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"If Love is What a Mother gives, She Scolds You Till You Choose the Above (Heavens Law), the Love of Uniting Two Broken Hearts, That's What a Mother Does", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand.

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born (Morning Star), the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (soul and flesh). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun, have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crystal Indigo Children and the Yellow People Who Lead the Way, the Uncomfortable Step Homeward

We who can roar can also listen, the star of the golden mane! House of the Beloved, speaks of Holiness that lives in you!

Beloved Shining Dove (sd: yellow family),
cw: Inline response from White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother (cw: yellow family)

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 8:39 AM, Shining Dove wrote:

sd:Greetings  My Dearest Twin Deer Mother,
I was reading what the spirit has to say through the Chinese,  some of it made some sense. 

cw: Have trouble sometimes following you, as you know more than you write.  I have to listen with my heart to understand what you are talking about, and this is difficult for the rest of the group. But I will try to respond best that I can. 

cw: The Chinese are the Yellow Nation, the dream world, our children.  They will truly lead the dawning, as the dream is within them.  They grow local gardens, have local governments, and are very utilitarian, when it comes to space.  However, they have certainly lost their perspective, when they are always reaching to be like the White Man, or Father Nation.  Holiness David is a lot like this, he is seems forever looking at where he is going, rather than where he is, and I have to help him to stop and reflect, because if we don't spend time with Mother, the darkness of our hearts, we get lost, knowing which way to go, with moral attitudes, which guide us towards sacredness.

sd: I think that what self awareness is, is the truth that you co exist or are aware simultaneously on many different dimensions, or realms.  I too have always been visited when I allowed it, by many of my relatives who have since crossed over.  I was allowed to 'see' the realms that they now exist in.

cw: Yes, this is good for all of us, to be self aware, as I was explaining above.  You are the heart of the world,(the blue person or allowing reflection of the light from the darkness, our feelings), as well as knowing the Spirit of the Lake (Lakota), the heart of Earth.  Your understanding of the darkness is not like most people, and need your learning of wisdom to find their way, but you vibrate like them to understand them, and I see why your stories help them and guide them better than when you speak to us in words, because a heart has so much more to say, than mere words, because really you need the song, to find your heart.

cw: What is important is the understanding of two realms, heaven and earth, dark and light.  The different dimensions are really doorways, inside Grandmother space, where our dreams live.  As we walk through doors (crystal people) we can go over to other side or the realm of light or dark (separation), depending on which way you are traveling (only pure hearts can travel through these doorways).  However, there is a place, we travel inside, our dreams, which is a corridor, the (magenta person), which seems like we go through doorways, but really it's a bridgeway, over to the other shore.  We are not traveling between realms (no separation), but traveling between the one realm of the united dark and light, the flowing crystalline river of knowing, where our hearts live. Then there is one other place, the gateway into paradise, (the lavender person), is like the gate, we enter into gardens around the main house.  This gate is available to all peoples when we wake up from our dreams as we leave the heavenly darkness of our dreams to our wakefulness of our earthly lightness of our traveling along the waves of the rainbow lights, our living.

cw:  You were allowed to sea your relatives who have since crossed over is really a form of listening or hearing the reflection of heaven. Most do not do this, and this behavior need be taught to all the peoples.  You are the Blue person, who teaches us all, to listen with our hearts, to envision the world of the darkness our heaven. We call this prayer.  This is why blessings can keep us safe, for darkness lies the impure as well as the pureness of the shadows.  Unless we have pure hearts or blessings to clean the impurities, especially when we use the fire to cleanse the heart, our purification.  Always bless those who come near you, those who can receive blessings fear not, but those who are impure fear the purification process not really understanding, what they fear regardless of heaven or earth, beings will act the same way. The vision you sea, is the realm of the heavens, where many doors open and close, depending on your understanding and cleanliness of your heart. But for each of us, we sea things differently, and existence is quite a bit separate like when we look out our windows, we each have an assorted view and perspectives, depending on our four sacred directions and tools of light, the Rainbow colors we each carry. All beings have this, but only a crystal person can separate parts into truth, as colors overlay, and change colors.  Many misinterpret this knowledge, especially those who can see auras.  And this is why we need share our visions and stories to gather true knowing of the winds of time, our evolution and sacred Oneness we call God.

sd: There was a blocking of the view early on as there are Annunaki, as they call the angels who purposely block your view and point you in a different direction so that you do not see clearly into that static state of consciousness we call death. 

This article is about the Sumerian gods from Wikepedia to explain the word usage Annunaki. For the fictional Anunnaki from Demon: The Fallen, see Annunaki (White Wolf). For The Annunaki as depicted in The 12th Planet, see Zecharia Sitchin.The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations) are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities. The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood' or 'princely offspring'.  Anunnaki was a collective term for deities in general, especially those who were not otherwise named. Dr. Jeremy Black and Dr. Anthony Green write that the word eventually suggested the deities of earth and the underworld after the term Igigi was used more to refer to the heavenly deities.  The Anunnaki appear in the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish. In the late version magnifying Marduk, after the creation of mankind, Marduk divides the Anunnaki and assigns them to their proper stations, three hundred in heaven, three hundred on the earth. In gratitude, the Anunnaki, the "Great Gods", built Esagila, the splendid: "They raised high the head of Esagila equaling Apsu. Having built a stage-tower as high as Apsu, they set up in it an abode for Marduk, Enlil, Ea." Then they built their own shrines.  According to later Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar and Kishar (Skypivot and Earthpivot, the Celestial poles), who in turn were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu ("the muddy ones"), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu temple at Eridu, the site at which the creation was thought to have occurred. Finally, Lahamu and Lahmu were the children of Tiamat and Abzu.

cw: First let me tell you , that we are all royal blood' or 'princely offspring, called children of G_ah_d (the utterance of heaven's transmission, our Oneness of heaven upon earth).  Anunnaki is often referred to the Fallen or Demons, this only means that we have forgotten to stay sacred and holy, and that holiness and purification rites will ensure the rights of heavenly pursuits of the royal lineage from the realm of heavenly Gods we all are.  If we are the White Wolf, then we are the true warrior (wolf) sent from God, the Oneness of purity, not befouled (to make dirty) or unclean, which the fallen have become.  But also, we fall from heaven to be on earth, and we learn to be unclean and unholy to learn to ascend, to understand the meaning of purity of heavenly virtues. 

