thus it is the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who teach that we struggle to bring love back into the world, where brotherhood (flesh, light) and law of love (soul, dark, sisterhood) is one, abundance for all (wisdom, the unity of separation, the sun rises and the dream is born).  Welcome home "Dawning". We are going home!

cw:  One last thing, judgment is from only one person, and it's Holiness, or the lavender people.  There purpose is to judge others, to help them and guide them to a new existence where love is known.  They unite broken hearts (sacred beat), and none, can go against this calling, NONE.  They will bind you to the Oneness of all spirituality of all beings, as we are part of the blanket of the cosmos.  And there is only one LAW, the law of LOVE, your earth.  

cw:  The sword is used by th e Christal person, to sever ignorance, from truth of the crystalline stone river (the song).  It's continuation of eternal life, depends on this knowing, the inner soul to one's self. When you look at a Crystal person, you look at yourself.  You hate this person or think I will judge this person, when in reality, you have judged yourself.  When you love this person, the crystal person, you have bowed down with humility, and have accepted yourself, and learned to love thy self.  The law of truth is to sever the ignorance of self hatred, to one of loving thyself.  This is what others learn to truth, to love, to be humble to wisdom.  The crystal person is not the teacher, but the truth to your own soul, your heaven, severing ignorance with a sword.

Holiness David Running Eagle, "Seek not outside yourself. In other words don't expect White Buffalo Calf Woman to save you, but rather she will help you save yourself.  Steer you towards God, which is within!"   I continue to say, "Where the wind blows, we know and thus the soul glows.  There is Peace."

Aimee Constant Looking Glass said…White Buffalo Calf Woman is a fierce and gentle guide. If you cannot handle your illusions being shattered then walk away! She works with a stick that will turn you back to your inner stealth! She is beauty embodied! I encourage every one who comes through these doors to stay on and be willing to see your reflection. If you do you will walk through the higher door of self-reliance and true trust in those that will love you! Be Blessed and Bless your self by continuing by placing one foot in front of the other and standing strong! Love Blossoms Here! Aho! Constant Looking Glass is our Indigo Prophet who shares the good news! 

cw:  There is heaven and earth, when the collision course of law of love, and law of self, bring to us, heaven upon earth, the dawning where all wisdom is known, the inner temple of "I am".  And I agree that we return here over and over again, to a conditional reality (flesh) and to a unconditional reality (soul), always subject to judgment (lavender person) and the sword (crystal person).

As it says in the Bagavad Gita, test this great truth, then serve up a lemon peel or a rose petal to the great spirit of Krishna, and then each one teach one.

Shining Dove Who Leaks a tear

cw: This statement is very confusing to all of us.  I feel (self perspective) the lemon peel or the rose, may have been explained above. And thus Krishna is a Christal (crystal) person, the great spirit of a Christal person, who speaks truth, because this is the purpose of the Christal person.  However knowing what time brings, is just knowing (God of Science).  And that's all.  Truth is different to all beings.  What is true to one is not true to another, but the facts of the universe, Godliness of how the vehicles move in the universe, this is a Christal person, as truth, we ultimately all follow, as this is the flowing of the Great River of One, the crystalline form. Some are ready, and some are not. However, each of us are teachers to another, if we allow and listen.  WE learn from everyone and everything, even a Christal person learns from the world as a child learns to observe.  The only purpose of a crystal person is to valid others true purpose, as Readers of the Book of Life, that all wear, called the Four Sacred Directions. 


cw: We bless you as you go. Have the courage, to flow and know. Have the will, to grow inside the show. Have the willing to be apart (separated colors of the rainbow), (part) of the sacred truth. I bless you, I bless the news, I bless the truth in all you do, to bring them love, to say the way of God's bliss in you. Sings White Buffalo Calf Woman Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder christal (crystal) person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors

You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching.  I am the interpreter, you are the teacher.  Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.

Fire Offers Purification

The Yetzidi people from ancient Iraq worship the Peacock Malek Taus as God.

Coincidentally the Yetzidis are seen as fallen angel worshippers, yet this is really signifies the darkness of the unknown.  In the image to the left, we see a man who is emerging from darkness, to reach out into a new world.  From the underworld, man is the consumating fire's light.  WE on earth are this light, yet we have not reached paradise above, until heaven comes down from the skies above.  They are representing the second phase of evolution.  And now finally, we are emerging as part of evolution from the seven colors of the underworld (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), to the many new colors, that paradise brings to us.  It is not that they have not been here all along, but it's that we as evolutionary beings of light (Rainbow Colors) are beginning to collide with Heaven, to bring forth a new era, Heaven upon Earth, the time of brotherhood and abundance for all.

