The House of the Beloved Stands, the Star is Born to Lead Us into the Golden Land! Have to rock to and fro because the tree needs to grow. Come dance and sing with me .... for liberty!

Just singing in the wind. Just singing in the wind! What a wonderful feeling, I'm grinning again! I'm happy to bee hear, to listen to your fears, then dancing and singing will relieve our tears. Come let's sing in the wind. Feel merry again. It's a heart, that looks out for the wondrous things. Because you are here, feeling no more fear, as you send your song to the wind. Just singing in the wind!

"If Love is What a Mother gives, She Scolds You Till You Choose the Above (Heavens Law), the Love of Uniting Two Broken Hearts, That's What a Mother Does", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand.

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born (Morning Star), the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (soul and flesh). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun, have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

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Welcome Home Rainbow Clan! We who live into the new time in evolution will enter the third sacred direction, the yellow rolling hill. Upon Mother Earth, the children who understand are part of the Blue, over flowing water from me to you. Such joy in our reflection! We are all related and therefore form kinship bonds to each other. Our Perfection is worn as a Garment of Multicolored Lights, the Four Sacred Directions within the Rainbow Clan. Aho Spirit Fly along the Red Road, the Law of Love!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

We are!

behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. Psalm 133.1
Author: White Buffalo Calf Woman (twin deer mother)
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)

Welcome Home Rainbow Clan!

We who live into the new time in evolution, entering the third sacred direction, the yellow rolling hill. We upon Mother Earth, the children who understand, we are part of the blue, the water flows from me to you. The kinships that form bonds to each other, as all our related, the Rainbow Clan; we the multicolored sacred lights of the perfection we call our family.

We who came from afar from the beginning to the end of time, we are young at heart. We are the family of the world, from every corner we embrace each other. Our beliefs create this very space we call time and here we explore within our minds eye. Our consciousness is our very beliefs and in our dreams we become greater beings than we ever thought possible.

We are seekers of the vision quest. And each day we become the sage who accesses the libraries of the eternal treasures. We journey into the darkness, joining the worlds above with the worlds below with the laws of love. Here within, the dream is reborn. We remember to embrace our brothers and sisters once more who have lost their way. We teach them the eternal blessings. We teach them to trust this glory that guides them within. This is the vibration of harmony.
We are recognizing the greatness as the blue of you and me. The blue is the color of water and water purifies us each and every day. The wind blows because water heats up and cools down because of cyclic waves of undulation, relaxing and expanding just like our breath. With our puffs of clouds and thunder, we become one under the blue sky. This very motion we learn to perceive and flow with. The more we join with others, the more our own stories become part of the greater puzzle and our questions are answered. We share our lives and we become part of the community of global consciousness.

We have learned to gather, dance together and know joy. Each step we take, our feet breath with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. We recognize our breath is her breath and we offer ourselves as a gift for her everlasting love. Our Father Heaven once more finds flight in his brilliant rays of life and lands at her footsteps to behold her majesty. They offer us the marriage of the wedding bells, the gift of love. We begin our dream as their new born children from this union of blissful compassion.

We walk together as the relationship of Oneness, the circle of life. Each of us plays the part that brings wisdom of the ages. Here we allow the gifts to be given to us as the knowledge of all source. We learn to play and enjoy our brotherhood and keep the loving heart of the sisterhood alive. The embrace we need is known. We journey on the red road, the law of love as the dreamer of the vision. We remember we are children once more.

We dream of tomorrow and today is born an illusionary projection of light that gifts to us our collective dreams. In the next phase of evolution we learn to destroy before we build. In this arena, our minds completely begin with a new vision. This realization becomes the reality of our world around us. But as we learn this we loose the control we thought we had, we become the powerful without direction. This new power we gain, must be directed towards the loving acts of kindness, but as we learn how to claim our rights, we escape to the vestiges of time and unravel only to the past and we forget to long for the glory of the dreamer, the golden warrior. Only when we remember the circle of life, do we become the living dream.

We understand the meaning of the soul's flight. Today within us all, a new found skill emerges to allow us to communicate with the dark beings and the light beings we reside with each and every day. Our children and cosmic brothers remind us of telepathy, which is no more than light traveling at 186,000 miles per second. This is also how we travel with speed with our souls. With this new found motion we emerge a consciousness that allows a more natural way. The way of the song that sings within us all. This voice claims our rights of freedom and liberty to be known throughout the heavenly villages near and afar.

We allow our selves the ability to love, to forgive and to encourage others to do the same. We gift our lives to the contribution of the whole circle of life, the twin rainbows of light and darkness. We serve the waters of the everlasting which quench our thirst at the pool of the clear and pure of our relationships. Here the Golden Warrior's strength blesses even those who have lost their way.

We are entering the third phase of evolution where the transitions of our lives become apparent as jewels in the sky. Singing our song like the Canary who's voice rings the beauty of the always, we enter the realm of the dreamer who journeys the spiraling pearls of treasures (lessons), to learn the way of love. The blue colors of the waters and sky. You and me, our realization; and how all the related, swim together in time over the yellow rolling hill.

We are the Rainbow Clan. We represent the four sacred directions of life. Each of us share these directions, but vibrate different colors to express our selves as perfectly and uniquely as the individual snowflake. When we recognize our unique gifts of lights, our sacred body, we become the perfection within and express this without in our daily lives. We learn how to use these tools that have been given to us. It becomes a new gained power and we claim these rights, utilizing our beingness to the contribution of the whole.

When, we learn to receive from each other in the dance of the Great Give-A-Way, we become the beacons of light we were meant to be. As our Great Spirits give us their love and light, we gain wisdom. We remember to honor them. We gift our abilities to serve each other as kinsmen do. We are a family, the Rainbow Clan, the multicolored lights of the Oneness who are all related.

We are here now, welcome home to the ones who have their arms open wide to embrace you. We are among you. We are here for you, all you must do is ask one of us. We will come in your time of trouble, we will come in your time of glory. We will join together on the Red Road, the journey of the lights along the loving path. We leave our door open for you to enter, all you have to do is knock. We will hear your call. We will arrive into your awaiting arms to help you find the quest of the vision, the dream we share as the journey of life.

We are going the rolling hills of evolution...where the sun sets within to shine without into the new world of Angels, we the Golden Warriors who light the way towards the dreaming. The dream of you and me within the blue. The kinsmen of our lives. The devoted family of the Rainbow Clan within the Oneness of us all.

The end.

My beloved family,

You are thinking that you are going to be who you are, instead of being who you are. Only being who you truly are, will bring happiness and joy within. Know yourself, trust yourself and mostly listen to all the stories from all the related. When you listen to the world around you and within yourself, you listen to the eternal wisdom of the everlasting.

Welcome home to the spirit of the lake, the blue lake, the blue of you and me, which means we are the kinsmen who have found our Souls song. Together we bring into reality the perfect brotherhood, who practice the laws of sisterhood. We who walk the RED ROAD, the law of love, welcomes you home to the eternal joining. We heaven and earth know you as the children of the Oneness of our God, the circle of life.

Aho ah, your spirit flies

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)

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