cw:  The word white is the Lakota term of whitey, like in White Buffalo Calf Woman, or Grandfather Light, like VeroniKa Holy Spirit, for we carry the true white light, the star.  It is the Father Nation, or white peoples, who are supposed to carry this knowledge and bring it to their children, however we are on the verge of learning this wisdom, with the onset of a new evolutionary time period, the third phase of evolution the "Dawning".  But to explain further, we must understand the four sacred directions, where we live as Rainbow Children of the One Rainbow Mother (separation of colors, as the Rainbow Clan).  The red road is the flesh of earth, the light.  The blue is the road of soul of heaven, the darkness.  The yellow is the way of the united (the uncomfortable step, for those who carry this color like you and I do, as well as the Yellow Peoples) red (fire offers light to reflect the darkness) and blue (water offers darkness to reflect light), or fire of the flesh and soul of water. Here we have learned to fall down or bow like a rainbow with humility and rise up like the sun which rises each day, to be born as the united yellow way, where brotherhood and humanity lives within to reach without.  Now, the white is the red, yellow and blue, all the colors of the rainbow are derived.  That's all the colors of the world, ask any artist to confirm this.  These are the basic colors, we journey.  It's when we cross these colors, we find all the colors of the universe, the Rainbow Spectrum. 

cw: When we get white, red, yellow and blue, we get a risen star, the bright light in heaven, often called the four sacred directions.  This is the pureness of an individual, who has learned to have compassion on others, and purifies, with our hearts, by fire rites and water blessings, to keep the unclean, cleansed.  This brings the fallen, to be risen, to be eternal cycle of the circle of life.  And as eternal beings of light, we are children of God, the royal blue blood, from kingly descendants, we call  kingsmens (ahau, the heavenly warriors of earth) to kinsmen or relatives to each other.  This is what we are learning now. It is a relative of the Rainbow Clan, we who are purified look for in each other.  And when I say, I am looking for my relatives and not friends, means I look for the pure hearts, who know God, the soul and the flesh, who can bow down to each other with humility and with love of a heart who is blessed. One more thing, the white, red, yellow and blue equals the four sides of each of us, the plateau, we each have a perfect view, and is where the green grass that grows, a place to hold our souls, but in the center, the river that flows is the fifth place, the blue of me and you, which is darkness, the heart of feeling, the wind and dew of the soul and tears of the eternal trail to the other shore or realms (new places to travel).  This motion is called the water, the blue person knows, like you.  This is the darkness that needs be purified, our heavenly realm. 

cw: So we have light (hues), darkness (hues), red (fire of light), blue (soul of our heart) and yellow.  What the Lakota call the Morning Star.  Four sides of light (white earth chaos), red, blue and yellow.  Four sides of dark (black heaven peace) red, blue and yellow.  Now with the bonding of light and dark, we get the eight sacred directions of man (leading) and woman (reflection) bonded to become Holiness.  This is what Lavender people do, is bond us together, whether we like it or not, they bring us into paradise, and this is what a Messiah does, deliver the people to sacredness and purification, through the fire of cleansing and the water of blessings united to be the force of heaven and earth.  The Morning Star often referred to the Star of Venus, is called the star of LOVE, because the law states, that love binds us all together, as warriors and descendants of kingly virtues. 

cw: The Annunaki are depicted as from the 12 planet, which means we are the Rainbow Clan, because it is the 12, which represents the round table of the many splendid colors of the true blue royal warriors who shall save this world, the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. The Annunaki are deities or Gods of Earth, just like we are (G_ah_d the utterance of heavenly transmission, and why Jews us G_d, because heavenly virtues have not arrived yet, but rather soon as we enter the third phase of evolution, the dawning.).  When we speak "Namaste", we say, "The God within me, recognizes the God within you".  This means quite a bit of wisdom, and the Yellow Nation, speaks to us, with this heavenly knowledge.
cw:  We are thought of underworld and heavenly deities descendant or creation of man kind, because these are part of the four sacred directions. In the Elders Agenda Meetings, we have Heaven (light on a journey), Earth (darkness on a journey), Upper Heaven (light, who are the fire's light, glowing) and Lower Heaven (dark, who create fire, shadows). We are the creation of the four sacred realms of heaven and earth, where creation takes place and destruction brings back renewal, and this is why we experience seasons, the very same four sacred directions, where is enclosed the journey of our hearts, the flowing tears of knowing, wisdom.

cw: It further states in the Sumerian story of Annuaki, that the world was divided and assigned to proper stations.  This is an analogy of the Rainbow Clan with our Four Sacred Directions.  We each have a place to be, to show our colors, to express part of the wholeness of God, the Oneness of heavens and earth. Three hundred is the number of the heavenly dream which flows both ways, and when we have the twin along side it of earthly dream, we have perfection, the sixth letter in the Phonetician alphabet where the Jews derived their 22 constants (the united house of God, where the spirit of the winds fly through freely) of the heavenly pursuit of excellence. It is the Indigo, who represents this perfection of the soul, the perfect warrior who protects the world of darkness, and stands by the corners of the perfect world, to ensure order and truth to the world.  they are the soul warrior of heaven that brings order to heaven, as they stand guard and take their place along side of the Great Spirit Mother. and it is the Golden person, who brings the dream homeward, by traveling from realm to realm fearlessly through darkness, to journey to another shore, to bring peace and brotherhood to a new age, the dawning, as they cross over from the corner to kitty (cat knowing the stream or crystalline river of four corners) corner, where Indigos protect by standing guard of perfection. The Indigos are children of earth, and are learning to stand their ground, but often walk away, misunderstanding the role of defense with standing their ground.  It will take the next phase of evolution, before their true color of Indigo takes the place as the perfect soul warrior of heaven.