The Koran refers to Malek Taus as Shaytan which is where Satan comes from, yet, the fire is part of what brings purification to the world.  It is fire, that purifies metals (conduction, over waves of light) and our souls.  When we are able to walk through fire, we have faith.  Faith is the key to illumination of the soul.  There is much misunderstanding of our relatives of many religions, but together, we are Oneness.

According to some, their God is all forgiving as is Lucifer, keeper of the underworld, or many have called the fallen angel.  But we are all fallen angels from heaven.  WE all come from the heavens to gain wisdom as we walk upon this world to journey and soar in evolutionary periods. "They believe that God is all-powerful, but also all-forgiving, and so accordingly feel that it is the Devil whom they must please, as he is the one who rules their lives here on earth."   If one serves only the Devil, without purification, there is impure darkness.  But if one blesses the darkness, then pureness of the dark world is known, heaven within.   This is the ultimate knowledge that is being passed down.

Taus is also etymologically connected to Sky, Zues, dhyius, Jupiter etc. The Yetzidis reside in the orient of the Torch of Prometheus in the Caucasus as well. Bringing forth another connection with Lucifer or Light Bearer (the fire of illumination). Prometheus stole fire from Zeus for mankind making him the light bearer, he was then chained to a rock at Caucasus until he was freed by Heracles. Idries Shah, The Theosophical Society, and G.I. Gurdjeff have taken an interest in these people and their spirituality as well.

As you can see, mythology and cultures have intertwined, but the fact is there are four sides to evolution, just like we all have four limbs, and four sacred rainbow lights that radiate from our bodies.  These tools offer us guidance into learning who we are.  And most importantly tools to offer our soul, who ultimately gifts our mission in life.  The fire is brought to us in many cultures and many lands, to speak in many waves of knowledge, but mostly it is a tool to purify our world, to offer us food for our tomorrow and to illuminate our beings as Rainbow Warriors upon this world.  Each of us are contributors to God's salvation.  And when we share our stories, we gather the truth of Oneness.  But if we exclude any parts, we loose the concept of truth.  The fire is used to cleanse our souls.  The snake is the law of love, the embrace of the light, and is the darkness.  Only when fire is used to purify with blessings, does one receive pure darkness, our inner heaven.  But if one never blesses, never purifies with fire, never seeks wisdom of the soul, then one is impure, unhappy and furthermore blames others with defending his innate perfection.  It is therefore important that we bless others, teach about the fire purification, and to offer true heaven into the world of the clean waters, the river to our soul.  Remember to fall down from heaven, as a fallen angel is one who must learn to bless, to receive the wonders of the world and to know struggle is part of the evolutionary process of us all.  Let us all be fallen angels who fall down on our knees, and bless the world, and our relatives around us.  And let us not forget the sky, the water, the soil, the air, and the fire, the two legged, four legged, six legged, and eight legged, plants, animals and rocks, which are part of our spiritual world, we live within.  And our Angels who have yet to fall from heaven, let us be ready to hold their hands when they do descend into our world, so we may be elders who care for the children of pure hearts, from the Heavenly exsistance we come from and return to.

One more note, this peacock has 12 feathers, which represent the Rainbow Clan.  And it's symbology below this, has eight points, four of darkness and four of lightness, and when united and together, holiness and sacredness is our world.  WE are entering the third phase of evolution soon, 2013, when heaven and earth shall collide together to be one, the dawning has come.  Learn to do your fire ceremonies and blessings each and every day, every hour, towards being a sacred holy being upon our world of Rainbow Colors, Mother Earth, who longs to hold our Father Sky within her arms again.

If you have questions please contact and include the url. Most of the blogs have search engines on the page, which are linked to most of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy blogs, and usually you can find your answer there, but if you need further help please email. 

"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Song for the Pipe or Fire Blessing!
when the pipe (heaven and earth, with fire of unification) comes in your heart and knows where Mother is then we will fly to the heavens and see where god begins, so reach in your heart and find the way, just reach in your heart and sing. speak all the ones who are elder and true, find their way find their heart that is blue,when we know the song of all the waters that are pure, and the song of all the breathers that flow. and when smoke that arises from Mother bosoms heart, bless the sacred space that always knows the way, so heaven when we mistake each other, when we don't know our sacred way, let us help to receive our brothers and our sisters who are pure. let them know that each other is only if you both walk on inside your heart is where we sang upon the road, let us remember this heart we stand, let us remember this one we make our way. let us remember god 's mighty hand and the sacred way of the fire pure, of the sacred way of the blue that's pure of the tears that flow for our bounty knows the way.