cw: The "Great Gods" of Annunaki, splendid colors of the Rainbow Warriors, built shrines for their brother and sister Gods, because this is an acknowledgment of Heavenly virtues, as Kingmens of royal descent, as we all carry blue royal blood, but we must only recognize our own perfection to understand our place with a civilization that is changing for the new era of humanity.  We are eternal kinsmen, each a leaf on the tree of life, where the circle of eternity flows both up and down to bring the unity of our soul and flesh journey together on a single road, the dream unfolds and brotherhood lives, where sister hood rules with the law of love.

cw: We are said to be children to the Skypivot and the Earth pivot, our Celestial knowing, twice a year, when the longest day (summer solstice) and the shortest days (winter solstice) are recognized as the Celestial poles, these are also represented by the north land bridges or peninsulas (golden or male) and the south by the south as land births or islands (brown or female), these are the two other colors of peoples, the brown people, which are called the "Muddy ones".  These were names given to be gatekeepers to the temples of holy unification. These two times of the year, are Festivals that take place all around the world, just because of these occasions of spiritual knowledge, that lives within us all. We also must recognize that North and South Poles are not directly up and down but  askewed and pivots to allow the flowing of motion, the crystalline stone river that gushes from our hearts, to flow forever and a day. 

cw: These are the perfection of the six sides, up (north, pivot poles), down (south, pivot poles), east (horizon), west (horizon), right and left (vertical magnetism of north and south). When we bless water, the form changes from variable shapes to crystalline form, with six sides, this is the perfection of the house of God, where the wind of the dew, the heart, can flow freely and safely through.  And it is imperative, we learn sacred and holy ways, before it's too late, and the heavenly vestiges of time, will take our impure and cleanse us all.  Let us start the path homeward, where love brings in the new dawning, of brotherhood. Let us not be fearful of aliens or Cosmic Fathers, who are fearless and travel through time and space, but welcome them homewards to teach them the ways of Earth, the paradise, we are longing for in our hearts, to be a living dream, as we enter this new era of humanity, 2013. Know purification by 2012, when the shift begins, or as many Elder Natives tell us it will be too late, when the Red Stars start to collide in the heavens, or the sky will literally turn red, and we must all learn to walk through fire, in order to survive.

white man- father nation, NE, leading the world of luminous
yellow man- child nation, NW, teachers of the yellow way,
                     "law of spiritual love"

red man - twin nation, SW, "keeper of the reflection, the red road,                   "law of physical love"
black man - mother nation, SE, leading the heart of numinous

Vertical horizon - north ( land mass peninsula) golden
Vertical horizon - south ( land mass islands) brown

cw: You say, that "There is a blocking of the view early on as there are Annunaki, as they call the Angels who purposely block your view, and point you in a different direction so that you do not see clearly into that static state of consciousness we call death."  However I say, "That we are perfect in our point of view, but we don't know it yet.  This is why I try to teach everyone, to say, "I am perfect", then we don't try to defend, but try to understand another's point of view, to collide, to realize, we belong together as part of the whole.  Death is the ending of something as we know it to be, and also a beginning into somewhere else we are going, for it's the perpetual circle of life and our own personal evolution.  We each carry a counsel to guide us and show us the way homewards, and like us, they to are on a mission (heavenly name), with their own sacred four directions to continue their own evolution too!  We are all Annunaki, white warriors of wolves, who long to be true and loyal, royal descendants of God. We only know it and live, to be perfect in our own knowledge to be part of the whole greatness.  We are all Angels of Heaven, and through purification, will we realize our own greatness within, to shine without, to our relatives, our kinsmen or Kingsmen of Royal lineage.  

sd: The purpose of these excursions is to destroy the limit we call death.  This is done on an individual basis. 

cw:  To journey is the very foundation of living, and yes, we could say destroy the limits we call death, but to know it's eternal life, that gifts us this knowing.  To be the changling, who finds evolution our calling to be greatness.  We have our personal evolution, as well as the world of Oneness has it's own evolution as four sacred directions to be united with our hearts flowing.

sd: As we each store as much love as we can 'hold' individually.  This could never be a group psychosis simply because there is the field and it's know-er.  Each one of us has discerned the truth by the amount of love we allow ourselves to hold. 

cw: Yes, individually we journey our personal evolution, the lessons called karma gift us the way of love, the very boundaries, we can overcome, when love is used.

sd: Love is light, and light will always seek escape from containment. 

cw:  Love is a reflection which is allowed by the light, that is bounced off the darkness, to give birth as a journey of light.  It is darkness our heaven, where love is law, and begins.  I can see your point of view, as a blue person, to go somewhere else to refract, from the center, you call the containment field, the house of God, where the Green Grass grows. Where waters offer us the journey of purification, to explore new shores, new worlds.

sd: The limit of death is imposed upon us in the physical, therefore we are certainly all 'enslaved' because we believe that for whatever reason our existence can be taken.

cw:  Our existence can be taken, if it is given then it can be taken, it is the law of love, from the heavenly realms.  Just like we take the animals and plants to provide us with sustenance, it is the same when it's time of our humanity of evolution of Oneness. We are entering the third phase, and those who do not know how to survive will certainly perish.  The rules have changes, but the motto is the same, "the fittest will survive". But as I can sea your understanding as the ordained upon the horizon, both Lakota and Jewish, gives you an understanding of the hearts journey to and fro between realms.  We are enslaved, because we think we are limited beings, rather than eternal beings of light, transforming from one form to another as we enter our evolutionary changes.  When things get old, we die, but if we take care of ourselves, we don't think we are old, but like children, and can extend our living age, because we have more knowledge of heaven and earth.  This is why we know when it's time for our departure, and why more and more people come back to life after dieing.  We are changing, and learning to go beyond the boundaries, we once knew.  And for those who die, we bring back knowledge of the heavens, that LOVE is the answer, to gain us longevity in a world that is enslaved with limits and boundaries.