Prayer to Heaven and Earth, the Nine Sacred Directions each time a fire is lit, including the Pipe!
To the East and the West. To the North and the South. To the Up and the Down. To the Sacred all around. To the heartbeat and breath (inside and the outside), I gift all my sacredness. I receive my life for thee. Forever in the breeze!
"Click Below to Join Us, Welcome Home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy"

Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

Mother Gives Birth to Joy with Pain and Suffering, the Law of Love
Western Shore
Four Sacred Directions

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Road of Tradition is Greatness Within, to Walk the Dream Outwardly!

Holiness Nita Bright Star delivers to us wisdom for our Paradise!

"Turning to me, he said, "Take away your hand; it has deceived you. The road of the Tradition is not for the chosen few. It is everyone's road. And the power that you think you have is worthless, because it is a power that is shared by all. You should have refused your sword. If you had done so, it would have been given to you, because you would have shown that your heart was pure. But just as I feared, at the supreme moment you stumbled and fell. Because of your avidity, you will now have to seek again for your sword. And because of your pride, you will have to seek it among simple people. Because of your fascination with miracles, you will have to struggle to recapture what was about to be given to you so generously."
—  The Pilgrimage written by Paulo Coelho

Beloved Holiness Bright Star,

This will turn to the heart of the people, and resonate.  However, there are some words, that heaven offers us the supreme knowledge.  We are miracles and thus we are perfection, the image of God.  We often think that to be great, we must perform great achievements, but in our own right, as living creatures that roam, we are Greatness.

The sword, was used in the past to deliver the blow of violence and bloodshed.  However, it's that very sword, that offers us the utility of severing ignorance, the Warrior of Prophecy.  WE stumble and fall, because we do not believe in ourselves, our Greatness.  Like parents, we offer suffering (law of love) for our children, so they may offer their children, to live out their dreams of eternal happiness.

It is our ardent desire and craving (avidity), that proves us to be Great.  This eagerness allows us to reach mountain tops.  Yet the one who seeks, without looking backwards finds only heartache.  We are a circle, moving both to and fro, and this unites our heaven (soul) to our earth (flesh).  When you look only one direction, you have lost your inner stealth and power.  To be Great, we need only believe in our dreams, and trust our Souls, as we are eternal heavenly spiritual beings.

Holiness David is reading the Sri Bhagvad Gita, the poem of Arjuna (archer-indigo person) and Krishna (chariot driver-crystal person), and they teach over and over how to detach from the world.  This only assisted the one who listened to this advice, to achieve the motion of the eternal soul, but the eternal flesh, is as precious.  In the second phase of evolution, we shall depart soon (2013), earth (flesh, light) and heaven (soul, dark) were separated, to evolve in different space, distant and on another shore.  However, we are entering the Greatest phase of Evolution (of the four ages), the third rolling hill, where Heaven and Earth (folding space) shall join and unite to be the walking and talking, or our new golden world.  Heaven will not be a place somewhere else, but in our very lives, we live.

It is true, many are deceived right now, and it's this choice, we need make to bring in a new world, to distinguish true love, over falsities of the world.  To listen to our very souls, our inner heaven, to seek truth. "The road of the Tradition is not for the chosen few. It is everyone's road", yes, I agree, it's everyone's road to travel, together, and this is why we call it Oneness.  And the power we have is Golden and Greatness, with so much value, that we are rising stars, as my love you are a shining example of this divine wisdom, in your very life.  Our power is great, that we give away, the Great Give-A-Way.  And our power in each of us is varied, unique (the rainbow colors, and mission in life), in order that the whole of Oneness shall be Greatness, and the whole of God (oneness of rocks, animals, plants) is shared by all.

Man must cut off his head (intelligence), and use his heart (wisdom) to have vision (see and sea). Thank you for your generous words of wisdom you bring to us all.  And at the very moment, my heart is with you, your heart is with me, the Greatness of Heaven (crystal person, me, peace) and the Greatness of Earth (lavender person, you, holiness).  WE walk into paradise, when we are united, in soul and flesh.