sd: I think that what was being said in this letter is that they have discerned this.  However they still see death as a limit.  It is very hard to understand that death as a limit has been 'set up'  that it is closely guarded by the discarnates who patrol the outer realms, it is jealously guarded so that those who are here can only believe in this reality, after-all it is a war for control in the heavens. 

cw:  Again, you need to understand, that heavenly beings too are going into transformation, and like little children need be guided by us, who are earthly, and elders to their understanding.  Like children, who always want to be like their elders, we must teach them that their knowledge can outweigh our own, when they trust themselves and not depend on other to be who they are.  But also to recognize we are all part of a community as a whole.  Jealously guarding is a human trait, that is not of brotherhood or the law of love.  Let us teach the heavenly realms, that we are perfect beings, who are standing on top of the rolling hills, to now walk down into the valleys of the shadows with pure hearts.  A war is often misunderstood as differences, but really it's a form of collision, where two often varying sides must unite and be one(ness). Yes, it must look and feel like a war, but if we use love, true love, then unity can be the winning force, because if we do not acclimate, then we will eventually be swallowed up by this force.  There is only one law, and it's LOVE.

cw: Recently I have to go to cleanse the Blue Lake, our physical sanctuary, because light was sent there, but it was the real problem, which I had to cleanse.  But while I was there, the ghosts of light, left after the sacred blessings, to where they needed to go, homewards to the realm of lights, rather than the realm of heaven and earth, the unity.  They were physically harming the darkness, and only blessings, will purify both light and darkness.  But what happened, was a child, who is a blue person was there in Spirit, he thought I did not come, when I was called.  (His mother did not communicate with him, and I did not communicate with him, because he did not come to me personally on the computer).  He was so angry and took a knife and stabbed me with blood running all over onto the ground.  I ignored the stab wound, and knew of the blood, but his need was greater than mine, he was hurting and struck out at me. I went towards him, and embraces him with love, and apoligized that noone had come to him and told him, what he needed to know, that I did come to the Blue Lake when called.  He later apologized that he hurt me, but what was important, was the understanding, that if I hit back with hatred and opposition, then war, would have surely waged, but instead, I united his pain, with mine (to twin a heart with love), called empathy and mercy, to bring our two broken hearts together, and love won over the war of differences.  This too is what we all need learn about what war is, that love begins with understanding and mercy of others pain and suffering.  When we validate others, we can start to understand them.  And when we forgive others, we are released from our bondage, to be free again. But the highest calling to unity is the Heavenly Song.

cw: The Jews know it begins in Song, the "Song of Angels who unite forces of opposition", rather than conflict and war waged.  Sing to each other and join hearts, this is called unity of a heart with validation, of Oneness, before we enter differing points of view, to over come problems at hand. Heaven is peace, where we fly free, to understand law of love, and when peace is not known, then teaching is the most important aspect to wisdom.  The embrace has the greatest impact to all beings. Let us all learn, to embrace others with validation, rather than with opposition. You know, I told my young teenage son once (at the time), while he was having a fight with his girlfriend, "Do you want to be right, or do you want to have a girlfriend?"  He finally got it, that understanding others point of view, is the most important, even if they are wrong or right.  The embrace is the tool of evolution, the law of love.

sd: If you understand the battle going on, and many many do not, you understand that there are those principalities trying to keep the consciousness, that was once filled with light, from seeing past the physical limit and leaving. 

cw:  The battle is ignorance of the law, of love, the Red Road. They covet and are full of jealousy, not love.  The law of God tells us all, that brotherhood comes when we follow the commands of Oneness, the 10 commandments. We, who know love within our hearts, know the soul's dream.  This gives us access to knowing, the wind that flows, the crystalline stone river.  Everything dark and light, are beings of light.  To see past our limits only consists of trusting God, the love is the access to wisdom and the song opens the portal doors into the blissful kingdom of sharing and prosperity for all.

cw:  We all come from the Rainbow Clan, and all are being of light, but to understand, is to vibrate harmoniously between the soul and the flesh, regardless of heaven or earth, regardless of heaven or earth, for each of us have four sacred directions of light, and within, the wind of the soul flies free, when law of love is known, and humility offers us access to knowledge and wisdom of the eternal ages.

cw:   Departing our physical limits only takes access of God's laws, and this is already within us all, but each of
us, must play our parts, and the chosen people must take their place to offer their knowing to all the world.  The ordained are the Jews, or Suns of Israel, who know and practice love, the entry into heaven.  The ordained are the Lakota, or Spirit of the Lake, who know the practice love, the entry into earth.  And each of us depending on Rainbow Colors and ancestry, play a critical role as part of the Oneness, and all of us are needed. We want others to leave their own limits, and join us in the world of gratitude, where peace and prosperity is for all.  We the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy only and I mean only FIGHT for LOVE, the unification of two hearts.  We fight for nothing else, because the law of LOVE is paramount above all others.  We need and want others to break free from the shadows of impurity, to be free flying in the center of the universe, and to evolve into sanctuary. Leaving the age of ignorance and into the age of enlightenment, is what we all want, but the methods of getting there is very confusing, especially with words, and that is why we need the language of Song, singing our soul of heaven, where law is love.

sd: Because if you understand that existence does not only encompass the physical form here, would you not want to go exploring?? 

cw:   Exploring is the journey, as all the Native Americans, the eldest souls, know, that we are on a journey, each and every one of us.  We have motion, because it's the way of light, to flow over rolling waves, we call rolling hills of time. Each wave color has a different frequency and play a different role to the whole vibration of oneness.  To vibrate along with others who share, is called harmony, the existence of Oneness, the great orchestra of God, the song of the eternal knowing, the song of Angels.  We go to and fro, to experience the heart feelings, and to share our heart feelings and dreams, we enter a new age of enlightenment.  This is difficult for those who covet and want all for themselves, but true warriors of the Rainbow, practice sharing on the journey of eternal life.

sd: I was told by a great spirit that I created a shining star in the largest void.  So It is possible to see past the limit we call death, it is possible if you allow yourself to be lucid in the dream state. 

cw:   Spirit are all great, but who and what they are, is only in the asking.  Each of us can hear and have access.  But each of us, can only hear what we can conceive and allow.  This is what the colors can do, to us all, have a perspective to the access of knowledge.  That is why only Crystal (christ) people can know the many parts to all the rainbow colors and put them all together.  This is the law.  For each of us serve a purpose.  Crystal people access knowledge to truth, and shed the importance to each color, and their role.  Once you talked about christ consciousness, where all the colors fold upon each other, to know and see truth, as we walk into the next age.  However, to hear and listen to all as truth is only available to Crystal people, but to hear and listen to all, as perspective, this is available to all peoples (folding into each other as we are going to share our space, heaven and earth will not longer be separated, but be one space unified as Oneness, the christ consciousness).  And this is why prayer allows us to be close to God, to hear the winds of time, the center of the flowing crystalline stone river.  The utterance of the heavenly transmission of the Oneness, the Song of Angels, "We hear God".  Finally the Jews will know heaven, the soul and the "ah" in God, the song of heaven.

cw:  Again, death if the end of one time to the beginning of another time needed and conceived.  We can conceive beyond death, when we access knowledge, this is what you are talking about. The blue is the stream of the heart, the place light is refracted to journey, or travel beyond one time to another time.  You call this a lucid dream, but for some, we walk inside this journey when we close our eyes, and others enter at the horizon, and others yet have access at all times, but yes, when we listen and share our experience of our dreams, we join in harmony, to begin the journey of Oneness we call G_ah_d (God).  This is not beyond ourselves, but within ourselves.  We must journey within the darkness, not necessarily the light. But to go back and forth, we journey between the realms over the horizon.

sd: Every Native American knows that when we have reached the realm of dreams we are truly 'home' it is our truest nature to mingle with the consciousness of all dimensions, and as a catalyst the dream state will deliver you to the very limit we call death. 

cw: Yes, Native Americans are the elder souls, who teach us to dance and sing, to combine the two realms of heaven and earth together, and harmonize the soul and flesh as one consciousness.  And yes, the catalyst is the song and dance, but in other sacred rites too.  This is the role of Native Americans to teach us these rites to unite us all, to walk the way of the red and blue roads to be the rising sun, the yellow way, the dream walk and talk.  To be sacred with all living, which radiate colors of the rainbow, this is the living dream.  To be holy in all our acts of living, transcends death, because we are always living, just transforming from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness. This is the eternal knowledge where there is no death.

cw:  Shining Dove says this, "Every Native American knows that when we have reached the realm of dreams we are truly 'home' it is our truest nature to mingle with the consciousness of all dimensions, and as a catalyst the dream state will deliver you to the very limit we call death". I would add this, "to the place beyond death, we overcome to be truly living forever and ever, the eternal life.

sd: Many who reach that frozen state of awareness are 'abducted' simply because there are entities or discarnates who do not want you to traverse the Bar do, or the realm we call death, where space-time becomes time space, where a thousand years is like one day, and one day like a thousand years. 

cw:  Time is perspective.  Each of us, share time, but the perspective changes as we evolve.  We live eons and eons, and when we start to think upon these things, at times, thousands of years, seem like a day, but a day, can be the starting point of the journey, to uncover our own eternal truth, the soul, that lives forever. It's the body or flesh, that lives in our children, who carry on to offer us life as beings of light, or a covering of the soul, in which we can house our eternal souls.  We travel with our souls eternally to know everlasting life. Our children gift to us, everlasting flesh, the house of God.  It is the child, who is the great gift to our eternal soul. 

cw: To be abducted or harmed can only be done by those who are not pure, and do not follow the laws of love.  You call them discarnates, or those who do not evolve or reincarnate into new flesh or body of light.  To be released from this frozen state (chained to the railings) is humility and prayer, to walk sacred ways, to talk with knowledge of the song.  Entities who do not want to journey covet what others have, and this is why teaching others the way homeward, will release them into their salvation, to fly free within the wind of the eternal song of angels.  Space-time is simply the journey.  Those who do not flow with knowledge will be purified, in the age of enlightenment, regardless of heaven or earth.  This happens always.  There is no way to go against this law, but only to follow the law of love, will we be able to transverse the horizon between realms, with freedom, as Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and survive the coming cleansing of the Earth and the Heavens. Folding together is the eternal cycle of cleansing, like twin galaxies do with their sacred dancing together.  Nothing can escape this law.

sd: The evolution revolution is upon us.  But there are not many who have allowed themselves to open up and go beyond the battle lines.  The battle is on for your consciousness for your very soul.  You need only see it for what it is and move on.  The spirit world is trying hard to beckon to us, the physical world is trying hard to keep us enslaved. 

cw:  This is what the world vibrates, as you vibrate with the world as the heart of the world, the blue person (darkness, where the soul lives and feels), as well as the vibration of the Rainbow (lights), the flesh. And since you feel and tend to vibrate with what the world is going through, you tend to have their perspective, but you understand, much more, however putting it into words, that everyone understands, is the stories, that generate wisdom in others. 

cw:  The truth is, evolution is not in revolution, but in collision course, and this is a folding between light and darkness.  This seems like revolution, but it's really evolution. We are departing the second phase of evolution and going into the third phase, heaven and earth, darkness and lightness.  This is the greatness of the time, when the season is Fall, when abundance is when we fall down on our knees, to know humility, and to have leaves changing yellow, from green, the seeds bust forth, to give us plenty of prosperity for all.  This is the era of brotherhood, the golden age.  It is only the unification of the soul (spirit world) and flesh (physical world) that can save any of us, where the blue and red roads unite to bring the rising sun, the yellow way, the dreams are born.  This is what children bring to us, the knowledge of heaven and earth. You say, "The battle is on for your consciousness for your very soul." and I say, "The collision is either harmonized or we become enslaved to impure darkness, until we are released by our relatives who bring us home!" Both is truth, and we need save as many of  our relatives as we can, to ensure, the continuation of the flesh body, for souls to be free in this unity.