Pure hearts walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit in all) the way of love, receiving our relatives into our arms.  We embrace thee, as humble servants who bow like the Rainbow upon Earth, and shine like the Stars in Heaven!

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors

"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

Warriors of the Earth  
Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets Cynthia Bright Eyes Vision From Fear to Magical Dreams in Our Evolutionary Changes!

Cynthia Bright Eyes Shows the World, A Dream Is Born In All This Fear! White Buffalo Calf Woman Comes to Show the World How Glorious a Birth Can Feel.  Dream My Children I will Endure, Because You Are the Magic That Appears!

Cy: Cynthia Bright Eyes (violet, green, blue, gray)
Sent: Sat, Apr 26, 2008

Hi, White Buffalo Calf Woman,
I have another vision I experienced back about 2 months ago that has me rather disturbed and I would appreciate whatever you can tell me about it.

cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother (crystal, yellow, green, gray)
Reply: Sun, Jan 6, 2010

Hello Beloved Cynthia Bright Eyes,
Good to connect with you again after several years.  Happy to share hearts again recently. I feel your vision really explains the evolutionary transition, like the birth of a child.  And all the suffering and pain a Mother must endure to bring new life into the world, like our Mother Earth moving from the second phase of evolution, earth to the third phase, heaven and earth, we call the dawning.

Cy:  I remember it starting out like I was walking through a fog or mist or something.

cw: Space is often shown like this, however I have seen this in the sky, when entering from above heavenly to below earthly, in one of our spirit medicine journeys.  This is like the sky and clouds allowing for the refraction of lights and a great embrace.  Also a great place of healing like when the clouds of water droplets could heal you and embrace you. 

Cy:  I could hear sounds like explosions but the sounds were kind of muffled, and then the mist cleared.

cw:  Wow, bursting implosions, like rain. This occurs from the inside out.  And like tears of sadness and fright, you feel a cleansing when you are done crying for our hearts or after a rain does for the air bringing sunshine. Grandmother Dives From the Sky called this; vibration of the tones, where heavenly languages begin.

Cy:  I could see ruins that were still smoking everywhere around me, like bombed out ruins.  

cw:  In this second phase of evolution we create and then destroy.  In the third phase of evolution we destroy, then create.  This offers a clean slate, like a fresh pallette to a painting.  Ruins represent age.  We are evolutionary beings tranforming from one age (earthly flesh, walkin) to a new age (heavenly virtues upon earthly rolling hills, talkin walkin or wakan tankan or holy beings).  Smoke unites the two worlds together.  This is why the pipe is so sacred for Native Americans because like clouds in the sky, the wind, offers us the unification of two worlds. Right now in time, we are a people who are like bombed out ruins, a flesh without a soul. Smoke arouses communication, like rings of smoke (rings on a tree, rings used for marrige, rings of the eternal circle of life).

Cy:  Then I heard a blood curdling scream to my right and ran over to see what it was.

cw:  Sound is heavenly which rides upon the waves of light, earthly (where the green grass grows).  To the right is where sound cries out to be born, where the sun rises, like when a new born child is born.  Mother endues pain and suffering, to offer a new birth, the dream of the unity. We always are eager to witness a new life emerge.

Cy:  I saw a child, a little girl of about 9 years old, sitting among the rubble.

cw:  A child emerges from the unity, where pain and suffering commenced previously. In the world there are nine numbers (zero is not a number) as there are nine directions. We arise from the ashes, like the phoenix bird, which is blessed from the fire's light.

For Your Fire, Pipe, Blessing Ceremony: The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.  

Cy:  I continued to approach her cautiously. She let out another scream then went silent.

cw:  Again she, a female represents our soul and heavenly law, the law of love.  Do we not as women scream and then to silence? Yes, this is our nature, when something is wrong or pain is known.  Silence is the embrace.  It allows us to reflect upon our souls and to offer us guidance.  As the moon journeys across the cycles of light and dark, reproducing our reflection of the birthing process, it reminds us of the to and fro between the realms of heaven and earth.  This zig zag movement is the embrace of stars by the snake, the very law of love, that we all abide by.