sd: To truly open up to the light of multi dimensions, keep a pen and pad near your bed.  When you awake from a lucid dream, write it all down.  Sure there will be a plethora of arcane symbols and icons, because the dreamworld is universal.  But this is an important step in realizing the reality of dreams.  Then when you venture into the static consciousness of death you will indeed remember it, because it becomes embedded in your psyche. 

cw:  This is a good idea, to write down our visions, but mostly to share our visions with others.  Native peoples would share certain knowledge,and when they did not share, then others would have visions of this unsharing, then would speak to ones who did not share, to bring their knowledge out into the open.  This way, the complete picture could be understood, just like we are sharing, to understand, the whole of the separate parts. And yes, it is very important to share the dreamworld, for this is the true reality.

cw:  To be static is to not move or journey over between realms of knowledge, however it also is the ability for light to reflect from the darkness in order to journey.  We remember when we reflect, and this is why we have a moon, to show us the glory of the reflection of our dreams.  For stillness teaches us, the vision of tomorrow, the journey of action, where dreams do come true. It is embedded into your psyche, because it's your soul, that directs your actions, and your flesh, which houses the adventure of our lives. Again, it's the unity, which brings us the rising sun, the age of brotherhood and harmony, to be walkin (wakan) and talkin (tankan), sacred right to be free, the Rainbow Warriors, who fight for unification, and not separation, for this is the true struggle.

sd: I have spoken to many people who have in fact been 'abducted.'  In every case it was during deep sleep when the physical body becomes paralyzed and the spirit leaves the body, we call this out of body experience or night flight, in every case they were immediately surrounded by 'et's' and brought onto a ship or 'operated on'  this abduction is nothing more than mind control to keep the 'free spirit' from traversing the Bar do state. 

cw:  Abduction happens because the cosmic men from heaven, called aliens, come to greet other cosmic people, who have transversed space, into a time, when they are travelers too.  They the aliens, who come to be with the world, know the mechanism of the inner flight, and not outer flight.  You know Indigo people try to do this in the outer world, not realizing that it is an inner world of transportation, and must use extreme amounts of energy to create motion.  This also happens with healers, who use their own powers externally, rather than using internal power, that takes no energy at all, to transverse space. We of earth, are just learning about inner space, while aliens our cosmic relatives know all about inner space, but it's the unification of inner and out space, which brings unity and harmony. 

cw:  We of earth need learn to teach our alien brothers, this, because they are learning to transcend to earth falling, as we are of earth are learning to ascend arise to heaven.  we are learning to collide and unite forces, rather than battle each other.  We need as many comic fathers or Golden people, to understand this, to teach our cosmic brothers the way of unity.  They are coming from the fourth phase of evolution, to go backwards in time to seek a new flesh, for they no longer can create life, in a world without water.  We need to teach our heavens, how to descend, and earth, to ascend, to unite as one family. This is no easy task, but what Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are meant to bee, the warriors of royal lineage, who overcome and perpetuate life, to be eternal wisdom, the circle of brotherhood. Our aliens who are abuducting, do not know any better.  And when you bring the law of love, to them, they will start to understand, for they understand this law.  This is what you teach them, "Did you ask?"  Once our relatives learn to ask, a world of communication starts to evolve, and the song of our ancestry becomes a new age of the dawning.  It is the outer and inner bodies that collide and unite that bring us homeward, to the age of enlightenment.  Let us begin walk and talk the sacred journey, Warriors of Prophecy! 

sd: Once the limit of death is destroyed, the physical realm will completely change, simply because there will be no more war, no more taking of human life.  Perhaps no more consuming any sentient beings...that would mean no more consumption of living beings...

cw:  To overcome ignorance (destroyed limit of death as you say), yes life will completely change.  War is not what any of us do, but collision of heaven and earth, darkness and light, that is perceived as war.  This perception takes learning and teachers of wisdom to unite the separated realms of this perception.  All life is sentient even light itself, and we will always have to absorb light to survive, and change will always provide motion, our time through space of refraction, peace within the darkness. Light always dies, and darkness is eternal, it's where we begin and end, in heaven.  And light, well it's the journey that born in darkness, to death, returns us to darkness, where we start the circle of life all over again.

sd: The powers that be,  gain their authority in making you believe in the limit of death.  They need for humans to believe in that limit, how else will they continue to rule??  The very idea that they can take your life is tyranny, therefore we all still live under the tyranny of the powers that think they be. 

cw:  Power is an illusion, and as you know, when they put limits on those, who are weak, they control the outcome, but now, evolution has come to save us all.  True power is the wisdom of the ages, the eternal soul with knowledge, not intelligence, but wisdom that begins in our hearts.   No one fears the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, because we do not battle or oppose anyone or anything, because we only unite separated hearts, and when when the powers that be, need someone to call on, they will call on the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, because they will not know how to navigate in a world, that is colliding.  Heaven will rejoice, when the royal lineage, takes their place as brothers of the universe, who follow the laws of sisters, the heart, which follows LOVE.

sd: To win this battle you need only negate the belief in the limit of death within yourself.  It has to start somewhere.  I know that I write from a personal understanding as I have been blessed and allowed to see many mansions.  When I read that other people go through the same experience I have hope, that we will all throw off this yolk of oppression. 

cw:  Yes, we need learn of our heaven and earth, and it's the ordained, who must take their place, in order that the "Rainbow warriors of Prophecy" have some form of leadership.  When they learn, Natives and Jews, to take leadership, then we can start to save heaven and earth.  Yes, each of us, have our own evolution, but to be whole, we need leaders, who know the law of love, to take their places, within and without, to show the world, the way homeward.  There is such an urgency, yet even the knowing of my return, "White Buffalo Calf Woman" is so unbelievable, because truth is not wanted and hate seem more important than sharing to the world at large.  When I see people walking with me, by my side, then I will begin to sea the heart of the people realize, that Law of LOVE, brings us homeward, the unification of all the peoples of the world.  And when the people start to take care of me, they are taking care of themselves, because I am the treasure that belongs to all the peoples, when they come to claim their true relative, of royal lineage, to walk and talk is what an elders do, the same story, united as risen suns, of God.

cw:  The yolk of oppression can only be when the Rainbow Warriors come home united, and that is why we must gather together, to speak of the way of law, LOVE. When people care more about a cost of a stamp, more than if their brother has food or not, then coveting and demise lives in their hearts.  But when they share our wealth with others, who unite and stand by each others, then the wealth of prophecy will come alive and we call each other relatives. Each day, we receive so many treasures, but to get it to the people, needs others who care enough to save the world, before saving their own children, because if we choose one over the other, then we don't practice community, and governments are not elders, but those who rape steal and confiscate, riches, that are coveted, rather, than true wealth that is shared for all our children.  A true relative is always worth more than their weight in gold, when a golden era brings us homewards to each other, the unity for all, the heart of Gold, Godliness.

sd: The battle is a very personal one, as the gait into heaven only allows one at a time.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink, becomes very appropriate here.  But if you allow people an avenue of exploration, perhaps they will let go of their egoistic fear and say what the hell, and go for it.  Then each one teach one.

cw:  This personal gait or walk into heaven is only done when a person can walk through a door, and this is the crystal person.  When you can look at your own soul, be humble, and forgiving of self, do you enter the heavenly realm.  Not many can do this, and this is what most people don't understand, that the only way to enter heaven or earth depending on which way your going, descending or ascending, then and only then, do we love the crystal person.  When we show true love for a crystal person, we know ourselves, the doorway is self acceptance with forgiveness and loving self.

sd: Anytime people become self aware they want to share, as the light refuses to be contained, this is why you receive with the left and give with your right, sure you can allow this knowledge to traverse through you but you can never keep it for yourself, it is given in love and light, and that is how it must proceed. 

cw: Giving with the left and receiving with the right is truth, but you know the reflection the heart of the people.  Did you know our eyes see everything upside down and backwards?  This is what our bodies know and keep knowledge, for us to perceive the world around us. Light that refuses to be contained, is really the reflection of light, that must journey to new shores. And thank you for sharing your heart, for us all to transverse into new realms of understanding, we call wisdom of the ages. Love starts in the heart, the hidden treasure, within the darkness of heaven. And it's light, that creates the journey of our dreams.  And yes, that is how we must all proceed to be seekers into the Kingdom of God. Let us all share everything in sacred love, where morals live in thy holiest places, our blessed hearts.

Oh mendicant give of your little.  And even though some of the words were minced, you could innately feel that the person writing the diatribe was trying to impart words of experience, words that they seen as truth. 

cw:  A mendicant is one who depends on alms for a living; a form of practicing to beg. And yes, these words are minced, because time has journeyed with them, and our perspective has changed.  But the truth is, to go and ask and then receive is the heart of knowledge.  We are part of the Great Give-A-Way, that in order, for others to learn to RECEIVE. "Knock and the door shall open, ask and you shall receive."  This is the way into the Kingdom of God, the unity of brotherhood, when we go to and fro, over the horizon we do go. This is the journey we are learning to be on now, as evolution collides heaven and earth together, to give and receive, the law of love where unification fills our souls, and outreaches in the embrace of others, to bring to us fulfillment and peace within our hearts. That will be the days when we can sleep like lambs and fear not the wolf, but to share the pasture together as children do.

cw:  And diatribe means a "bitter criticism" yet once meant to be of "learning and wisdom".  This is what others do over time, we change and our perspectives do too. I feel the the mendicant is meant to be a Godly person, who shares what little one has with all people. This form of sharing is what many beggars have knowledge of, for I have received more sharing from homeless people, than I have from the rich, since the middle class won't even share a stamp, what is left for us to learn, but the act of sharing. This brings the golden era of brotherhood to the forefront as leaders of humanity.

sd: So even though we walk in shades of crystal grays, the colors are excruciatingly beautiful when approached with a contrite heart. 

cw:  Contrite word meaning is to have a "Feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offenses; penitent", but it's roots means to crush and grind, a form of collision course, just like heaven is with earth.  It takes humility to bind together in unity, and to bow like the Rainbow, the many splendid colors allows us all to come homeward, the era of the "Dawning".

cw: As always, it's the elder soul, a blue person, like you, Shining Dove Who Leaks a Tear, who can say things with few words, while a child soul, like I, a crystal person, White Buffalo Calf Woman, speaks volumes to say the same thing.  The crystal is the only object or person, who can have light enter and separate correctly into the rainbow colors.  Gray is the place we dream and is called Grandmother space, the place we fear, where only the brave can enter, with blessed actions of fearlessness, having faith in God, the world of dreams.  Native Americans call her, Grandmother Space (where light and darkness overlap and it looks gray), the "Spider" who weaves our destiny.  And when the many doors (crystal people who offer the many sacred four directions to know thy self) are available to assist you to transverse realms, then we are the explorers to new shores and new lands.  This is what cosmic men of heaven called aliens do, and what earthly men of earth do called aliens, journey into unknown worlds, to have a dream, and live it. 

Thank you for allowing me to read these passages today.

cw:  Thank you for sharing your heart's knowledge, and bringing wisdom to all the relatives who are ready to listen to their own hearts, to transverse the realms of time and space.  Let us all try to enter sacred ceremonies, and purification with prayer to reach our own evolution's salvation.  And let's not forget to start with a journal by the bedside, like you suggested, to share our visions and our stories with one another, to learn to be Godly, the Oneness of the entire spectrum of light and darkness, where dreams live.

Shining Dove who leaks a tear
Blue person, your Heart of a Lamb
come visit me at:

Your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors
come visit me at:

I sing for you, the song of time, to bend the will of all sublime (the many splendid colors of the Rainbow), to bee (freedom) the heart of loving space, to go from here to heaven's grace.  And once we find, the world of mine, then you shall be there to receive, with arms so wide, they wilt (bend in time) next to mine, and we embrace to know love is blind (to all impure, bring your relative homeward to a pure heart, with sacred blessings). Let faith know God is part of me, let faith offer us liberty.  And when it's time to be left behind, will my brother or my sister reach out to find mine! 