Cy:  She just sat there still, then shivered and commenced to bang her head on a piece of concrete wall that was still left standing close to where she sat.

cw:  You know I brought a child back from another country.  The child left the only family it knew to be with a new family.  Here there was no control over the situation from the child.  The only thing left in this inner torture was to inflict outer pain also.  And all I could offer was the embrace, the law of love.  Shivering happens to generate heat, a type of inner fire and cleansing.  A fire pops and crackles, which tends to be very violent.  This is the cleansing process. Light represents the flesh, the waves of light we call the Rainbow Colors.  The song of our soul journeys (we gain wisdom) across the waves frequencies, we call intelligence, the concrete (solid, density, weight, grounded) wall standing left. 

Cy:  This was where I noticed there was a lot of blood everywhere where the child sat.

cw:  Blood is new life, a vehicle for a soul to be impregnated. A child, a dream is born.

Cy:  I knew she had been mortally wounded with all the blood everywhere. When I go up closer I saw what it was that held her where she sat.

cw:  To be born again, we must die in the flesh.  Again and again people are dying, only to have their hearts beat again.  In our evolutionary changes, we are learning the confines of our flesh does not mean death, but rebirth of our souls offering a new way of living.  The blue road, heavens numinous flowing crosses the red road, earths luminous flowing, to rise up to a new sun, the yellow path, the golden path of the united soul and flesh.  The walkin talkin or wakan tankan, the holy spiritual being.  Blood is life, the red road, the law of love.

Cy:  There was a large wooden beam that had fallen across her legs pinning her there.

cw:  Wood is the law of love that binds the tree of life, like the clouds unite Mother Earth and Father Sky or smoke unites the winds to the rolling hills.  Each example shows how unity is the law of love, the red road, the purification of fire and the rebirth of our blood. A beam is usually with four sides. The banks of the river carry waters flowing (three dark heavenly realms) and light is the sky of earth (one light earthly realm) reflection.  Also, the sacred four directions and ages of time in evolution, often called the four legs of the buffalo. One more thing, it is the Green person (we carry this overlay in your rainbow colors) who is the true spiritual leader, because green is where the fourth color rises to embrace the oneness of God, where the green grass grows. Green is the reflective crystal, the vision into the darkness of Oneness, offering the embrace to all spiritually.

Now if law of love (wood) and the four directions (beam) have fallen (descending from heaven, through prayer, the sacred rainbow bends and bows with humility) across (journey, the dream) her legs (where we stand up for the law of love), then she (heavenly virtues of the to and fro) must stay, and never depart from the ones who need her.  Only when one departs with love upon their hearts, is when one is free. Leaving in anger has broken the law.  This is what we fight for, the unification of two broken hearts.  We fight for love. Demand the hug, mend the heart, offer the embrace, through suffering, screaming and pain, the the law of love carried through (true freedom of unified hearts, wherever one may go).

Cy:  All I could do was close my eyes and pray for the child then when I came to I was lying in bed next to Paula. I wrapped my arm around her and wept.

cw:  I recently had a vision where I was crying and woke up.  Holiness David was near me, he put his arms around me.  You too had someone to embrace, where the law of love, was the unification of suffering hearts. And after our tears fed the waters of eternal flowing of knowing (soul), the blue of you and me (you have blue overlay), the relative who sets us free, we feel better, where the circle of life continues onwards.

Cy:  The memory of that vision is still with me quite vivid in my thoughts, my heart bleeds for this child like she had been my own.

cw:  To feel is the greatest expression of the heart, the world of reflection (heavens numinous flowing river between the bright luminous stars), where love is known.  Now heaven, our souls, are coming home to us, our eternal life, from one light to the next as we journey forever.

Cy:  If you would prefer to share over the phone please send me an email and let me know. I just thought that this particular vision would be better told in writing so none or any of the parts of it be missing.
Love, Cynthia

cw: You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching.  I am the interpreter, you are the teacher.  Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors

Come let's dance and have some cheer, a new child that was bound with fear, has found joy to find her way, the child was born, the sky is gray (grandmother space where dreams are alive).  We have found a brand new way, to overcome and shed our ways.  We are going home again, triumph has longed to overcome fear!  Blessed bee (impossible flight of our dreams) the day that comes, when the dream finds us to long, where paradise shows us the way, from sorrow to a brand new day!

Warriors of the Earth  

"When you trust your flesh, you lose your address (forgetting you are living in heaven). Trust your soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within). If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)!

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Shame and blame are the past's game, and now we are onto a new frame, the vision of Oneness of heaven above (soul), where song's sing down below (flesh), rejoice I say, rejoice and play, while we learn to live a new way! Brotherhood here we come, let's hop, skip and play!

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