Inspired by Shining Dove, your Heart of a Lamb and sang by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.

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Yes, thank you Grandfather Holy Spirit,
I can see what you mean now.  You cannot speak to spirituality with intelligence, like they are trying to discern.  Heaven needs not have rational behaviors, yet many new age (yellow and white peoples, tend to look at the world with intelligence). 

Heaven consists of love, yet, love is not rational, nor can it be discussed with an earthly language, that is why we enter the heavenly realm with heavenly languages, the Song.  We the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, know, that heaven is the darkness, not lightness.  Heaven is where stars are born from within the dark space of the universe.  While intelligence is born in the light space, which is outward and cannot claim knowledge of wisdom.

Wisdom is the eternal ages of light, from within the darkness, and not from without.  Light must be generated from within, to shine as wholeness, or the Oneness of the four directions.  It can not be true enlightenment, with intelligence. 

This is the problem we face, when we were having difficulties with Grandmother Going Places and Peacemaker, as they too, where looking at enlightenment as external knowledge, which could overcome ignorance. But true knowledge comes from the universe of the darkness within, where the Crystalline river flows.  We know this with our hearts, and not our minds.

thank you Grandfather VeroniKA Holy Spirit, for showing us, the simple understanding of LOVE, the way.  Once the yellow peoples knew of Heaven and Earth, then they wanted to be like father nation, the White peoples.  But to have true knowledge, we must learn to be like children, rather, than our parents.  Parents need listen to our children, and be guided by their knowledge, rather, than the other way around.  This is evolution.

The heart knowing, comes from the heavenly region, where the Song of the Universe flows, the crystalline stone river.  This language was spoken by the Native Americans, but even the elders are thinking to follow the economic waves of our times, and have lost their own language of the Song.  Suns of Israel open the portals of heavenly awakefulness, with the language of Song, when entering conflict resolution, yet depend on War to solve their problems over territory. 

When the answers lie within our hearts, we seek outward solutions, that deny our own eternal knowledge. it is time to go home, let us sing the song of freedom from within the reflection of time, when we are sacred and in prayer. Bow down our children, be wise, in the call of the heavenly angels that fly in the winds of time.

Listen to your soul, and not to your flesh.  Be guided towards the unity from within, to be whole again, to be the star that shines.  Heaven and earth.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter prophecy of rainbow warriors.

ps, Let us cut off our heads, and use our hearts, to bow like the Rainbow, to know humility and compassion for the law of love, where all win. Not one over the other, but ONENESS.

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 7:25 AM,  VeroniKA Grandfather Holy Spirit wrote:

they still exist
and i only said
please use your decernment

in you tube you may find many videos

in service
veroniKA Holy SPirit

those who seek purity
will be blessed with divine vision
and will see the miracle of life

i bless the world
i bless my self
i bless you

Warriors of the Rainbow Clan learning to be Parents and Soldiers to Love in the leaves (relatives in the blue of me and you, the trail of tears).  Take up weapons to slain, all we don't need (sever ignorance, with validation, mending two broken hearts).  Yet as our hearts tremble (because those who use hate or separation), we stand for LOVE all the way, this means we are loyal to all of God children who breath.  We have tears abundant for all who need to forgive their parents and children please.  Because a new Dawning is coming, to alleviate all this fuss, and make us be champions, who fight in the dust.  Planting and rooting, to find the waters edge, there we are the heart of everything said.  New stories are abundant to all that we say, and we are going on a journey, that leads us a way (in sacred flight, the souls dream).  Into the hearts of those who need light, to bless all their darkness, sow shade will be right (from within the darkness the light is born)(by alleviating their plight, blessed by heaven, the soul's realm through the sacred walk).  We are fighting for LOVE every day, including the LOVE of HEAVEN sent.  Let us be warriors who stand for what is right, because we show mercy, and we have more love to show the way. 

Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts united, we fight with intelligence.  However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one.  We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!

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Subject: Re: [Crystal_Indigo_children] Re: indigo children - yellow people

VeroniKA Grandfather Holy Spirit has great wisdom,
let us listen to her words of inquiry.

I will investigate further, from the front page, nothing has been written since 2007.

Thank you Holy Spirit for your words of advice.  It seems to me, that there is only one page of a personal nature expressing a sharing.  And since this almost three years, nothing has been shared with anyone, no group, downloads or anything. Is this the same group, you are talking about?

The Chinese federation of Indigo Children rarely shares anything mostly like the country who is outdated, but manages to find intelligence negotiable and orderly.  Children all over the world are being controlled, by adults, because there is money to be made with our children with new perceptions and skills of perception.  We are here to protect them, however we cannot do this, if we do not listen to what they are saying.  We are all on a learning curve, and with so little time left, when the actual folding will occur, we must try to listen to all sides of the coins.

I tend to get indigo children news from all over the world, and often don't have time to interpret it all.  But there is a sharing that is happening. It is important to share your experiences, in order for our group of Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy to guide those, who don't understand the most basic of terms, what indigo and crystal really mean.

love to all, blessings to those who are not singing with the universe, to find their way homeward again.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person,

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 6:05 AM, Veronika Grandfather Holy Spirit wrote:

have you ever been on the destiny site?
then go and look

and use your decernment very careful
a friend of mine was there  certain time

and me - i read there, too
use your decernment.
it*s a horrible fake.....

all what they say is not
they do
bless them bless them bless them

and once again
use your decernment

never believe anything that does not make your heart sing

veroniKA Holy SPirit
those who seek purity
will be blessed with divine vision
and will see the miracle of life

i bless the world
i bless my self
i bless you

Blessed Song I give to you, to know the Sacred Blue.  The home that longs to be true, the loving Blue (heart knowing relatives, the royal, loyal, sacred blue, the heart of me and you). Where distance is just a call, when you need all that's water fall (tears) and spring will light up inside your heart to find the blue, red illumination's call (finding your spirit) aho, may your spirit fly! 

You may subscribe to the Google Group "WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Net 3rd Hoop, by asking for blessings as warriors of prophecy fear not trample and collide!  Song of the Heart group.

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